Three reasons why you should be watching poker on Twitch

May 28, 2015

Everyone in the online poker community has been talking about Twitch lately, mainly because it is the perfect platform to bring new players closer to this world. It is fun, entertaining and it allows a degree of interaction that is not possible anywhere else. Many well known poker professionals have started their Twitch channels, and we have even seen Daniel Negreanu streaming from his bathroom. But this post isn’t about how great Twitch is for the game itself: I want to tell you how you can make the most of Twitch and how it can help you in your poker career.

1. Free strategy advice: if you are new to poker you are probably looking for this. On Twitch you will find excellent players talking about hands, describing their thought process and answering viewer’s questions, which is invaluable information for every aspiring poker player. Watching a professional play will give you an awesome insight on what goes inside their minds and how they handle their emotions in a way that you have probably never seen before. And the best part is that watching a stream won’t cost you a cent, so if you are struggling to start a bankroll and can’t afford private coaching or paid training material, Twitch is your best friend. Some streamers offer free hand analysis to their followers while others will require you to subscribe to your channel for a small amount of money per month; either way it is a great deal and a source of information you should take advantage of.

2. Interaction: one of the keys to success for many people is being part of a network of players with whom they can share knowledge and experiences. If you surround yourself with the right people the path will be much easier for you, and there is no better people to do so than professional poker players who have already gone through the challenges you are facing today. Twitch allows you to interact in real time with the streamers and other viewers so don’t miss such an unique opportunity to build a network and make new poker friends. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Most streamers will be happy to interact with you and help you whenever they can.

3. You can be a part of it, too: in my opinion the best part of Twitch is that everyone here has a voice. Would you like to share your views on poker? Brag about your deep tournament run? Do you play a less known format and you want to tell others how awesome it is? You can! We no longer need traditional media to build an audience and spread our work. All you need to start your own Twitch channel is a computer, a decent internet connection, and lots of enthusiasm.


Celeste Orona is a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online


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