UKIPT5 Bristol Day 1B: Level 6-12 updates (1,000/2,000, ante 300)

August 07, 2015

10:55pm: Done for the day
That’s it for Day 1B of the UKIPT5 Bristol Main Event. Day 2 starts at noon, a full wrap of today’s action is coming right up. –NW

10:42pm: Last four hands y’all
Each table will play four more hands apiece before play concludes for the night. — MC

10:40pm: Just a third remain
Just 102 players of the 306 who entered today still have chips which means two-thirds of the field has been eliminated. Simon Griffin, Jorge Coello, Brendan Payne, Stanley Otti, Josh Boulton, John Gale, Billy Joe Jones, Tom Devine, Andy Hills and Ciaran Heaney are all recent fallers. — NW

10:30pm: Van Der Merwe still leads
With about 20 minutes to go in the Neil Van Der Merwe is still the chip leader, he has a stack of around 280,000, which puts him clear of Chi Zhang who has 196,000, whilst Dan Stacey (170,000) is also running up a stack and is now sat to the right of Deborah Worley-Roberts. –NW

10:20pm: Akindele-Deadman at the dobule
Oluwashola Akindele Deadman is still alive in this tournament after outdrawing Oliver Prior in a pot worth about 70,000.

She three-bet shoved with pocket tens but Prior had opened with pocket kings. The 3♥7♣10♠2♣4♦ board favoured her pocket pair and she survived. –NW

10:10pm: Do not advance to Day 2
As the last level of the night gets under way so does a £500 turbo side event. It’s possible that some of: Niall Farrell, Frederick Field, Paul Davies, Dean Hutchison, James Noonan and Team Pro Online’s Alex Millar may well hop into that as they’re out of the Main Event.


Millar’s time in this tournament is over

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000/2,000, ante 300


10:05pm: Cheap seats still filled
Earlier today we reported on the remarkable satellite success story of Marcell Gottshalk (cliffs: he qualified for £0.77). He’s a local lad too and he’s still in right now and has a healthy looking stack of 70,000.

There is though at least one player in the field that qualified for less than Gottshalk. We refer to Dara Davey of course. The UKIPT4 Player of the Year’s prize was entry and hotel costs to all the Season 5 stops of the UKIPT. The Irishman, who now lives in Malta, is also going well as he’s up to 83,000. –NW

9:55pm: Bull busts Brooks
Lee Brooks was down to shrapnel and moved all-in for 1,800 from middle position. It folded to Robbie Bull, who was in the small blind, he raised to 4,000 and Phil Toogood came along for the ride from the big blind.
The flop fell K♣5♠7♦ and after Bull bet, Toogood folded his hand meaning Bull took the side pot. The UKIPT4 London champion showed A♦10♦ but it was head of Brooks’s A♣3♥. The K♠ turn and 6♥ river kept Bull in front and sent Brooks home. –NW

9:48pm: A good innings
More bustouts: Stuart Bayford, Richard Barnes, Paul Zimbler, Adam Kossew, Robert Malvasi, Dario Pourzand, Paul Hardwidge, Bryan Clark, Harry Dukes, Neil Wyatt, Lee Brooks, Javier Fernandez Alonso, Michael Day, Emrah Yildiz, Antoine Saout, Adam Gotch, Tomas Geleziunas, Charlie Godwin and Mick Graydon. — MC

9:40pm: Henry takes a chunk out of Chiang
The menace at table 1, Jen-Yue Chiang, opened to 2,500 from the cutoff and picked up calls from Niall Farrell and Scott Henry in the blinds.

The flop fanned J♣J♥7♦ and Chiang continued for 2,700. Farrell folded but Henry check-raised to 7,200. Chiang called and then tank folded to a 12,100 bet on the A♠ turn.

Chiang – 122,000
Young – 112,000
Farrell – 53,000

9:30pm: Chip counts
As the penultimate level of the night gets under way here’s how some of the names, notables and big stacks stand:
Neil Van Der Merwe, 290,000
Dan Williams, 168,000
Deborah Worley-Roberts, 140,000
Richard Kellet, 112,000
Bruce Atkinson, 100,000
Tomasz Raniszewski, 58,000
Joe Grech, 55,000
Marc Hunter, 53,000
Niall Farrell, 47,500
Nik Persaud, 44,500
Jake Cody, 42,000
John Gale, 37,000
Joanne Ramsden, 37,500
Alex Millar, 26,800
James Noonan, 7,100


Nik Persaud

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800/1,600, 200


9:10pm: Melin and Saxby
Sin Melin and Kelly Saxby, two of the most regular and popular female players on tour, were both struggling with short stacks. Melin never recovered but Saxby has soared up to 90,000.

“Ten double ups!” she joked with a smile. She then went on to tell the blog of a funny conversation she had with a tablemate where, during a time of table banter, she said she’d move all in the next time she had aces. Then she looked down to see she had been dealt aces the next hand.

Then all sorts of raises and an all in occurred. Saxby shoved big to isolate the all in player and two opponents behind her folded, one said he had kings and the other, who was the one Saxby had been bantering with, said he folded tens. The all in player opened queens and busted after a blank board ran out. The funny part was that the blank board had a ten on it!


Saxby’s stacking chips
9:05pm: No rest for Worley-Roberts
Deborah Worley-Roberts has been at the centre of the action at her table for the past 30 minutes or so and so it proved again as she tangled in a pot against Nik Persaud.

It folded to Persaud on the button and he raised to 2,500 total after the small blind folded, Worley-Roberts, who was in the big blind, said: “You know I’m calling with any old s#@t right?” and let out a laugh. It’s fair to assume that her and Persaud – as two long time stalwarts of the London poker scene – have some history.
She put in the calling chips and the two of them saw a 3♣8♠K♣ flop, Persaud bet 2,500 and Worley-Roberts check-called. The K♦ fell on the turn, Persaud fired again (5,000) and Worley-Roberts once more made the call.

The final community card was the 2♣ and both players checked. “Oh man, you were supposed to bet,” said Worley-Roberts as she showed A♣Q♣ for the nut flush. “I had a king,” said Persaud to Worley-Roberts whose response, although not printable, politely suggested that she believed Persaud to be lying about that fact. –NW

8:55pm: Yildiz drowns in the river
A loud bang of the table at the end of a hand usually means one of two things, either the player delivering that blow has won a big pot or they’ve lost it. Sadly for Emrah Yildiz his outburst of emotion was for the latter.
He moved all-in pre-flop with pocket threes and Mick Corrigan put him at risk with K♦J♠. The 8♦Q♠4♦A♠10♦ board meant Corrigan rivered a straight to send Yildiz packing. –NW

8:48pm: They gone
The following players failed to make the last period of play today: Dritan Arapi, Robert Tinnion, Mark Lane, Paul Hardwidge, Vidmantas Jarutis, Mark Sin, Richard Hawes, Valentin Ardeleanu and John Callaghan. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600/1,200, 200


8:21pm: Break it up
The players are now on a 15 minute break. –NW

8:20pm: Neil Van Der Merwe wins huge pot to eliminate Man
Neil Van Der Merwe is up to a mighty 255,000 after winning a huge pot against Chun Man worth almost 200,000.
Pre-flop Van Der Merwe opened from early positon to 2,300, Man three-bet to 5,400 from the hijack, Van Der Merwe four-bet to 12,800 and Man smooth called. On the 7♣7♠2♠ flop Van Der Merwe c-bet 12,000 and Man called from a stack of around 85,000.


Neil Van Der Merwe
So the pot was already a chunky 50,000 by the time the 4♥ fell on the turn, Van Der Merwe bet again, this time 25,500 and Man stacked up his chips – which totalled around 63,000 – and moved all-in. After getting a count Van Der Merwe called the extra and showed K♦K♣. He was in front as Man had pocket jacks, which didn’t improve on the 10♥ river.

That huge pot means Van Der Merwe is now the overwhelming chip leader and has already surpassed the total of Day 1A chip leader Javed Ullah. –NW

8:10pm: Deb’s the Destroyer
The PokerStars Blog christened Deborah Worley-Roberts ‘Debs the Destroyer’ during her deep run at UKIPT3 Cork due to the sheer volume of players that she sent to the rail. She’s at it again here in Bristol as she just eliminated players on back to back hands.

In the first she held A♠K♣ and was up against Neil Sillick, who was all-in pre-flop with K♠Q♥. The Q♠2♠J♠ flop gave Sillick the lead, but with her monster draw Worley-Roberts was actually the favourite to win the hand. The 10♠ left Sillick drawing to one out and he didn’t get there on the A♥ river.


She destroys when she wants
On the very next hand Worley-Roberts raised to 2,600 from under-the-gun and there was a flat call before Mykhaylo Rashkovskiy moved all-in for 15,000 total. It passed back to Worley-Roberts and her shove was enough to make this a heads-up pot.

Worley-Roberts: A♠A♣
Rashkovskiy: K♠Q♥

The 10♥4♥Q♦5♣3♥ board saw Worley-Robert’s hand hold as she said: “God this game’s so much better with chips.” She’s up to around 67,000 now. — NW

8:05pm: Three bracelet winners entered, only two survive
Gerald Ringe, John Gale and Alex Lindop were the three British bracelet winners at the WSOP this summer and graced us with their presence here in Bristol.

Ringe played yesterday and made Day 2 with 33,400; Gale and Lindop took their seats today. The former is still in but Lindop just busted.

He was all in preflop for his last 13,000 and up against Irishman Ciaran Heaney.

Heaney: J♣J♦
Lindop: 4♠4♣

The board ran 8♣10♥3♠Q♠6♠ failing to improve either player. — MC

7:50pm: All about the money
We’ve just had the prize pool information through from the tournament bosses and here are the headlines:

– 446 players created a total prize pool of £302,834
– The winner of UKIPT Bristol will receive £58,500
– The top 63 finishers will get paid
– A min-cash is worth £1,350

7:43pm: Dan the man
Dan Williams – better known as s4ooter – is playing his local UKIPT and has cracked the 100k mark

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500/1,000, ante 100


7:37pm: Dedusha never misses
Artan Dedusha’s stack has passed the 100k-mark after he got lucky to eliminate Dominik Fabjanczuk.

He raised to 3,000 from mid position and then made a quick call after Fabjanczuk moved all in for 16,000 from the big blind.

Fabjanczuk: K♣K♦
Dedusha: A♦J♦

The board ran Q♥K♠10♠8♣4♥ making Fabjanczuk a set but Dedusha flopped a straight that stayed good. — MC

7:30pm: Cut by a third
Over 100 players of the 306 players who entered today have now been knocked out. They include: Ben Jenkins, Luke Perrott, Bruce Jones, Terry Jordan, Billy Chattaway, Ludovic Geilich, Raj Verma, Iwan Jones, Mitch Johnson and Caicai Huang. — NW

7:20pm: Millar clubs opponent
Alex Millar made a flush in a hand and got some value on the river to get up to 34,000.

The board read 9♥10♣K♣Q♣9♠ and the Team Pro Online led for 3,500 from the big blind. Hak-Hyun Lee was sat under-the-gun and made the call but muck upon seeing 6♣8♣. — MC

7:10pm: Set hunting
Marc Hunter just got a nice boost to his stack by winning a pot against Michael Thomas. Pre-flop it was Thomas who got things started, raising to 2,000 from under-the-gun+1, Hunter was next to act and bumped the price of poker up to 4,500, Thomas deemed that a fair price to see the next three cards and the dealer fanned a 6♣K♠3♣ flop.
Neither player bet and the 5♥ rolled off on the turn, Thomas checked, Hunter bet 2,300 and Thomas called. The J♦ completed the board and after Thomas had checked again Hunter casually tossed out a single blue 5k chip. This sent Thomas into the tank but he eventually called and saw the bad news when Hunter turned over J♥J♣ for a rivered set. –NW

7pm: Jones and Hall depart
Ryhs Jones and Tom Hall were two players who didn’t last long post dinner break.

As Jones passed on his way out he said, “Short but sweet!”– MC


No keeping up with the Jones for Rhys
6:55pm: A numbers game
After registration closed and a headcount was carried out, the final number of entries for today stood at 306. Add that to the 140 that entered yesterday and the official number if entrants for UKIPT5 Bristol is 446.
All the prize pool payout information will be published on the blog as soon as it is available. — MC


LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400/800, ante 100


5:52pm: Dinner break
The players are on a one-hour dinner break.

5:50pm: Backhouse sent packing by Sweden
Christopher Backhouse has just been eliminated from this tournament and it’s Craig Sweden who got his chips.

In Backhouse’s exit hand it folded to him in the small blind and he shoved for around 6,000 (10 big blinds), Sweden looked at his cards and then said: “Oh god, I call,” and showed A♣8♦ he was ahead of Backhouse’s 9♠5♠ and his hand held on the 10♠Q♣8♣3♥6♦ board. — NW

5:40pm: Full house good for double knockout
PokerStars Qualifier Neil Van Der Merwe is up to 102,000 after he eliminated two players in one pot.

Lee Mulligan opened to 1,500 before Van Der Merwe three-bet to 4,300. A player in middle position called and Trevor Whiteway moved all in for 6,075 from the small blind. Mulligan folded but the other two players called.

The flop came down 6♠6♥A♣ and Van Der Merwe continued for 6,000. His opponent called and then bet 12,000 on the 4♣ turn when Van Der Merwe checked to him. Van Der Merwe then asked how much he had behind and after he found out it was only another 6,000, he set him in.

The player called off with A♥K♦ but Van Der Merwe opened A♠A♥ for a full house. Whiteway opened J♣8♣ and made a flush on the 9♣ river but he and the other player hit the rail. — MC

5:25pm: Chip leaders
As we approach the dinner break these are the current chip leaders:

Joanne Ramsden – 108,000
Neil Van Der Merwe – 102,000
Sara Spillings – 96,000
Gerwyn Davies – 86,000
Bruce Atkinson – 82,000
Michael Finan – 73,000

5:15pm: Killeen flips out
Kevin Killeen was short on chips and an empty chair where he once sat told its own story. James Noonan – who was sat to the left of Killeen – told the PokerStars Blog that Killeen three-bet all-in with nines and was up against the king-queen or Tim Wright. The flop was the wrong sort for Killeen as it contained both a king and a queen and he didn’t catch a nine on the turn or river.

Another champ is out. — NW


Kevin Killeen and James Noonan

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300/600, ante 75


5:10pm: Hamill busts to the lonely
“Holy baloney, she had the lonely!” commented Barry Hamill after he busted to Joanne Ramsden.

The flop read 5♠2♠K♠ and Ramsden had 6,000 chips out in front of her. Hamill moved all in for 14,000 and she tank called.

Hamill: J♠10♠ for a flopped flush
Ramsden: A♠Q♥ for the nut flush draw

The board ran out 8♦4♠ to see her stack rise to around 60,000. — MC

5:02pm: Alex Goulder: he gone
The talented English pro Tweeted that he had 67 versus AA on an [Ax]6♦7♦ flop. He’s gotten his stack up to 48,000 before the altercation as well. — MC

4:55pm: Thompson tumbles out
There was heavy betting action on the turn of a 3♦A♠9♣Q♠ board and it ended with James Thompson being all-in and David Hartnoll as his would be executioner. When the cards were turned over it was revealed that Thompson had A♥3♥ for two pair whilst Hartnoll held A♣9♠ for a superior two pair. It all meant that Thompson had just five outs – three of which were for a chop – and the 10♠ river couldn’t save him. –NW

4:45pm: Champions update
There are a number of UKIPT champions in the field today but none of them are looking like making another deep UKIPT run at this stage.
It looks like Rapinder Cheema and Duncan McLellan are both out and all the other champs that in are all below starting stack. Given the respective talents of Ludovic Geilich (23,000), Robbie Bull (19,800), Dean Hutchison (18,600), Brett Angell (7,400) and Kevin Killeen (7,200), you’d back them to turn it around soon. — NW

4:36pm: Table of death?
Table 1 was tricky enough as it was, but it’s gotten ridiculously tough after Niall Farrell was sat in seat one, the filling between a Tom Hall (seat 9) and Simon Deadman (seat 2) sandwich.


They come with smile and leave with your chips
Jen-Yue Chiang was less than impressed and asked, with the sound of hope in his voice, “Do they break from high to low?”

The answer to that would be no. Chiang has all three mentioned players to his left to make matters worse for himself. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 250/500, ante 50


4:30pm: No comeback for Big Sam
Sam Acheampong was seen sat on a fruit machine stool staring into his phone. Not a good sign.

The PokerStars qualifier said he raised under the gun with K♣J♣ and the big blind defended with ace-jack. The flop came jack high, the chips went in and that’s all she wrote. — MC


The tournament room
PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Bristol: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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