UKIPT4 London: Proud Scotsman Robbie Bull wins UKIPT4 London and £113,405

October 06, 2013

Robbie Bull made it a Scottish hat-trick today when he became the third Scotsman in a row to win a UKIPT Main Event title. The 21-year-old followed in the footsteps of Ludovic Geilich and Alan Gold and is £113,405 better off tonight.

You sense this Scottish victory won’t be followed by tearing down goalposts or even putting Fairy Liquid in the Trafalgar Square fountains as a wise head sits on young shoulders.

In a post-tournament interview he said: “It’s a dream [to win] I’ve had for three or four years. When I play a live event in the back of my mind there’s “I might win it” but now I feel like I’m dreaming and might wake up and find the UKIPT is next week…”


Robbie Bull – pinching himself at a poker table near you soon

It was second time lucky for Bull, who finished third at UKIPT3 Bristol in November 2012. That day he was second in chips at the start of play, today he started sixth in chips with fewer than 30 big blinds. However, an early rush, during which he was the most active player, saw him move into second place. He maintained that position and going into heads-up play there was little to choose between him and Irish Open Winner Ian Simpson.


Heads-up play in London

Rather than play a £50,000 head-up sit and go the players did a deal, smoothing the payout structure so they both locked up over £100,000 and left £10,000 – quite a chunk of change -to play for. Despite briefly taking the chip lead Bull will be the first to admit that Simpson dominated heads-up play saying as much in his interview. Indeed in the two crucial heads-up pots Bull got it in behind but got there. In the first, where he was at risk, his J♦10♣ out flopped Simpson’s A♥8♦ and in the second he rivered a flush with a dominated ace to take the title.

The final table was played in a fantastic spirit throughout and this was perfectly encapsulated by Simpson leading the applause for Bull just seconds after getting outdrawn.


Simpson put on quite a show today

As for Simpson he might well be wondering how he didn’t take the title today. At the start of play he was basically tied with Jack Salter for the chip lead and his pre-tournament shop suggested he was a man who was in for the long haul. Two bottles of Lucozade, a banana, a Wispa, a boost (the blue one obviously), a tube of Lockets and a packet of paracetamol lay at his feet.


Simpson’s Sunday shop

For much of the day though it was Simpson who gave his opponent’s a headache. He eliminated Patryk Slusarek in seventh with A♣Q♥ against K♦10♦, took care of the dangerous Dario Sammartino in fifth with aces against K♣10♣ and start of final table chip leader Jack Salter in third.


Salter – finished third but was happy

As for Salter despite having a day in which he chip stack fluctuated more than most he had no regrets, “I’m super happy with how I played,” he told me. Indeed a ‘perfect storm’ turn card was what did for him in third. Holding 10♠8♠ by the turn of a 7♠10♦7♥9♠ board Salter had a pair and an open-ended straight flush draw. He committed his chips over the top of Simpson’s turn lead only to find that Simpson had turned a straight with J♦8♣


Frost – not first, but fourth

Lasse Frost was one of three non-Brits hoping to emulate Sergio Aido and win a UKIPT London title. The Dane would go the furthest of the triumvirate, but he fell one place short of his third place finish at EPT9 Berlin earlier this year when his top pair on the flop was reduced to rubble by Bull’s turned nut flush. Still it was another £44,635 to add to the bankroll.


Paul Zimbler – last in, first out

The other two players at the final table were perhaps the most well-known given that Paul Zimbler and Karl Mahrenholz have been fixtures on the UK poker scene for what seems like forever. However, despite his poker prowess it seems Zimbler’s knowledge of London’s roads, or perhaps traffic problems, are a little off. The 12.30pm start time of the final table came and went without Zimbler. He only missed four hands, but given that he only started the final table with ten big blinds he probably regards that as four too many.

His time at the final table wouldn’t last as long as his journey, just 28 minutes in fact, and it was Mahrenholz that did for him. The latter’s Q♣J♣ spiked top pair on the flop against Zimbler’s A♥K♥ and despite having a gutshot straight draw and two overcards Zimbler missed his outs.


Mutual respect for each other was a theme of the final table

Whilst that was one Battle of Britain that Mahrenholz would win, he would lose his second and with it his tournament life. With six players left he moved in for 19 big blinds with pocket eights, Salter called him with A♠Q♠ and won the race to eliminate him.


The final table (Paul Zimbler not pictured)

UKIPT Final Table Result
1st Robbie Bull, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £113,405*
2nd. Ian Simpson, United Kingdom, £106,869*
3rd. Jack Salter, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £59,125
4th. Lasse Frost, Denmark, £44,635
5th. Dario Sammartino, Italy, £35,360
6th. Karl Mahrenholz, United Kingdom, £26,735
7th. Patryk Slusarek, United Kingdom, £19,200
8th. Paul Zimbler, United Kingdom, £13,115

*denotes a heads-up deal

To catch up on all today’s action click here, the next UKIPT main event takes place in the Isle of Man October 31st to November 4th and qualifiers are running now on the client, Robbie Bull will be there will you? The UKIPT/EPT festival is in full swing now, with Super High Roller and EPT Main Event both running today. You’ll be able to catch coverage of both here.


All photos are copyright of Rene Velli


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