UKIPT4 London Day 4: Level 26-31 updates (80,000/160,000, ante 10,000)

October 06, 2013

6.45pm: Robbie Bull wins UKIPT4 London (£113,405); Ian Simpson second (£106,869)
We have a champion and it’s Robbie Bull who has got over the line, but he’ll be the first to admit he got a little lucky…

Ian Simpson opened to 375,000 on the button with A♠8♣, Bull set him in from the big blind for around 5,000,000 total with A♣4♦ and Simpson made the call.

Again Simpson called for a sweat, “put a two and a three up there,” he said. The flop was J♦Q♦6♣ and Simpson maintained his lead. The A♦ turn meant that 40% of the time this hand would end in a chop, 31% of the time the hand would go to Simpson and 27% of the time Bull would win the hand and with it the tournament.

The river was the 8♦ and Simpson made a pair but he’d wish he hadn’t as it gave Bull a flush. The two players shook hands and indeed it was Simpson who led the applause for Bull.

That’s it in terms of live coverage of the UKIPT4 London Main Event, but they’ll be a full wrap of the day’s play on the way shortly. — NW

6.35pm: Robbie Bull doubles through Ian Simpson
They’d been a couple of three-bet pots already in this level and you sensed a big confrontation was going to occur sooner rather than later and so it proved…

Robbie Bull raised to 325,000 from the button, Ian Simpson three-bet to 1,100,000 from the big blind, after about 20 seconds Bull moved all-in for 4,965,000 and Simpson quickly called.

Bull: J♦10♣
Simpson: A♥8♦

“I want a sweat,” said Simpson as the dealer began to burn and turn. The J♣K♣9♣ flop was probably not the sweat he was looking for as it gave Bull the lead. The 5♦ turn kept him there and the 3♣ river improved Bull’s hand still further.

After that hand Bull has taken the chip lead and has 9,990,000 whilst Simpson slips to
4,955,000. — NW

6.25pm: Heads-Up chip counts
During the break tournament staff did chip counts of the two remaining players, Ian Simpson has 10.480,000 to Robbie Bull’s 4,465,000. — NW


Heads-up play here in London

Blinds up: 80,000/160,000, ante 10,000

6.20pm: Simpson surging ahead
On the last hand before the break Ian Simpson won another chunky pot, he bet 750,000 on the turn of a 7♥4♣2♦K♥ board and Robbie Bull made the call. The 2♥ completed the board, Bull check-folded to Simpson’s all-in shove.

The players are now on a ten minute comfort break. — NW

6.15pm: Simpson shoved
Ian Simpson is ratcheting up the pressure in this heads-up battle. He opened to 260,000 on the button, Bull three-bet to 710,000 but he folded when Simpson moved all-in.

The rough chip counts are 8,500,000 plays 6,100,000 in Simpson’s favour. — NW

6.10pm: Bull loses the minimum
Ian Simpson just won another pot off Robbie Bull to extend his chip lead, but Bull was happy to only lose what he did in the hand as it could’ve been far more damaging.

Pre-flop Bull raised to 250,000 and Simpson called, both players checked the 2♠7♣9♠ flop and the 5♣ hit the turn. First to act Simpson led for 325,000 and Bull called. The Q♥ fell on the river, Simpson led for 735,000 and Bull made a near snap call, Simpson showed 2♦2♥ for the flopped set, Bull had 7♠5♥ for a turned two pair. — NW

6pm: Simpson takes back the chip lead
The chip swings continue as Ian Simpson just won a pot to take the chip lead.

Robbie Bull opened the button to 250,000, Simpson three-bet to 710,000, Bull four-bet to 1,250,000 and Simpson moved all-in.

Bull didn’t take for too long before folding his cards, after that hand Simpson has around 8,100,000 to Bull’s 6,500,000. — NW

5.55pm: Silver watching Simpson and Bull
UKIPT1 Dublin champion Max Silver is watching the final table, well sort of. He’s actually concentrating on his final table as he’s made the final of the UKIPT £2,000 High Roller. That final table is playing out in the same room as the UKIPT Main Event.

Also at that final table is Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst, she could add another £76,070 to her lifetime winnings of $7,891,023. Small fry perhaps but it would take her above Paul Wasicka to 36th in the all-time money list and almost above Barry Greenstein who’s 35th on that list.


Vanessa Selbst

5.45pm: Simpson gets some back
Ian Simpson must’ve lost another big pot whilst I was writing up that last hand as despite just winning a big pot he’s only got around 5,750,000.

I only caught the river action but with a complete board of 2♦9♥9♦A♠5♣ on the felt Simpson bet 1,200,000 into a 1,450,000 pot. Robbie Bull began to think the hand through, thankfully out loud so I could hear. “I have a strong hand,” he said. “you probably don’t think I have an ace,” he continued. Eventually, seemingly at a loss he asked Simpson. “What do you want me to do?”

Simpson didn’t respond but about 30 seconds later Bull did as he announced call, Simpson showed Q♣9♠ and Bull mucked his hand. — NW

5.40pm: Simpson picks the wrong time to bluff
Timing is everything and Ian Simpson’s was off as he picked the wrong river card to make a bluff on.

He opened to 260,000 on the button and Robbie Bull smooth called in the big blind. The
J♣2♦8♠ flop was checked through as was the 7♦ turn. The players checked again and the 7♠ completed the board. First to act, Bull fired out 175,000, Simpson made it 1,000,000 total and after taking a look at his cards Bull made the call. “You’re good,” said Simpson, showing Q♠5♥, Bull turned over Q♦7♣ for trip sevens.

He now has a roughly 9,000,000 to 5,750,000 chip lead. — NW

5.25pm: Robbie Bull claims the chip lead
Another sizeable pot has gone the way of Robbie Bull and attached to those chip was the chip lead.

Ian Simpson limped the button and Bull checked his option, on the 7♥Q♦5♥ flop Bull checked, Simpson bet 140,000 and Bull called. On the 8♥ turn Bull led for 275,000 and Simpson swiftly called. The 7♣ completed the board, Bull fired again, this time for 525,000 and again Simpson called.

The Scotsman showed J♥2♥ for the turned flush and Simspon mucked his hand, after that hand Bull has climed to around 7,700,000 whilst Simpson slips to around 7,050,000. — NW

5.20pm: Bull wins first big pot of heads-up play
There’s been a feeling out period at the start of heads-up play, but Robbie Bull just took the first sizeable pot of the contest.

He raised to 250,000 from the button and Ian Simpson called from the big blind. On the J♠3♣K♣ flop Simpson checked, Bull bet 275,000, Simpson check-raised to 775,000, Bull then re-raised to 1,405,000 and Simpson folded. — NW

5.10pm: Done deal
That was quite possibly the smoothest and politest deal I’ve ever witnessed, how British. The prize pool has been smoothed with Ian Simpson locking up £106,869.23, Robbie Bull taking £103,405.77 and leaving £10,000 to play for. — NW

5.05pm: Deal time
Understandably with the stacks so close and a £53,475 difference between first and second place the players have decided to take a look at ICM numbers to smooth the payouts somewhat.

Regardless of the deal they’ll have to leave a percentage of the remaining prize pool to play for. — NW


The players during the deal negotiations

4.50pm: Heads-up chip counts
It’s incredibly close chips wise as Ian Simpson has 7,850,000 to Robbie Bull’s 6,895,000.

A reminder that the winner collects £136,875 whilst the runner-up nets £83,400. — NW


Robbie Bull (left) and Ian Simpson (right)

Blinds up: 60,000/120,000, ante 10,000

4.40pm: Jack Salter eliminated in third place (£59,125)
In the last hand before the break Jack Salter was eliminated and we’re now heads-up here in London

He opened to 205,000 on the button and both Robbie Bull and Ian Simpson made the call. The three players took a 7♠10♦7♥ flop, Salter c-bet 240,000 and Simpson was the only caller.

The 9♠ fell on the turn, Simpson decided to lead, betting 455,000, Salter announced all-in for 2,850,000 and Simpson snap called.

Salter: 10♠8♠
Simpson: J♦8♣

With his full house, flush draw outs and chop outs Salter had a 29% chance to win the hand and a 4.5% chance of a tie. “I’ve got a good feeling about this river,” said Salter. However, the A♣ was not one of his outs and he wished Bull and Simpson good luck as he left the table. He collects £59,125 for finishing third, the two remaining players are now on a 20 minute break.


Salter and Simpson embrace as Salter exits

4.30pm: Slow until Salter shoves
There’s been a bit of a lull in terms of any significant action with most pots being contested pre-flop.

The most lively pot was when Ian Simpson made it 275,000 from the small blind and Jack Salter requested the red triangle from the dealer and then dropped it over the line like it was a stack of chips. There was much amusement at this, but Simpson’s cards were in the muck before the laughter subsided. — NW

4.17pm: Chip leaders clash
Jack Salter was an interested onlooker as the two big stacks played a pot together…

Ian Simpson opened to 200,000 on the button and Ball defended from the big blind. On the A♠5♥10♦ flop Simpson c-bet 300,000 and Bull made the call. The 9♣ turn was checked through and the 2♦ completed the board.

First to act Bull led for 405,000, Simpson made a swift call but mucked when Bull showed A♦10♠. — NW

4.10pm: Chip counts
The chip counts of the three remaining player are as follows:

Seat 2. Jack Salter (United Kingdom), PokerStars Qualifier – 2,700,000
Seat 4. Robert Bull (United Kingdom), PokerStars Qualifier – 6,000,000
Seat 6. Ian Simpson (United Kingdom) – 5,700,000

4pm: Lasse Frost eliminated in fourth place (£44,635)
The UKIPT4 London final table is now a UK only zone as the last player from outside of the British Isles has been eliminated.

Lasse Frost, who’s from Denmark, put up a good fight but he’s just fallen to UKIPT3 Bristol third-placed finisher Robbie Bull, who’s now at least equalled his performance from that event in this event.

It was Bull who got the action started in Frost’s exit hand, raising from the button to 200,000 with Frost defending from the big blind. On the 5♥J♦6♦ flop Frost checked, Bull c-bet 155,000 only for Frost to make it 450,000 with around 1,500,000 back. Action was back on the Scot, he thought it over then slid out a three-bet of 765,000 total. After about a minute Frost announced all-in, Bull rechecked his cards and said: “Alright, let’s go, I call.”

Bull: A♦7♦
Frost: J♠10♣

The 8♦ turn card gave Bull a lock on the hand, Frost was out of his chair before the Q♣ completed the board. After that hand Bull is up to around the 6,000,000 mark.– NW


Frost’s chances melted away in fourth

3.45pm: Salter slips further
Jack Salter, the start of day chip leader, has gone tumbling down the chip counts in the last level or so and he can’t seem to gain any traction.

He just lost another pot as, after opening to 205,000 from under-the-gun, Robbie Bull three-bet to 445,000. Ian Simpson seemed interested, going as far as to cap his cards and ask Bull how much he had back (2,400,000), he folded and before Lasse Frost could act Salter went to muck his hand saying: “So sick, I’ve got ace-queen,” Simpson stopped him from folding but Frost obviously knew his intentions.

The Dane considered his options for a minute or two, but he too mucked, Salter did so in turn and Bull took the pot. Salter is down to around 2,500,000. — NW

3.35pm: Chip counts
Play has restarted and these are the chip counts that the players have come back to:

Seat 1. Lasse Frost (Denmark) – 2,355,000
Seat 2. Jack Salter (United Kingdom), PokerStars Qualifier – 2,885,000
Seat 4. Robert Bull (United Kingdom), PokerStars Qualifier – 3,480,000
Seat 6. Ian Simpson (United Kingdom) – 6,025,000

Ian Simpson has a commanding chip lead, whilst Lasse Frost is slipping dangerously towards the 20 big blind zone. — NW


The Simpson show is leading hte ratings

Blinds up: 50,000/100,000, ante 10,000

3.30pm: Simpson extends chip lead
What a play from Ian Simpson! He just took a big pot from Jack Salter and showed the bluff – at Salter’s request it should be said – after the hand was over.

Salter opened for 165,000 from the button and Simpson called from the big blind. Both players checked the 2♠K♠4♣ flop and the 7♦ fell on the turn. First to act Simpson led for 250,000, Salter raised to 540,000 and Simpson made the call.

The A♦ fell on the river, Simpson led for 750,000 and after a long think Salter folded his hand, “show one time,” said Salter and Simpson obliged, showing 6♦5♦ for the busted straight draw.

That’s the end of level 28, the players agreed to take a five minute break so will be back in five. — NW

3.20pm: Big pots for Simpson and Bull
I missed the action but by the time the complete board of A♠3♣6♥J♠4♥ was on the felt there was 1,250,000 in the pot and Ian Simpson (big blind) was betting 650,000 into Lasse Frost (under-the-gun/cut off). The Dane tanked for a bit but ultimately let his hand go. After that hand Simpson is the new chip leader with around 5,000,000.

Shortly afterwards Robbie Bull raised to 160,000 from under-the-gun, Jack Salter three-bet to 440,000 from the big blind but then folded when Bull moved all-in for around 2,200,000. — NW

3.08pm: Dario Sammartino eliminated in fifth place (£35,360)
Bust outs it seems are like London buses as we’ve just had another, Dario Sammartino the man to catch a ride to the same place as Karl Mahrenholz.

The Italian moved all-in for 1,200,000 from under-the-gun with K♣10♣, Ian Simpson calling, as you do, with pocket aces. The 7♣7♦2♥9♥K♥ was not what Sammartino was looking for and he shook everyone’s hands as he left the stage.

Down to four, this is what is still up for grabs:

1st £136,875
2nd £83,400
3rd £59,125
4th £44,635

Both Bull and Salter are now guaranteed their biggest ever live cash. — NW


Dario Sammartino (left) and friends

3pm: Karl Mahrenholz eliminated in sixth place (£26,735)
Earlier Karl Mahrenholz won a battle of Britain to eliminate Paul Zimbler, he just lost one to Jack Salter and has now been eliminated himself.

Down to 1,115,000 (19 big blinds) he peaked down at pocket eights and moved all-in from under-the-gun, it folded to Jack Salter on the button, he re-shoved with A♠Q♠ and everyone else folded. “Hold,” came the cry from Amy Trodd (Mahrenholz’s girlfriend) on the rail. It would fall on deaf ears though as the 4♦A♣3♦K♥6♣ board favoured Salter.

“Nice playing with you all, good luck everyone,” said Mahrenholz as he departed. — NW


Mahrenholz – lost the flip when it mattered most

2.55pm: Mahrenholz and Sammartino getting short
Both Karl Mahrenholz and Dario Sammartino are hovering around the 15 big blind mark at the moment and are the two most in danger of going out, or having to make a move. — NW

2.45pm: No flop no drop
I’ve just seen a hand that took some 10 minutes to complete and we didn’t even see a flop!

From under-the-gun Robbie Bull made it 160,000 to go, it folded to Lasse Frost who was on the button and he three-bet to 365,000. Action was now on Jack Salter, he gave Robbie Bull a good old stare down for at least a minute. He then sat back in his chair and took a sip of water. All eyes were on him now, would the chip leader pull out a cold four-bet?

“Sorry guys, is it on me?” asked Salter, who was oblivious that the action was on him! He hadn’t even checked his cards but when he did it was clear he had a decision. He capped his cards and then asked Frost how much he had back (around 2,300,000), after another couple of minutes Salter mucked his hand, Sammartino did likewise from the big blind and, after about 20 seconds, so did Bull.

“Sorry guys,” said Salter to the table. “So sick that I actually had a decision too.” — NW

2.34pm: Simpson flushes Bull
Ian Simpson is back to where he started the day – second in chips – after winning a pot against Robbie Bull.

The latter opened to 160,000 from the button and Simpson defended from the big blind. It checked all the way to the river on a K♥10♠7♠3♦8♠ board, at which point Simpson bet 215,000. Bull mulled it over then called, Simpson showed 4♠3♠ for a rivered flush and Bull mucked his hand. — NW

2.28pm: Back at it
Cards are back in the air. — NW

Blinds up: 40,000/80,000, ante 10,000

2.20pm: Chip counts
During the break the tournament staff did comprehensive chip counts of the final six. It’s still Jack Salter who leads, but Robbie Bull has moved up to second place.

Seat 1. Lasse Frost (Denmark) – 2,105,000
Seat 2. Jack Salter (United Kingdom), PokerStars Qualifier – 3,760,000
Seat 3. Dario Sammartino (Italy) – 1,750,000
Seat 4. Robert Bull (United Kingdom), PokerStars Qualifier – 3,050,000
Seat 5. Karl Mahrenholz (United Kingdom), PokerStars Qualifier – 1,320,000
Seat 6. Ian Simpson (United Kingdom) – 2,760,000


Jack Salter still leads

2.05pm: Break time
The players are now on a 20 minute break. — NW

2pm: Dario Sammartino doubles through Ian Simpson
It’s action central at the final table right now and Ian Simpson is in the eye of the storm as he’s just been involved in another big pot. Dario Sammartino put half of his remaining 745,000 over the line – essentially moving all-in and he got past everyone bar Simpson, who was in the big blind. The Geordie set the Italian all-in and Sammartino called it off.

Sammartino: J♣J♦
Simpson: A♥9♣

The pair held up as the board came 6♥6♠7♣3♥4♦, Sammartino back to 1,575,000, Simpson down to 2,900,000. — NW

1.57pm: Patryk Slusarek eliminated in seventh place (£19,200)
And we’re down to the final half dozen as Polish pro Patryk Slusarek just got done for in a battle of the blinds…

The action folded to Ian Simpson in the small blind, he opened, Slusarek moved all-in for around 1,300,000 and Simpson made the call.

Simpson: A♣Q♥
Slusarek: K♦10♦

The 5♥2♥5♣Q♠6♣ board was just the right formula for the former science teacher and his hand held to eliminate Slusarek. The Pole collects £19,200 whilst Simpson is now back to where he started the day, right around 3,600,000. — NW


Slusarek (green t-shirt) is out in seventh

1.55pm: Bull wins another one
Robbie Bull has probably been the most active player in the opening 75 minutes and he just got involved in a pot against Jack Salter, the chip leader.

It was Salter who got the action started, he raised to 125,000 from middle position and Bull called on the button and the two of them saw a 6♠J♠3♥ flop, Salter c-bet 125,000 and Bull called. The 7♦ hit the turn, Salter didn’t slow down instead he came out firing again, this time for 315,000 and again Bull smooth called.

The 6♥ river was checked through, “I’ve got a pair, but I guess your good,” said Salter, indeed Bull was as he showed J♥10♥, Salter had pocket fives. — NW

1.45pm: Chip leaders going in different directions
At the start of play today there was less than three big blinds separating Jack Salter and Ian Simpson at the top of the chip charts with each having around 3,600,000. In the first hour though Salter has climbed to 4,400,000 whilst Simpson is down to 2,200,000. — NW

1.35pm: Warn the dealer
They say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch and an hour into the final table the quiet ones have definitely been Lasse Frost and Patryk Slusarek. So given that they are in seats 1 and 8 respectively somebody should probably warn the dealer as he/she is currently stuck in a quiet one sandwich. — NW

1.25pm: Bull takes one from Sammartino; Mahrenholz shoves all-in
Two quick fire pots to tell you about now…

The first was a blind on blind battle between Dario Sammartino and Robbie Bull, the Italian limped the small blind and Bull checked his option. The two players checked the 8♣3♠5♠ flop to see the A♠ hit the turn. Sammartino bet 90,000, call from Bull. The Q♣ fell on the river, Sammartino barrelled for 145,000, Bull made the call and turned over Q♦5♦ for two pair, the Italian took a rueful look at his cards that suggested he was ahead until the river and then mucked his cards. He’s now the short stack with around 900,000.

On the next shuffle Jack Salter opened to 125,000 from the cut off, it folded to Karl Mahrenholz in the big blind and he moved all-in for 1,325,000. After getting a count Salter folded his hand. — NW

1.18pm: Paul Zimbler eliminated in eighth place (£13,115)
Just a couple of hands after surviving an all-in Paul Zimbler was not so lucky but he did get it in good…

Karl Mahrenzholz opened to 125,000 from middle position, Zimbler moved all-in for roughly 500,000 from the cut off and Mahrenholz called the extra.

Zimbler: A♥K♥
Mahrenholz: Q♣J♣

It would be Mahrenholz who won the battle of the Brits as the board ran 10♦5♠Q♥5♦10♥ to eliminate Zimbler. — NW


Zimbler – couldn’t come back from the short stack

1.15pm: All-in and call
It was third time lucky in terms of an all-in being called at the final table…

Dario Sammartino opened to 60,000, Paul Zimbler moved all-in for around 500,000 and Sammartino called.

Zimbler: A♠J♦
Sammartino: A♥J♣

The K♠2♣5♥K♥7♠ board saw the pot chopped and Zimbler survive. — NW

Blinds up: 30,000/60,000, ante 10,000

1.05pm: Bull gets bullish
Another all-in and again it went uncalled…

It folded to Robbie Bull on the button and he raise to 105,000, Ian Simpson three-bet to 280,000 from the big blind but folded when Bull moved all-in for 1,600.000. — NW

12.55pm: All-in
Paul Zimbler wasted little time in getting involved, on the first hand after he sat down it folded to him on the button and he moved all-in. The blinds both folded and Zimbler said: “I’ve got my blinds and antes back,” he had, as it turned out, only missed four hands. — NW

12.50pm: The running man
Paul Zimbler has arrived, he’s understandably slightly out of breath. — NW

12.45pm: First big pot goes to Bull
The first post-flop pot has gone to Robbie Bull…

It was Paul Zimbler’s big blind and Jack Salter was first into the pot, making it 105,000 to go. He picked up calls from Robbie Bull (cut off) and Ian Simpson (small blind). The three of them took a J♣10♥A♣ flop, it checked to Bull, he bet 165,000 and Simpson was the only caller.

On the 5♦ turn Simpson checked again, Bull bet 315,000 and Simpson folded. — NW


Robbie Bull

12.40pm: Stuck in traffic
Word has reached us that Paul Zimbler, who’s not yet turned up, is stuck in traffic. Apparently it’s taken him an hour to travel five miles and he”s still two miles away. Perhaps he’ll dump the car and hop on the tube. He might also get here and found he’s laddered a position or two! — NW

12.35pm: Cards are in the air
Action is underway there are 29 minutes and 30 seconds left in this level. — NW

12.25pm: Salter leads stacked final table
We’re now into the fourth season of the UKIPT, this is the 26th final table and by my reckoning its the toughest yet. As one player at the final. who’ll remain nameless, said: “there’s not a ‘spot’ (weak player) among them.”

And he’s right, whilst none would be considered poker superstars – indeed they may not even make the ‘notable’ chip count page of Day 1A of the EPT Main Event which is happening downstairs – they are all professional players and all have previous. You can learn more about them by checking out these final table profiles that the team made earlier.

Here’s how they’ll line-up at the start:

Seat 1. Lasse Frost (Denmark) – 1,700,000
Seat 2. Jack Salter (United Kingdom), PokerStars Qualifier – 3,645,000
Seat 3. Dario Sammartino (Italy) – 1,475,000
Seat 4. Robert Bull (United Kingdom), PokerStars Qualifier – 1,335,000
Seat 5. Karl Mahrenholz (United Kingdom), PokerStars Qualifier – 850,000
Seat 6. Ian Simpson (United Kingdom) – 3,525,000
Seat 7. Paul Zimbler (United Kingdom) – 505,000
Seat 8. Patryk Slusarek (United Kingdom) – 1,710,000


Jack Salter – chip leader

And here’s what they’re playing for:

1st £136,875
2nd £83,400
3rd £59,125
4th £44,635
5th £35,360
6th £26,735
7th £19,200
8th £13,115


The elite eight

All the players, with the exception of Paul Zimbler, who’s the short stack, are in their seats and after the usual final table photos have been taken we should be underway. As previously mentioned its a busy day here at the Connaught Rooms as it’s Day 1A of the EPT Main Event and the final table of the £50,000 Super High Roller. That event will be live streamed on but when on break they’ll be showing the UKIPT final table.

All photos are copyright of Rene Velli


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