EPT9 Deauville Day 4: Gordon Huntly talks to PokerStars.tv

February 07, 2013

There was a very healthy smattering of young British pros in the EPT Deauville Day 4 field, including James Mitchell, Sam Grafton, Mat Frankland and Luke Reeves. As they either continue to ride the roller-coaster of a high-risk variance-fuelled strategy, their slightly older countryman Gordon Huntly is happy to take a more patient approach.

It is no less effective though. Frankland and Reeves have bust, while Grafton is now the short-stack. Huntly, however, is sticking around–all the more remarkable given that he was down to 3,000 chips at one point in this tournament.

Sarah Grant, of PokerStars.tv, catches up with Scotland’s finest.

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Gordon Huntly


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