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October 29, 2005

There’s never quite as much to report during the early stages of these tournaments as the frenzied activity among the press pack might suggest.

The players begin with 10,000 points in chips, with the blinds taking just 25 and 50 of them. You’re either unlucky, foolish or a little bit of both if you’re making the acquaintance of someone with a notebook aready.

Joe Grech: television interview = bad beat

That, of course, doesn’t stop those reporters flying round in search of something to say. In the unique surroundings of the Merrion, “flying” is not quite the right word, but the more times you tread on someone’s toes or bump into them on the stairs, the more likely they are to give you a story you might have missed.

Currently, everyone is on about the Milky Bar Kid. Ben Grundy, who made the final table of the Monte Carlo EPT event last year, is taking liberties with his reputation. He just ran his mighty five-four into Joe Grech’s pocket queens. A queen on the flop had Grech sitting pretty, especially when Ben moved all-in with nought but a straight draw. Let’s cut out the really gruesome part to spare Joe’s feelings, but anyone who knows poker knows what came next.

Ben Grundy: butter wouldn’t melt

Ben has the big grin – and chip stack – at the moment.


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