UKIPT Nottingham: Day 4, level 29 – 31 updates (60,000-120,000 10,000 ante)

April 16, 2012


5.25pm: Level over
So ends a level of almost complete inaction. Robert Baguley is the de facto table captain, not only with the most chips but also in the kind of position where he can call small raises pre-flop then take it away on the flop if and when opponents miss. Both Iqbal Ahmed and Hasmukh Khodiyara have taken to limping pre-flop on Baguley’s blind in what looks like an attempt to hit something big and lay a trap. It hasn’t worked as yet.

Full counts at the break are as follows:

Hasmukh Khodiyara – 1,720,000
Robert Baguley – 9,435,000
Iqbal Ahmed – 3,205,000
Barry McMahon – 2,160,000
Nick Woodward – 3,580,000
Grant Pirie – 4,010,000

We’ll be in a new post for the start of the next level. — HS


Baguley – the nine million chip man

5.05pm: Granite
The city of Aberdeen is sometimes referred to as the Granite city due to the locally quarried grey granite. Although he’s definitely not a rock the Granite city is being represented by Grant Pirie at the UKIPT Nottingham final table. Pirie has a small, but vocal rail of one! “I’m the only one who could be bothered to turn up,” said Jamie Wilson jokingly. “I used to be his boss but now he makes so much more money than me, but if you could give all the people in Aberdeen following Grant’s progress a shout out that’d be great.”

Ask and it shall be done. Pirie is currently third in chips. — NW


Pirie – definitely not made of granite

4.50pm: Still not much happening
Here’s a summary of the last ten hands:

– The biggest pot went to Robert Baguley, he defended his big blind to a Barry McMahon open and then led for 250,000 on the K♣3♦Q♣ flop, call from McMahon. The turn was the J♦ and a second barrel of 550,000 gave him the pot.

– Hasmukh Khodiyara won three pots, moving all-in to take two of those.

– The only ‘showdown’ I saw was when Barry McMahon raised to 240,000 on the button, both blinds passed and McMahon showed 10♥10♦ as he took the pot. He’s the second shortest stack right now with around 1,905,000. — NW

4.40pm: Not much happening
There’s not exactly been much going on at the start of level 31. The only hand of note (and the word is used reservedly) came when Iqbal Ahmed raised to 250,000 and Grant Pirie defended his big blind. The flop came 3♣Q♦7♥, which they both checked. And the 8♣ turned. Pirie checked, Ahmed bet 300,000 and Pirie called. The 9♥ was checked by both. Pirie showed 4♠4♣ and Ahmed mucked. — HS

4.30pm: End of level 30 chip counts
Here’s how they stand at the end of level 30.

Robert Baguley 5,750,000
Nick Woodward 5,000,000
Grant Pirie 4,500,000
Iqbal Ahmed 3,400,000
Barry McMahon 2,700,000
Hasmukh Khodiyara 1,150,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 60,000-120,000 ante 10,000

4.15pm: Ahmed doubles on first time he’s needed to
Iqbal Ahmed has not been all in this tournament. Until today, there was no one with a big enough stack to double him up. But he has dwindled in the early stages of the final and got his 1.43m stack in the middle from the small blind (after a cut off open from Hasmukh Khodiyara). And when he needed the poker gods to smile on him again, they obliged.

Khodiyara called the shove with 7♣7♠. Ahmed had A♥3♥ and the board ran K♥5♥6♦A♣2♥. The ace on the turn helped a bit, the flush on the river sealed it. Ahmed is back close to three million. Khodiyara is down to 1,150,000. — HS

4.05pm: James Cummings out in seventh, winning £34,000
Short stacks went to war, and the slightly bigger of the two would prevail. James Cummings open shoved from the hijack with K♠J♥ and Nick Woodward, one seat to his left, announced that he was also all in, over the top by about 100,000-ish.


James Cummings, seated with head in hands, out of UKIPT Nottingham

Everyone else folded and Woodward’s K♠K♦ were well ahead. His rail near exploded when the flop came 8♠K♣2♥ and the A♥10♦ turn and river were meaningless.

Woodward moves up to about 4.5m and Cummings is sent to the rail. We are down to six. — HS


James Cummings

3.55pm: Hasmukh wins battle of the blinds
There was an entire orbits of walks and raise and takes until this happened.
It passed to Hasmukh Khodiyara in the small blind and he completed, Robert Baguley declined his option and rapped the table.

The two of them saw a flop of 7♥K♠9♦, Khodiyara led for 100,000, Baguley bumped it to 300,000 and Khodiyara then moved all-in. The dealer counted down his stack and it was exactly 2,175,000. “That’s exactly what I had to start the day,” said Baguley. After another 20 seconds or so he surrendered his hand and the pot. — NW

3.45pm: Ian Senior out in eighth, winning £22,750
The brilliant battle of Ian Senior is over. He was coolered on his final hand, but will join his “Senior Citizens” railing section with held held high and with £22,750 in his pocket.

Senior made a big raise from under the gun, what looked like 500,000, and it was folded around to Grant Pirie in the big blind. Pirie announced that he was all in and Senior called in the blink of an eye.

Here’s why:

Pirie: K♠K♣
Senior: Q♥Q♣

“Unlucky mate,” said one of Senior’s supporters. “You did the right thing.”

The board didn’t help Senior. It ran 5♦6♦10♠3♠10♥ and Pirie had him covered.

Pirie moves up to more than five million as Senior becomes the first to depart. — HS


Ian Senior, first out of the final

3.40pm: Ian Senior doubles through Hasmukh Khodiyara
It folded to Ian Senior in the small blind and he limped, Hasmukh Khodiyara announced he was all-in and quick as a flash Senior called.

Senior: A♠A♣
Khodiyara: J♠10♥

“Nice limp,” said Khodiyara when he saw Senior’s hand. The board ran K♠3♠5♥6♥4♣ and Senior is up to 2,550,000 whilst Khodiyara slips to 2,500,000. — NW

3.35pm: Senior Citizens
There are plenty of railers eagerly following the final table here at Dusk Till Dawn, but one group stand out: The Senior Citizens. Given the name it’s no surprise that Frank, Paul, Hologram (another Paul), Jono and Ben are here railing Ian Senior.

The five of them, and Ian, all play in a regular pub game at the Albert Pub in Disley, which is about 50 miles away, but today they’ve come out in force to support Senior.


The Senior Citizens

They’re sporting ‘Senior Citizens’ tops which they’ve had specially made for today and being dedicated followers of fashion they’ve even co-ordinated their drink of choice to match their polo shirts. That’s dedication. — NW

3.30pm: Break time chip counts
Here’s how they stand at the break:

Robert Baguley 5,650,000
Hasmukh Khodiyara 3,750,000
Barry McMahon 3,200,000
Nick Woodward 2,840,000
Grant Pirie 2,750,000
Iqbal Ahmed 2,355,000
James Cummings 2,170,000
Ian Senior 1,395,000

3.15pm: Another all-in
There have been a lot of all-ins in the opening level and the last hand before the break saw another. Robert Baguley raised to 175,000 from mid-position then from the small blind Nick Woodward raised to 425,000, call from Baguley.

The flop came 8♣6♥2♣ Woodward asked Baguley how much he had left (he covered Woodward) before announcing that he was all-in. Baguley asked for a count and it was established Woodward was all-in for 1,870,000.

It didn’t take Baguley too long to decide that was too much and he mucked his hand.

Players are now on a 20-minute break. — NW

3.10pm: McMahon doubles; Ahmed on the ropes
Iqbal Ahmed described his journey to the final table in a few words yesterday night: “I just kept getting paid off.” But the tables have turned when it matters most today, and he is now paying off everyone else. He has just doubled up Barry McMahon, losing a big flip. McMahon is now beyond three million and Ahmed has significantly less than that.

Grant Pirie began things, opening to 175,000. Ahmed called on the button, which invited the squeeze from McMahon in the small blind. He moved all in for 1,435,000. Pirie thought for a moment before folding, claiming he had passed pocket threes. Ahmed by that point had called with 9♥9♣ and McMahon had showed his A♠Q♣.

So they were flipping, but the window catapulted McMahon into the lead. It was A♥ and was soon joined by the A♦ and 4♥. The 2♦ turned, the 5♠ rivered and that was a decisive double up for McMahon.

“Threes get there,” said Pirie’s rail. “True, but it would have been the wrong play,” said Pirie.

Everyone made the right decision, but only McMahon profited. Ahmed is now on the short stack. — HS


Barry McMahon

3pm: Action man
Hasmukh Khodiyara has definitely been the most active player at the final table thus far. He’s picking up lots of small pots as even if someone calls, a c-bet is proving enough to win the pot. — NW

2.50pm: No show and tell
We just witnessed one of those ‘will you show?’ standoffs that crop up from time to time in poker tournaments.

From under-the-gun+1 Iqbal Ahmed made it 160,000 to play, two seat along James Cummings made it 475,000 to play and it passed back to Ahmed. “I’ve got a big hand here,” he said. “Do you have a big hand? Will you show if I pass?” Cummings just shrugged and didn’t reply.

Regardless Ahmed obviously picked up on something and announced he was all-in. Now it was Cummings’ turn to talk, “Will you show if I pass?” he asked, before counting out his remaining stack (about 2,000,000). After some thought he mucked his hand and neither player showed their hand. — NW

2.40pm: Khodiyara trims Ahmed further, doubles up
Hasmukh Khodiyara has now just doubled up through Iqbal Ahmed, cutting the overnight chip leader right back down to size and increasing his own chances of success here in Nottingham. Khodiyara raised from the button to 160,000 and Ahmed, as he has been doing over and over again, put him to the test from the big blind. Ahmed set Khodiyara all in.

Khodiyara was only too happy to call, with A♥K♦, but was made to sweat when Ahmed flipped 8♣10♥ and the flop fell 3♣7♠9♥. The K♠ was good for Khodiyara and the 7♦ rivered. That was enough to keep Khodiyara more than alive.


Hasmukh Khodiyara

The total double up was 1,645,000 so Khodiyara is now north of 3 million. Ahmed is down to about the same. — HS

2.30pm: Pirie Pirie action
Two significant hands (almost) in a row for Grant Pirie. In the first he raised to 175,000 from under-the-gun and Robert Baguley called. On the flop of 7♦5♦2♣, Pirie check-raised Baguley’s bet of 250,000 to 600,000 but was forced to fold when Baguley came back over the top for 1,250,000.

Two hands later, short on chips, Pirie made it 175,000 from the small blind and Ian Senior flat called from the big blind. On the flop of 3♥6♥6♠ Pirie fired out a bet of 200,000, Senior made it 600,000, but this time Pirie wasn’t going quietly, he moved all-in for 1,325,000 total.

“I don’t like it, but I’m pot committed, I have to call,” said Senior, and call he did.

Pirie: A♦A♥
Senior: 5♦4♦


Grant Pirie

The turn was the A♣ giving the pot to Pirie before the meaningless 8♠ fell on the river. Senior down to 1,400,000, Pirie up to 3,000,000. — NW

2.25pm: Baguley doubles, Ahmed dented
Robert Baguley is the first player to make a significant surge upward this afternoon, prising a full double up from Iqbal Ahmed. After a period of raise and take it, we suddenly had a hand. Ian Senior opened to 160,000 from the cut off and Baguley called from the button. This persuaded Ahmed to call from the small blind and we were three way to a 5♠10♦8♠ flop.

Ahmed led for 275,000. Senior made a reluctant fold, but Baguley raised to 550,000. Ahmed called.

The turn was 9♦ and Ahmed slid out a tower of about 15 white chips, representing a bet of about 1.5m, which was as good as setting Baguley all in. Baguley didn’t take long in making it official, announcing that he was indeed all in and Ahmed called.


Robert Baguley

Baguley had turned a set of nines with his 9♣9♥ but still had to fade an outdraw. Ahmed had 9♠4♠ for the spade draw.

The river was black, but the safe suit for Baguley. It came K♣. His all in on the turn was 1.685m, so he now has double that, plus all the rest, and so is now beyond five million.


Iqbal Ahmed

Ahmed has been taking down a number of small pots, so is probably marginally still in the lead. But it’s very close at the top now. — HS

2.20pm: Not on my watch
Hasmukh Khodiyara had raised two hands in a row and taken the blinds and antes uncontested, when he went for the hat trick Iqbal Ahmed decided enough was enough. The chip leader simply waved a hand and announced all-in, Khodiyara inhaled deeply before mucking his hand. — NW

2.10pm: Under way, first blood spilled
First blood to James Cummings, who turned to his rail and said, “Favourite hand, innit,” after winning a decent pot against Ian Senior. Cummings opened from the cut off and Senior called from the small blind. It was just the two of them to a from of K♥9♥J♦ and Senior led for 130,000. Cummings called.

The turn was the 8♠ and Senior again fired 130,000. Cummings called. And then the Q♦ rivered and Senior bet again, this time 300,000. Cummings called and was shown 7♠7♦. But Cummings’ 10♣8♣ had made a straight, which was good. — HS

2pm: Final table time
It’s final table time at UKIPT Nottingham and our last eight are now all looking at the prize of more than £210,000. Remember the most it cost anyone to enter this tournament was £700+£70, and many joined it for less thanks to PokerStars satellites.


Final table players in Nottingham. Left to right: Ian Senior, Robert Baguley, Hasmukh Khodiyara, Grant Pirie, Iqbal Ahmed, James Cummings, Nick Woodward, Barry McMahon.

A quick reminder of where you can find all the important information. The list of prizewinners to date is on the prizewinners page, the full profiles of the final table players are on the player profile page and the chip counts, updated as play progresses, are on the chip-count page.

If you forget, links to all this are usually over there —–> in that black thing called the “widget”.

Play is due to begin at 2pm. — HS



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