Turbo Series practice and preparation manual

February 12, 2021inPoker

It won’t be long until the Turbo Series races around the corner, bringing with it 134 tournaments and at least $25 million in prizes.

There’s still over a week to go, which gives you plenty of time to get the preparations underway. This weekend you’ll find Turbo Series satellites, Phased tournaments, and plenty on the schedule to bring you up to speed with the Turbo format.

This is your Turbo Series preparation manual for the weekend.

Turbo Series Phase 1 and satellite tourneys this weekend

Even though the Turbo Series hasn’t started yet, you can already get involved with Event 65, an $11 Phased tourney with a massive $500k guarantee. Phase 1 has kicked off, and there’s six chances to make it through to the next phase this weekend – three on Saturday and three on Sunday.

If you’re unfamiliar with Phased tourneys, here’s how it works. You buy-in for Phase 1. In this case, play lasts for around 75 minutes. If you survive, your chip stack will carry over to Phase 2, which starts Feb 28. Aside from the differences in stacks, Phase 2 plays out like a regular tourney.

You can have as many shots at Phase 1 as it takes to gain entry to Phase 2. Search “Turbo Series Phase 1” to find these games.

Another ideal preparation to make before you embark on your Turbo Series journey, is to attempt to satellite in to the bigger events. Main Event satellites will be running all weekend.

Satellites to the Main Event: Low start at $5.50, and satellites to the Main Event Medium start at $55. Search “Turbo Series Main Event” to see the full list.

Turbo tourneys on this weekend’s schedule

The only difference between Turbo tournaments and the usual format is speed. The blinds go up quicker, which forces the action and creates a faster pace. All the rules and usual poker strategy still applies. However, if you haven’t played a lot of Turbo games, you could easily be thrown off by the blind jumps and how this should impact your play.

There are lots of Turbo tournaments available on the PokerStars tournament schedule this weekend that could use to help familiarize yourself with the format and get practice before the Turbo Series begins.

The “Hot” tourneys are a great place to start. They attract large fields of players, and therefore offer huge prize pools. Buy-ins start as low as $0.55 and go up to $215, with everything in between. On Sunday they are known as “Hotter” tourneys, as prize pools are even bigger. Search “Hot” to get going.

Some of the Hot tourneys also have a PKO format, which is useful because the Turbo Series will also have lots of those on the calendar.

Also worth a look for anyone looking to get warmed up before the Turbo Series are the “Triple Threat” and “Mini Triple Threat” on Saturday, perfect for practising short-handed poker, and the “Double Deuce” on Sunday, which has a $22 buy-in and a huge $100k guarantee. You can search any of these events by name in the PokerStars lobby.

If you want to see the full list of Turbo tourneys this weekend, click on the “Tourney” tab and change your settings to Turbo games.

MicroMillions Marathon

Of course, if you’re fairly new to Turbo games, or you need the practice, it’s better to start off at the smaller stakes. The MicroMillions Marathon is going on right now, and buy-ins are characteristically low.

You’ll find 13 Turbo tourneys on the MicroMillions schedule this weekend (not including six more hyper-turbos), with buy-ins from as low as $1.10.

Event 66 on Saturday is eye-catching. The 7-Max Turbo event has a $3.30 buy-in and $35k guarantee. On Sunday, check out the $5.50 Event 97, which has a $50k guarantee.

Playing these games will get you ready for the Turbo Series starting next Sunday. It’s going to be epic!


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