Do these events offer you the best chance of a bounty bonanza?

February 03, 2020inPoker

Gather round aspiring bounty hunters. It’s time for two full weeks of PKO madness.

There are 180 tournaments on the Bounty Builder Series schedule. We’ve handpicked a selection of events that offer huge guarantees, intense structures and, most importantly, the biggest potential for knockouts.

The Bounty Builder Series takes no prisoners, and neither should you.


Total knockouts for maximum bounties

Every tournament in the Bounty Builder Series is progressive knockout format. Usually, half of the buy-in goes towards your bounty and the other half towards the regular prize pool.

For those who want to take it one step further, you can also find a handful of progressive total knockouts.

In total knockout tournaments, your entire buy-in goes towards the bounty. There’s no regular prize pool for cashing, just huge bounties for busting players. With double the reward, these are the perfect game for getting those big knockout scores.

You can find a total of eight progressive total knockout events in the series, including three with a heads-up Zoom format. Look out for them on the Bounty Builder tab. Highlights include:


Bounty Builder Series 129 (Progressive Total KO) – $109 – $175k guaranteed
February 12. 19:00 WET

Bounty Builder Series 152 (Progressive Total KO, Heads-up Zoom) – $109 – $100k guaranteed
February 14. 19:30 WET


One of a kind PKO Shootout

Another poker variation that lends itself well to knockouts is the shootout.

In a shootout tournament, players battle to beat the table and advance to the next round. This continues until there is only the final table left, and then one eventual winner. Naturally, this involves a lot of potential for big knockouts along the way.

With only one shootout style tournament in the series, you really don’t want to miss this:


Bounty Builder 044 (Shootout, 6-Max) – $109 – $75k guaranteed
February 5. 19:30 WET


Crazy fast KOs

Quick question for tournament players? What format of game is notorious for all-ins and fast knockouts?

That’s right champ, it’s turbos and hyper turbos. The blinds force the action and short stacked players have no choice but to make their move. It’s a bounty hunter’s dream!

The Bounty Builder Series has dozens of turbo events, so let’s ramp it straight up and take a look at the hyper turbos. Gather a big stack in one of these, and you could be on for the bounty bonanza of your life:


Bounty Builder 032 (Hyper turbo) – $215 – $100k guaranteed
February 4. 19:30

Bounty Builder 072 (Progressive total KO, hyper turbo) – $55 – $100k guaranteed
February 7. 22:30 WET

Bounty Builder 128 (Hyper turbo) – $109 – $100k guaranteed
February 12. 19:30 WET

Bounty Builder Series 156 (Hyper turbo) – $215 – $80k guaranteed
February 14. 22:30 WET

Bounty Builder Series 164 (Hyper-turbo) – $215 – $100k guaranteed
February 15. 19:30 WET


Top Bounty Builder picks for a low bankroll

If you’re want to get involved but only have a small bankroll, then that’s all good. The Bounty Builder Series welcomes all poker players who are up for a scrap. Buy-ins start from as little as $1.10.

Here are a selection of low stakes games with high guarantees and big knockout prizes:


$1.10 Buy-in

Bounty Builder Series 001 – $10k guaranteed
February 2. 15:00 WET

Bounty Builder Series 169 – $7.5k guaranteed
February 16. 15:00 WET


$2.20 Buy-in

Bounty Builder Series 073 – $12.5k guaranteed
February 8. 15:00 WET

Bounty Builder Series 085 – $2.20 – $12.5k guaranteed
February 9. 15:00 WET


$5.50 Buy-in

Bounty Builder Series 019 – $60k guaranteed
February 3. 18:30 WET

Bounty Builder Series 175 – $5.50 – $75k guaranteed
February 16. 18:30 WET


$11 Buy-in

Bounty Builder Series 079 – $115k guaranteed
February 8. 18:30 WET

Bounty Builder Series 139 – $11 – $100k guaranteed
February 13. 18:30 WET


$22 Buy-in

Bounty Builder Series 007 – $225k guaranteed
February 2. 18:30 WET

Bounty Builder Series 179 – $200k guaranteed
February 16. 21:30 WET


Biggest guarantees at medium to high stakes

At the higher stakes, the Bounty Builder Series offers guarantees of up to half a million dollars. The Main Event offers $2.5 million guaranteed. There’s all to play for in terms of the top prizes, and absolutely huge bounty bonuses for knocking out other hopefuls.

Here are the top guarantee events at the medium to high stakes buy-in levels:


$109 Buy-in

Bounty Builder Series 094 – $350k guaranteed
February 9. 21:15 WET

Bounty Builder Series 176 (Turbo) – $109 – $300k guaranteed
February 16. 19:30 WET


$225 Buy-in

Bounty Builder Series 006 – $500k guaranteed
February 2. 18:15 WET

Bounty Builder Series 178 – $225 – $500k guaranteed
February 16. 21:15 WET


$530 Buy-in

Bounty Builder Series 090 – $530 – $500k guaranteed
February 9. 18:15 WET

Bounty Builder Series 173 (Main Event) – $530 – $2.5 million guaranteed
February 16. 18:00 WET


KO jackpots at nosebleed stakes

You know what they say… the higher the buy-in, the bigger the bounty!

Knocking opponents out is always fun, and arguably good for you too. Doing it at nosebleed stakes is simply exhilarating. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for a KO? Yes please…

You can find plenty of Bounty Builder Series events running at the $1,050 buy-in, as well as five tournaments at $2,100 and one very special $5,200 High Roller event.

Here are the top guarantees in the Bounty Builder high roller stakes:


$1,050 Buy-in

Bounty Builder Series 093 – $300k guaranteed
February 9. 21:00 WET

Bounty Builder Series 137 (Thursday Thrill SE) – $300k guaranteed
February 13. 18:00 WET


$2,100 Buy-in

Bounty Builder Series 053 (Thursday Thrill SE) – $300k guaranteed
February 6. 18:00 WET

Bounty Builder Series 177 – $350k guaranteed
February 16. 21:00 WET


$5,200 Buy-in

Bounty Builder 089 (High Roller) – $500k guaranteed
February 9. 18:00 WET



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