UKIPT Nottingham: Final table player profiles

April 16, 2012


Here are the eight final table players at UKIPT Nottingham, season three.

There were 1,625 players, creating a prize pool of £1,137,500. The winner will take £210,400.

Full details of all prizewinners are on the prizewinners page.

Final table play begins at 2pm GMT.

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Final table player profiles

Seat 1: Ian Senior, 55, United Kingdom
Chips: 3,765,000


A 55-year-old chartered accountant from Buxton, Ian Senior started playing poker in a Redtooth poker pub game in the back of a Thai restaurant – just for fun – and has ended up on the final table of UKIPT Nottingham against his expectations. “I didn’t book a hotel,” he said. “Also I have to cancel some appointments tomorrow and I have an electrician coming.” Senior recently lost his wife to cancer, and having accumulated the £700+£70 buy-in in pub poker tournaments, he is playing this big event in her memory. At one point down to 4,000 chips, Senior is now within striking distance of the trophy, on the weekend of his anniversary.

Seat 2: Hasmukh Khodiyara, 25, United Kingdom, PokerStars player
Chips: 2,350,000


Hasmukh Khodiyara has recently graduated from university with a degree in business. He bought in directly to the UKIPT Nottingham main event after “a decent score online” as he could not resist being part of an event this big. The £22,750 he is guaranteed for making the final table already represents his biggest live result, and should things fall his way on day four, he is considering going pro. It is definitely an improvement on his previous UKIPT Nottingham experience in season two when he busted in the last level of the first day. His friends will be in attendance on the rail as he attempts to take down the title.

Seat 3: Robert Baguley, 60, United Kingdom
Chips: 2,115,000


A 60-year-old retired landlord from Leicestershire, Robert Baguley is a regular at Dusk Till Dawn but usually plays low stakes cash games. He won a seat to the main event at the club on Tuesday to play on Wednesday’s starting flight. He has had very little sleep since the start of the event, and is excited to have made final table. This is his first UKIPT event and regardless of whether he takes the title or not, he plans on taking a holiday with his wife to Cornwall – the first they’ll have been able to take in eight years.

Seat 4: Iqbal Ahmed, 29, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player
Chips: 6,680,000


Iqbal Ahmed has been the chip leader in this UKIPT Nottingham main event since the early stages of day two and has held a two to one advantage over the nearest stack throughout. “I just got paid off,” he said. He must be doing something right, as he came second in the Estrellas Poker Tour Alicante Main Event last year and is a professional player, mainly sticking to the online side of the game. Turning 30 in May, Ahmed said that the £210,400 first prize would mainly mean one thing: “A bigger bankroll.”

Seat 5: Barry McMahon, 25, Ireland
Chips: 1,750,000


Barry McMahon is a 25-year-old joiner from Ireland, playing his second UKIPT event (following Dublin in season two). He bought in directly taking his lead from his friend and UKIPT champion, Emmett Mullin, who has been following McMahon’s progress from the rail. McMahon is a keen live player who started out at his local pub but has since honed his skills to make it to the final table here at UKIPT Nottingham. If he rises up from the short stack to take first prize tomorrow, he plans to head to the USA for a holiday, with a stop off in Vegas of course.

Seat 6: James Cummings, 26, United Kingdom
Chips: 2,575,000


The 26 year old property developer James Cummings has travelled to Nottingham from Jersey, via London, to play in this year’s tournament. After spending four weeks in the capital, his friend satellited into the event and James decided to take a punt and come along. A wise decision. This is his first appearance on the UKIPT, although he does regularly play live. Should he win big at the final, it will fund this summer’s trip to the World Series.

Seat 7: Nick Woodward, 26, United Kingdom
Chips: 2,445,000


The 26-year-old Londoner, Nick Woodward, is having a great run at his first ever UKIPT event. The semi-pro was enticed to play in Nottingham event by the £1 million guarantee and the great structure. Having worked in casinos for years, Woodward developed an interest in poker, and quickly realised he could make more by switching to the other side of the table. If he walks away with the £210,000 first prize this weekend, he’ll be taking all his mates on a big night out.

Seat 8: Grant Pirie, 21, United Kingdom
Chips: 2,430,000


At 21, Grant Pirie is the youngest of the UKIPT Nottingham finalists. He started playing in 2009 and now works as a casino dealer in his home town Aberdeen. This is his first UKIPT event and is already his biggest cash to date. The £1 million prize pool was too good to miss and he decided to invest in a direct buy-in to the Nottingham event. With no real plans as to what to spend the prize money on, he just seems happy to have made it to the final day.


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