Set sail on the #StreamBoat with Bill Perkins & friends

February 21, 2017

Call me crazy, but I think being friends with Bill Perkins might come with some serious fringe benefits.

As you might know, Bill Perkins has a good amount of money, an undying love for poker, and a newfound interest in the poker streaming world. You might have seen him and his friends turning the PokerStars Championship Bahamas into their own private party.

Streamboat Bill Perkins.jpg

Oh, Captain, my Captain…

Well, now ol’ Bill is going to be kicking it up a notch. Here in just a few weeks, he and a bunch of your favorite poker streamers are headed to the Virgin Islands for a stream-a-thon that would make anyone want to be a poker streamer.

And the cool thing? They have room for one more person. That person could be you.

It's on! FTW follow @JeffGrossPoker @matthew_stapless @jaimestaples @pokerstars

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So, here’s what’s happening. Perkins, Jeff Gross, Jaime Staples, and Matt Staples are going to the Virgin Islands March 22-28, and they’re all going to be streaming from Perkins’ yacht…because…well why not? It’s going to be a week-long party the likes of which you would pay…oh, I have no idea what you would pay, because normal people just don’t get to do this kind of thing.

Streamboat Jaime Staples.jpg

Ahoy, Mr. Staples!

Since they have room for one more person, Perkins is inviting someone else to join them on the #Streamboat, and Perkins is going to foot the bill. It doesn’t matter who you are. You have a chance to be Perkins’ +1 on this trip. All four of the guys are going to be running giveaways on their Twitch Channels.

Here’s how it will work: the streamers will be giving away tickets to a private tourney on PokerStars on March 5 (with $2,500 added to the prize pool, because…hey, again, why not?). The six finalists from the Streamboat Tourney will be in the running to go on the trip to the Virgin Islands. The four streamers will pick one of the six finalists to be their guest.

If you don’t win a ticket on one of the Twitch streams, you can still get one in a special promotion on PokerStars. If you make a deposit using the code Streamboat, you will get a ticket to a March 4 freeroll with $2,500 in prizes and 20 seats to the private Streamboat tourney.

So, get to it, folks. And if for some reason you win and can’t make it, give us a shout. We love the Virgin Islands.

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