UKIPT Nottingham: Day 4, level 32 updates (100,000-200,000)

April 16, 2012


7.20pm: Robert Baguley wins UKIPT Nottingham for £210,400
Iqbal Ahmed out in second, winning £125,000
It’s over. Robert Baguley is the champion of UKIPT Nottingham, defeating Iqbal Ahmed heads up. Baguley opened to 450,000 and Ahmed shoved all in. Baguley called.

Baguley: A♥10♦
Ahmed: J♥7♠

The board helped only Baguley. It came 10♥4♠6♦. When the 6♠ turned, Ahmed was dead to a jack, and the K♣ rivered giving the title to Baguley.

Full wrap, quotes, etc. to follow. Our local man, a Dusk Till Dawn regular, has taken down the biggest tournament ever hosted in the club. — HS


UKIPT champion Robert Baguley

7.15pm: One-way traffic
Robert Baguley has bossed this heads up duel and has now reduced Iqbal Ahmed to about 4.5 million. Most recently, in an unraised pot, both players checked a 3♦8♦8♣ flop. Baguley then bet 600,000 on the 4♣ turn, which Ahmed raised to 1.2 million. Baguley simply moved all in over the top and forced Ahmed to fold. — HS


UKIPT winner Robert Baguley

7.05pm: Attrition continues
There’s been very little action of note the past 10 minutes, stacks remain static, Robert Baguley still with a 17 million to 7 million advantage over Iqbal Ahmed. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 100,000-200,000

6.55pm: Baguley stretches lead
It’s been small pot poker for the last 15 minutes with no significant pots or showdowns. Robert Baguley is continuing his tactics of calling lots of raises from the big blind and then leading out on flops. It’s working for him right now. He has increased his lead and now has 17,000,000 to Iqbal Ahmed’s 7,000,000. — NW

6.40pm: Baguley assumes lead
Robert Baguley has absolutely no intention of allowing Iqbal Ahmed to win this at a canter. Indeed, he has now assumed the chip lead again, taking down two big pots.

On the first, Ahmed limped from the small blind and Baguley checked his option. They saw a 2♦A♣3♦ flop and Baguley bet 600,000. Ahmed raised to 2 million, which Baguley called. The 7♣ turned and Baguley moved all in. Ahmed folded, but took one on the chin.

At the end of the hand above, Ahmed had about 14 million, with Baguley on 10 million. And then this:

Ahmed raised to 380,000 and Baguley called. The flop came Q♣4♠7♥ and Baguley bet 750,000. Ahmed called. The 7♦ turned, and Baguley again fired 850,000. Ahmed called again. The river was the K♣ and Baguley bet 3.2 million.

Ahmed called this time, but mucked when Baguley showed him the 9♠7♣.

Baguley now has 15 million to Ahmed’s 9 million. — HS


Baguley has the chip lead

6.30pm: First blood Baguley
Robert Baguley has won the first significant pot of heads up play, with a big bet on the turn. Iqbal Ahmed had opened to 350,000 and Baguley defended his big blind, taking them to a 7♦4♠6♠ flop. Baguley bet 450,000 and Ahmed called. The 7♥ turned and that’s when Baguley slid out 2 million chips. Ahmed folded. — HS

6.20pm: Heads up counts
They are about to commence heads up play. The counts:

Iqbal Ahmed: 16,425,000
Chris Baguley: 7,685,000 — HS


Heads-up at UKIPT Nottingham

6.10pm: Grant Pirie out in third, winning £96,700
And Iqbal Ahmed’s remarkable resurgence continues. He has knocked out Grant Pirie in third. After opening to 350,000, Ahmed then called Pirie’s shove – about 3.8m. Ahmed had A♦J♥ and was ahead of Pirie’s A♠7♣. The board changed nothing, running K♥9♠Q♣2♥A♣.

All of a sudden we are heads up, Ahmed having knocked out three players, and mortally wounded another, in less than about 10 hands. Heads up counts to follow momentarily. — HS


Pirie – out in third

6pm: Double elimination – Iqbal Ahmed is back
Barry McMahon out in fourth winning £79,600
Hasmukh Khodiyara out in fifth winning £62,500
This is the storm after the calm of the last level. Iqbal Ahmed put his newly-acquired wealth to good use immediately and has knocked out Barry McMahon and Hasmukh Khodiyara in the same hand. We cover a lot of poker tournaments on PokerStars Blog but a simultaneous final table elimination is something we don’t see very often. Lovely stuff.

Here’s how it happened. McMahon open shoved from under the gun for what was about 1.4 million. Khodiyara then also got his chips in from the button, for what was marginally less that McMahon.

Ahmed, in the big blind, asked for a count of both stacks and then said that he called – I think he did some kind of odds calculation and reasoned he couldn’t fold.

So the cards went on their backs:

Ahmed: Q♣7♥
Khodiyara: K♣9♣
McMahon: A♠6♠

Ahmed was behind, but the flop soon sorted that out. It came 7♠2♦6♥7♣Q♦ and that was a mighty full house for Ahmed, sending two to the rail and him into a commanding chip lead again, with about 12 million.


Hasmukh Khodiyara and Barry McMahon shake hands. Both are out

McMahon, with slightly more chips than Khodiyara at the start of the hand, took fourth place money. — HS


Iqbal Ahmed with an enormous stack again

5.50pm: Ahmed doubles, Woodward down to dust then out
Good riddance level 31, hello level 32! After a lull of an hour it took barely five minutes of level 32 for an all-in and call.

Nick Woodward raised to 375,000 from under-the-gun+1 and it passed to Iqbal Ahmed in the small blind who announced all-in.

“You got a big pair over there?’ asked Woodward, no answer from Ahmed, but soon after Woodward said: “I call,” and showed J♥J♦ which was ahead, but racing against Ahmed’s A♣Q♥. The flop of 8♣8♦6♥ was all low, but the Q♠ came on the river to mute Woodward’s vociferous support. The 2♥ completed the board, the two players stacks were very close and after they were counted down Woodward was left with 375,000 whilst Ahmed doubled to 6,400,000.

Two hands later Woodward was out, Grant Pirie raised to 350,000 under-the-gun with pocket kings and Woodward – who had half his stack already in as he was big blind – stuck the rest in with 10♠5♠. The board ran 8♥2♣9♦A♦Q♦ so Woodward out in sixth for a £45,500 payday. — NW


Woodward – out in sixth

5.40pm: New level
We’re taking it into a new level, with six players remaining and Robert Baguley way out front. He now has more than double his closest challenger, who is Grant Pirie. Nick Woodward’s big double up with kings has allowed him to sit back and wait for another monster, while Iqbal Ahmed has now crawled back to fourth place. He still has a long way to go to retain his lead though.

Here are the counts are we go into the 80,000-160,000 (20,000 ante) level. For the first time, the ante is now bigger than a player’s day one starting stack.

Hasmukh Khodiyara – 1,720,000
Robert Baguley – 9,435,000
Iqbal Ahmed – 3,205,000
Barry McMahon – 2,160,000
Nick Woodward – 3,580,000
Grant Pirie – 4,010,000


Final table cauldron at Nottingham


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