UKIPT5 Bristol Day 2: Level 13-16 updates (2,500/5,000 ante 500)

August 08, 2015

4:25pm: Break time
A happy bunch on players are on their second break of the day. Updates will continue in a new post. — MC

4:20pm: Shola trips up Nik
Shola Akindele Deadman has a stack approaching 300,000 after making trips versus Nik Persaud.

She bet 17,500 from mid position with a board reading K♥10♣10♥8♣. Persaud check-called from the big blind and did the same on the Q♥ river when faced with a 28,500 bet. Akindele Deadman opened A♠10♠ and Persaud mucked. — MC

4:10pm: Connor on the Wright side of the bubble
First man out after the bubble burst was Connor Wright, the PokerStars Qualifier collected £1,350 for his 63rd place finish.

Since then it’s been all about double ups. First to taste that sweet sensation was Deborah Worley-Roberts who shoved for 22,500 from under-the-gun with 3♥3♠ and Benjamin Morrison gave her a spin with A♦10♠.
“Apart from the fours earlier this is the only pair I’ve seen today,” said Worley-Roberts before the dealer fanned a 2♠A♠3♣ flop. Although Worley-Roberts had spiked a set she still had her head in her hands as the K♠ turn hit the board to give Morrison a flush draw. “Don’t you dare,” said Worley-Roberts to the dealer and he didn’t as the 4♥ completed the board.

Shortly afterwards Alan Brown did hit his backdoor spade flush and he needed to as he’d got it in bad with A♠6♠ against Gary Scott’s pocket queens. The 4♠9♣10♣Js]3♠ board meant Brown doubled to around 115,000. –NW

4:03pm: David Milby bubbles UKIPT Bristol
It took until the third hand of the bubble period to get an all in, and there were two of them. One player double and one player busted to leave 66 happy players in the tournament room.

Lucas Blanco three-bet all in for 53,000 with A♥K♦ and David Loughlan called after raising to 10,000. He opened a dominated K♥10♣ and the board ran 5♥8♦2♣9♦4♥.

Floorman Nick then went over to call the other all in showdown.


David Milby (left & in seat 1) bubbles
David Milby had raised to 10,000 and called all in for 81,000 after Chi Zhang shoved on him.

Milby: K♣K♥
Zhang: A♠A♣

The board ran 9♠4♣8♥Q♣10♣ missing both players. Zhang actually called for a king as he felt bad for his opponent.

Everyone left is now guaranteed £1,350. — MC

3:50pm: On the bubble as Hanham busts
The exit of Martin Hanham in 65th place means we’re now on the bubble here at UKIPT5 Bristol.

After Peter Hegedus had raised from early position, Hanham moved all-in from the small blind for around six big blinds with pocket tens. When it got back to Hegedus he called the extra off with A♥10♣ and spiked on the 8♦Q♦A♠7♠7♣ board.

There’s a shot delay whilst they break a table, but we’re now on the stone bubble here in Bristol. –NW

3:45pm: Triple up for Barron
Edward Barron avoided a horrible exit right near the bubble and trebled up in the process. Chances are that given the manner in which it happened he’ll remember this hand for some time.

It was Brett Angell who got the action started he min-raised from the hijack, Horrocks shoved for 58,500 from the cut-off, Benjamin Winsor then flat called the shove on the button only for Patrick Horrocks to move all-in from the big blind, which caused the other two players to fold.

Horrocks: A♥A♦
Barron: A♠10♥

A J♦3♥Q♥6♦K♣ board meant Barron rivered a straight to survive and more than triple up. –NW

3:38pm: Two bust from table 2
Mark Wates and Richard Jones busted one hand after the other from table 2 to leave 66 left in the Main Event.

Wates defended his big blind after a mid position raise from Lee Mulligan and then moved all in on an A♥K♦8♦ flop holding A♣J♣. Mulligan called with K♥8♥ and the 10♠3♦ turn and river changed nothing. Mulligan moved up to 325,000.

Mulligan raised the next hand to 12,000 before Jones moved all in for 14,000 from the button. Shola Akindele Deadman called from the big blind, as did Mulligan.

The flop fanned 4♦K♥5♥ and both players checked. The turn was the 2♠ and Akindele Deadman’s 11,000 bet got rid of Mulligan. Jones opened A♣J♠ but was way behind to Akindele Deadman’s 5♠4♣ for two pair. Jones needed a three for a straight but the 7♣ river failed to provide. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500/5,000 ante 500


3.20pm: Down to 69
The bubble is inching ever closer as just 69 players remain. Among those to just miss out on the money are: Angelo Milioto, Vincent Calis, Chris Miller, Chuc Gia Khuu, Luke Calvert, Calogero Morreale, Ben Spragg, Crispin Da Costa, Michal Havavka and Ashley Mullard. — NW

3:15pm: Zhang trying to play power poker
Chi Zhang must being enjoying life if he can four-bet bet fold 61,000 and still have a stack worth 402,000.

The pot opened with a hijack raise to 9,000 from David Milby and a cutoff three-bet to 33,000 from Joseph Lalor. Zhang was on the button and put his four-bet in. Milby tank-folded but Lalor shoved after tanking as well. Zhang snap folded. Lalor moved up to 270,000. — MC

3pm: Call from Calis proves costly
Something must have got lost in translation as Vincent Calis, who’s from the Netherlands just made what he himself called an ‘unbelievable mistake’ in a hand against Chris Miller.

The latter moved all-in from under-the-gun+1 for 53,500 and it folded all the way round to Calis in the big blind. He asked the dealer for a count of the shove and the dealer broke the chips down clearly and stated that the shove was for 53,500.

After not much thought Calis called off most of his stack – he’d only started the hand with about 70,000 – and showed J♥8♥. Hmm. Miller showed 9♥9♣ and held on the 6♦4♠Q♥2♦5♠ board.

It was only when the dealer went to collect the requisite number of chips from Calis that he realised what the table had suspected when they saw his cards, that being that he thought he was calling a much smaller shove. Who knows if he thought it was 5,300 or 15,300 but he certainly didn’t think it was 53,500 as he couldn’t believe it when the dealer took that much from his stack. Miller couldn’t believe his good fortune whilst Calis was just left shaking his head at his error. –NW

2:50pm: Cody climbing
Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody has had a remarkable couple of levels as he’s run his stack up for 19,900 to an impressive 185,000. What’s more, as a keen Man Utd fan he’s had a lot of his attention on the big screens showing them in action against Spurs.

That game has just finished, so who knows what he can do when he focuses all his attention on the poker!
He’s just been moved to table two where his new tablemates include UKIPT5 Nottingham third place finisher Richard Jones (60,000) and Oluwashola Akindele Deadman (230,000). –NW


Cody’s got chips and his team got three points
2:40pm: Lucky ruling for Morse
Andy Morse lost a pot and dropped to 80,000 chips but it could have been so much worse for him.

He called a turn bet from Simon Turner and faced another 52,000 after the board rested as 3♦J♣10♠Q♣10♣. He went to raise but didn’t say anything and just slid the chips forward. His attempted raise was one chip short of being legal though so was deemed a call.

Turner opened 9♣8♣ for a flush and Morse couldn’t beat it and mucked. Turner’s stack rose to 266,000. — MC

2:20pm: End of Days

2:15pm: Exits
The following players have all fallen short of making level 15 and the money: Stuart Astbury, David Stonehouse, Sergio Cabrera, Anthony Georgiou, Bobby Zhang, Bilal Ben Sahnoune, Kevin Lanceley, Sebastian Muller, Paul Vas Nunes, Daniel Ulvrell, Michael Bourke, Paul Murnin, Stephen Woodhead, Hak-Hyun Lee, Marcin Pajak, Hannes Hartung, Marcell Gottshalk, Neil Raine, Nicholas Ramsey, David Lappin and Oliver Prior.

84 players remain, 63 get paid. –NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000/4,000, ante 500


2pm: Big stacks on break
The first 15-minute break has arrived. Here are the tournament big stacks:

Andrew Fleming – 340,000
Daniel Williams – 290,000
Patrick Horricks – 275,000
Peter Hegedus – 265,000
Gary Scott – 235,000
Jack Thompson – 225,000
Matthew Baker – 215,000
Sara Spillings – 215,000

1:53pm: Kellett Coolered
Richard Kellet has busted after he got his chips in good, only to be sucked out on by Patrick Horricks.

Horricks and a couple of other players at table 10 explained that an [ax][5x][6x] flop came down and both players got their chips in, Kellett being the all in player with more than 60,000.

Kellet: [5x][5x] for bottom set
Horricks: A♠6♠ for top two pair

The board ran out J♥6♥ to fill Horricks with the bigger full house. He’s up to 275,000. — MC

1:40pm: Chip counts
Midway through the second level of the day here are some counts of the names and notables, with 88 players remaining the average stack is 127,000 (42.3 big blinds).

Dan Williams, 290,000
Nik Persaud, 195,000
Brett Angell, 170,000
Jake Cody, 165,000
Oluwashola Akindele Deadman, 148,000
Kelly Saxby, 145,000
Richard Jones, 100,000
Deborah Worley-Roberts, 99,000
James Atkins, 95,000
Tomasz Raniszewski, 90,000
Richard Kellet, 83,000
David Clarkson, 62,000
Joe Grech, 58,000
Angelo Milioto, 32,000


Shola Akindele Deadman
1:32pm: Cooler flop not Toogood for Phil
Phil Toogood’s stack has been decimated down to 5,100 after a set versus straight scenario against Patrick Horrocks.

The flop was out as 4♥3♥7♦ and the chips went in. Horrocks was the all in player with 79,300 and he opened 5♣6♥. Toogood held 3♣3♠ and failed to fill up on the 9♣Q♥ turn and river. — MC

1:25pm: Leaders of the pack
Both end of Day 1 chip leaders were drawn to the same table today and in fact sit just two seats apart. It’s Day 1A chip leader Javed Ullah who’s fared the better so far today as he’s ran his stack up to 275,000, whilst Neil Van Der Merwe is down to 260,000. –NW


Day 1A leader Javed Ullah
1:15pm: Young busts in a strange spot
David Young was just knocked out in a very strange hand at table one.
After an open to 6,000 from Alan Brown there was a three-bet to 21,000 from Jiye Zhang, who was in the one seat and getting a massage at the time. Action was now on Young and he said call, but hadn’t seen Zhang’s three-bet and thought he was calling the 6,000. Because he’d said the word call, rather than putting out chips, Young was now forced to call the 21,000. He’d only started the hand with around 50,000 so it was a significant portion of his chips.

Action passed back to Brown and he now had a decision, he elected to three-bet to 48,000, Zhang passed and Young said: “It’s a horrible way to go out but I can’t pass now,” he moved all-in and Brown matched the bet. He showed pocket jacks, which were well ahead of Young’s threes and it stayed that way on the K♣A♥K♥6♥8♣ board. –NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500/3,000, ante 400


12:55pm: More bust outs
The first level on Day 2 is well known as a level of carnage where players can often bust at the rate of one a minute. Shuaida Cheng, Gareth Chantler, Michael Finan, Daragh Davey, Dan Carter, Arvydas Merfeldas, Dominic Mitchell, Remigiusz Wyrzykiewicz, Melonie Finan, Keith Boniface, Tri Vu, John Patten and Pablo Nerro are the latest exits on Day 2. –NW


Gareth Chantler
12:50pm: Short Day after classic race
Chris Day’s stack has dropped to 46,000 after a he lost a classic race to Steve Russell, who doubled to 112,000. The chips went in preflop and the cards were on their backs.

Day: Q♥Q♦
Russell: A♣K♥

The board ran 7♠4♣6♦A♦7♣ to make Russell two pair. — MC

12:35pm: Bayley busts
“Aces don’t beat tens,” said Lawrence Bayley to the PokerStars Blog as he exited the tournament room. He went on to tells us that he was down to nine big blinds at that point as a result of a hero call gone wrong and added. “My exit hand played itself,” it was Mike Panteli who had the tens. — NW

12:30pm: Stonehouse enters the right code to double through Morse
David Stonehouse flopped better than Andy Morse to double to around 106,000.

There had been significant action preflop flop before a A♣Q♣8♠ flop appeared. Stonehouse checked to Morse who asked him how much he had. Stonehouse lifted his hands to show he had 34,300 behind.

“All in,” announced Morse.

“Call,” came the immediate response.

Stonehouse: A♥Q♦
Morse: K♦K♣

The board ran out 8♥5♣ and Morse dropped to around 111,00. — MC

12:20pm: Early double for Cody
Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody is up to 40,000 after doubling up in the opening orbit against Dan Carter.
The latter opened to 5,000 with pocket threes, the small blind called and Cody then moved all-in from the big blind for around 17,000 with [Ax][7x] and Carter looked him up. The flop was safe for Carter but Cody turned an ace to double up. — NW

12:10pm: Six players snap bust
Six players busted within the first few minutes of play. They are: Anh-Tuan Hoang, Marc Hunter, Reza Vand, Richard Swatton, Gerald Ringe and Robert Bull. — MC

12pm: We’re off
Day 2 is under way. –NW

11:50am: It’s moving day in Bristol
When play starts at noon they’ll be 126 hopefuls all hoping to enhance their chances of winning this tournament and the £58,500 first prize. Come the end of play today there may well only be eight left standing, or more accurately, sitting. The plan today is ten levels or reach the final table of eight, whichever comes first. Chances are reaching the final table will have to wait until Sunday.

One man who’ll have his sights set on being here on Sunday is current chip leader Neil Van Der Merwe. The 30-year-old hails from Cambridge and used to work in sales but has called poker his profession for the past four years. He begins the day with a 351,200 which gives him a lead of over 125,000 from Dan Williams (224,900). “I ran really well, had a lot of aces, kings and even quads,” he told the PokerStars Blog when play ended yesterday.”

UKIPT5_Bristol_Neil Van Der Merwe.jpg

Neil Van Der Merwe
Whilst plenty of Day 1 chip leaders have failed to make the money – 63 get paid – Van Der Merwe’s huge stack means he’s already got an average stack for when just 32 players remain. The likes of Ryan Spittles (171,100), Kelly Saxby (164,100) and David Clarkson (134,500) are well placed to make a run at this, whilst Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody (19,900), David Lappin (20,000) and Gareth Chantler (21,200) are among those who’ve got work to do.

You can see the full overnight chip counts here and the start of Day 2 seat draw here. Play is set to start at noon.


PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Bristol: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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