UKIPT5 Marbella Day 3: Level 19-22 updates (10,000/20,000 ante 3,000)

June 20, 2015

4:32pm: Break time
The remaining players are now on a 15-minute break. You’ll find updates from level 23 and beyond in a new post here. –NW

4:31pm: Angel Latorre eliminates Martinez
Alejandro Martínez is the latest casualty in this tournament as his K♥Q♠ failed to outdraw Jose Angel Latorre’s pocket tens.

19 players left. — NW

4:30pm: Vedral wins huge pot, sinks Sanchez
David Vedral just won a massive pot to send Pascual Sanchez to the rail and the Spaniard could barely believe it.

On the turn of a 5♥Q♥K♥J♣ board Vedral bet 113,000, Sanchez raised to 270,000 after some thought Vedral shoved all-in for an effective 775,000 and Sanchez snap called.

Sanchez: A♥J♥
Vedral: K♦Q♠

The river was the K♠ meaning Vedral rivered a full-house to crack Sanchez’s nut flush and propel himself up the chip counts. — NW


Vedral’s house of chips just got bigger
4:25pm: Fun time for Franklin
Scott Franklin just got a much needed double up at the expense of Dawid Grabinski. It was the Swede who started proceedings, he opened to 45,000 with A♥J♣ and then called when Franklin shoved for 252,000. The Brit had pocket jacks for a dominating hand and the hooks held on the 6♣8♦8♣5♥K♠ board. — NW

4:20pm: Keep on grafting, Grafton
He wins a bunch of chips and then doubles someone up. Rinse and repeat. The story of Sam Grafton’s day so far, it seems.

He opened to 40,000 from the hijack and was called by Pascual Sanchez before Jonathan Cantle squeezed to 175,000 from the big blind. Grafton was the only caller and they headed to a 10♣8♠9♦ flop. Cantle check-raised all in 420,000 after Grafton bet 125,000. Snap call.

Grafton: 10♠10♥ for top set.
Cantle: A♠J♥ for an open-ended straight draw.


Cantle got instant service
The board ran out Q♥2♠ to make Cantle a set. Grafton didn’t say a word and he handed over the chips; he dropped back to 540,000.– MC

4pm: Not a good time for those from the North
Two exits to tell you about and its bad news if you’re following players from Iceland or Finland.
It looked as if Pascual Sanchez and Steinar Edduson were going to butt heads one hand before they ended up doing so. On that occasion Sanchez shoved for 339,000 from under-the-gun and although Edduson looked interested he passed.

On the very next hand though Edduson moved all-in from the button for about 280,000 with A♠6♣ and Sanchez called with pocket eights. The board came 10♥4♠5♥2♣2♠ to keep Sanchez in front.

At the same time Niko Kettunen busted from table one, no details but Dario Carrion was stacking chips, he’s up to 2,175,000 and the chip leader.

21 players left here in Marbella. –NW

3:50pm: Final three tables
The players are in their new seats and the clock has restarted. — MC

Table Seat Name
1 1 Jose Antonio Benedi
1 2 Dario Carrion
1 3 Niko Kettunen
1 4 Mateo Sempere
1 5 Andreas Schillinger
1 6 Victor Gimenez De-Houting
1 7 Jeffrey Brouwer
1 8 Rembert Net
2 1 Rodrigo Rosales
2 2 Scott Franklin
2 3 Juan Bautista
2 4 Aleksandar Abutovic
2 5 Jose Angel Latorre
2 6 Dawid Grabinski
2 7 Alejandro Martínez
2 8 Fabien Parisel
3 1 David Vedral
3 2 Jonathan Cantle
3 3 Isidoro Barreña
3 4
3 5 Steinar Edduson
3 6 Sam Grafton
3 7 Pascual Sanchez
3 8 Javier Mateos

3:25pm: Pearson and Hoang eliminated
From under-the-gun+1 Richard Pearson moved all-in for roughly 270,000, after getting a count Aleksandar Abtovic made the call. “Good luck,” said Pearson as he showed 3♦3♠. But it was he who needed the luck as Abtovic had pocket jacks. The J♠Q♥5♥6♥7♥ board meant Pearson was out.
At the same time on an adjacent table Anh Tuan Hoang busted to Rodrigo Rosales and that took us down to 23 players meaning they’ll be a short pause in the action as there’s now a complete redraw. –NW

Blinds up: 10,000/20,000, ante 3,000

3:10pm: Razeb-Sekh can’t suck out
Stieven Razab-Sekh just busted to David Vedral in a huge pot that means Vedral is now one of the chip leaders as he has a stack of 1,700,000.

Vedral opened from the cutoff with 10♥10♠, Razab-Sekh three-bet all-in for 555,000 from the small blind with A♣Q♦ and Vedral made the call. The board came 8♣7♣5♣K♦9♠ and Razab-Sekh wished the table good luck as he left. –NW

3pm: Start of level 21 chip counts
Below are the counts of the remaining players at the start of level 21. Jose Angel Latorre leads and there are five players who’ve broken through the million chip barrier.


Jose Angel Latorre

Name Country Status Chips
Jose Angel Latorre Spain PokerStars Player 1,600,000
Dawid Grabinski Sweden 1,320,000
Alejandro Martínez Spain 1,240,000
Steinar Edduson Iceland 1,070,000
Dario Carrion Spain PokerStars Qualifier 1,055,000
Jeffrey Brouwer Netherland 880,000
Victor Gimenez De-Houting Spain PokerStars Qualifier 873,000
David Vedral Austria PokerStars Qualifier 860,000
Andreas Schillinger Germany 850,000
Jonathan Cantle UK 830,000
Rembert Net Malta 730,000
Isidoro Barreña Spain 680,000
Javier Mateos Spain 650,000
Niko Kettunen Finland 580,000
Mateusz Moolhuizen Netherlands PokerStars Qualifier 560,000
Fabien Parisel France PokerStars Player 550,000
Juan Bautista Spain 503,000
Aleksandar Abutovic Germany 500,000
Stieven Razab-Sekh Netherlands 480,000
Pascual Sanchez Spain PokerStars Qualifier 450,000
Anh Tuan Hoang UK 435,000
Sam Grafton UK PokerStars Qualifier 430,000
Andrei Vlassenko Russia 375,000
Daniel Price UK 355,000
Mateo Sempere Spain 350,000
Rodrigo Rosales Spain PokerStars Qualifier 320,000
Borja Gross Spain PokerStars Qualifier 300,000
Richard Pearson UK 290,000
Jose Antonio Benedi Spain PokerStars Qualifier 255,000
Alejandro Galiana Spain 220,000
Mats Sjoblom Sweden PokerStars Qualifier 215,000
Scott Franklin UK 200,000
Vizsnyiczai Zsolt Hungary PokerStars Qualifier 150,000
Tomeu Gomila Spain 145,000

3pm: Sanchez survives
Pascual Sanchez shoved all-in from the hijack for 213,000, Dawid Grabinski was next to act and he requested a count before making the call. Everyone else folded and left them to it, Grabinski opened 9♠9♦, whilst Sanchez had A♦Q♦.

The board came 7♣K♥5♦A♣5♠ and Sanchez doubled to 460,000 whilst Grabinski slipped to 1,275,000. That’s still a very healthy stack though, but Dario Carrion, who’s at the same table, has around 1,500,000. — NW

2:50pm: Benedi boasts a double up
Jose Antonio Benedi’s stack is approaching the half-million mark after he doubles through Juan Bautista.

The latter opened from early position and called after the former three-bet all in for 229,000 from the big blind.

Bautista: A♠J♣
Benedi: A♥K♦

The board ran 5♣9♠3♣9♥4♦ to miss both players. Bautista dropped to 190,000 chips. — MC

2:35pm: Razab-Sekh rattles the table as Sjoblom rolls on
Mats Sjoblom was out of his seat and on his way only to hit the river to survive. “You were gone,” said Richard Pearson with a smile as Sjoblom sat back down.

It was Stieven Razab-Sekh who was on the wrong side of the river card and he banged the table when he saw it hit the felt. The Dutchaman had opened from the button with pocket tens and called when Sjoblom had shoved for 213,000 (13.5 big blinds) from the big blind with A♥7♥.

The 5♦Q♥Q♦6♠A♥ was uneventful until fifth street, but with that double Sjoblom is up to around 445,000 whilst Razab-Sekh slips to 390,000. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-1,600, ante 2,000


2:05pm: Break time
The remaining players are on their first break of the day. Full counts coming up. — MC

2pm: Four depart before break
All in and call could be heard from four of the remaining five tables in a frantic period of play leading up to the first break of the day.

Carlos Alberto Trujillo three-bet all in with A♠J♣ from the big blind but ran into Steinar Edduson’s A♥A♦. He had opened from under the gun and called before the board ran 8♦5♠6♣J♦Q♠.

Next up, Daniel Sochanek busted after his pocket kings were cracked by Anh Tuan Hoang’s pocket nines on a 6♣Q♥J♣9♣6♥ board. All the chips went in preflop.

A few seconds after that Roi Pereira went out. He lost all but an ante when his Q♥Q♠ lost out to Fabien Parisel’s ace-king on a 4♠5♦K♥K♣A♦ board. He busted the very next hand.


Grabinski building a big stack
As Pereira was busting, Estefano Pastore put his tournament on the life with a flush draw from a neighbouring table. He and Dawid Andrej Grabinski took to a J♠7♠8♣ flop where the chips went in.

Pastore: 10♠4♠
Grabinski: K♠K♣

The board ran out Q♣3♣ and Grabinski moved up to around 1.1 million. — MC

1:45pm: Martínez marches on
Alejandro Martínez began the day with 260,000 (26 big blinds) but has had a brilliant opening 100 minutes as he’s now up to 900,000.

He got his latest boost by eliminating Ruben Nils Pleijster, the Dutchman three-bet shoved for 80,000 with A♥10♥ and Martínez snapped him off with A♦K♣. A 5♥6♣8♣3♣K♠ board later and Pleijster was on his way. The Spaniard has an absolute mountain of gold 1K chips. He’s doing a good job of keeping them in stacks of 20. He must have over 20 stacks of that number though. –NW


Ruben had Dutch courage but no luck
1:30pm: Short stacks do battle
Tomeu Gomila and Bernardo Miguel Baptista were two of the shortest stacks at table seven and the former could hardly afford to double up the latter, but he did, to his dismay.

Gomila raised from the cutoff and Baptista peeled from the big blind to see a 7♠4♦6♥ flop appear. Baptista only had about 40,000 chips back and in they went. Call.

Gomila: A♥5♠ for a straight draw and over card.
Baptista: J♠7♣ for top pair.

The board ran out 4♠6♣. Gomila was left with 98,000. — MC

1:15pm: Daniel and Dimitry depart
Just 44 players remain in the Main Event with Daniel Sisa and Dimitry Vrnovitskiy the last two players to bust out.

Sisa got his chips in A♣K♠ but ran into Rafael Rembert’s pocket queens and couldn’t win the race. Shortly afterwards Dimitry Vrnovitskiy shoved for 63,000 from the small blind and Rodrigo Rosales gave it a good old think before calling with J♣2♣. He had Vrnovitskiy dominated though as the Russian had 7♥2♠.

The 6♣8♣8♦3♥Q♣ board kept Rosales in front and eliminated the Russian. — NW

Blinds up: 6,000/12,000, ante 2,000

1:05pm: No win for the Finn
Niko Kettunen was left shaking his head after he doubled up Jonathan Cantle in a curious pot. The Finn opened to 22,000 from under-the-gun, there was one caller and Cantle then three-bet to 88,000 out of the small blind. Back on Kettunen he four-bet to around 210,000, Cantle then moved all-in for 381,000 total and Kettunen shrugged before calling.

Kettunen: K♦Q♥
Cantle: A♦10♣

When he saw Cantle’s hand Kettunen just shook his head, unable to comprehend that his opponent had deemed it strong enough to five-bet all-in with. The J♣K♣10♠2♥Q♦ board meant Cantle rivered a straight to survive after he was outflopped by Kettunen.

The Brit is up to around 800,000 after that hand whilst Kettunen drops to around 300,000. — NW

1pm: Two more double ups
Two players – Richard Pearson and Scott Franklin, both from the UK, – got their chips in bad but managed to find a way to double up.

Pearson was down to 132,000 when he three-bet all in with A♠10♦. Gabriel Barba had opened with K♦K♣ and made an easy call before the board ran 8♥Q♥A♦2♣6♣. “Boom! Unlucky, mate.” Said Pearson.

A few seconds later, on adjacent table, Franklin moved all in from the cutoff for his last 141,000 and was called by Javier Mateos in the big blind.

Franklin: Q♣J♦
Mateos: A♦J♥

The board ran 2♥6♠J♠8♦Q♠ to make the Brit two pair. — MC


Pearson – bad means good for this Brit
12:50pm: More for Barreña
Isidoro Barreña was fourth in chips overnight and he’s just padded his stack by eliminating Noel Cortina in a pre-flop coin flip. Cortina shoved for 85,000 with K♦Q♦ and Barreña looked him up with 5♠5♣. The J♥5♥10♠ both gave and took away for Cortina. His pair outs were no longer live but he did have an open ended straight draw.

The 3♦ turn and 8♦ river didn’t help him though and he departs. –NW

12:29pm: Grafton doubles Razab-Sekh
Pocket queens seems to be the lucky hand of the day so far as Stieven Razab-Sekh used them to double through Sam Grafton.

A preflop raising war saw both players’ hands flipped up:

Sekh: Q♣Q♦
Grafton: 10♠10♦

The board ran 2♥J♠4♠8♦2♦. After a count, Grafton paid over 162,000 chips and dropped to around 300,000. — MC

12:20pm: Bibikova busts in classic race
The last lady standing (or sitting) had busted in the most classic of races.

Ekaterina Bibikova was down to 136,000 when she moved all in from under the gun. David Vederal asked for a count from the cutoff and announced a call. Alejandro Galiana showed pocket fives in the big blind but mucked his hand.

Bibikova: A♥K♠
Vederal: Q♠Q♥

The board ran 7♥8♣4♦3♦6♣ to send the pit the way of Vederal. Galiana, meanwhile, was nudging his neighbour to point out he would’ve made a straight. — MC

12:10pm: Double up for Trujillo
After paying the ante Carlos Alberto Trujillo only had 7.5 big blinds to his name and so when he was dealt Q♣Q♥ on the button that was more than enough of a hand to see him commit his chips. The small blind folded but when Steinar Edduson looked down at A♥2♣ he called to put Trujillo at risk.

The 3♦9♠6♦6♠7♣ board was clean as far as Trujillo was concerned and he doubled up. — NW

12:05pm: Early exit for Symes
Players were still taking their seats as John Symes was leaving his. On the first hand of play it folded to him on the button and he moved in for 121,000 total. Daniel Price was in the small blind and he pushed out a stack of T25,000 chips to indicate a call and Rodrigo Rosales folded from the big blind.

Symes: A♥K♥
Price: A♦Q♦

The 9♦10♦3♣ flop was the just the sort of flop Price was looking for and Symes seemed to know what was coming as he was out of his seat before the 5♦ turn gave Price a lock on the hand. The meaningless 3♠ completed the board. — NW

12:02pm: Shuffle and deal
Cards are in the air for Day 3!

11:30am: The final 61 return with Carrion leading
It’s very rare that you get deep into a poker tour without taking on a big flip at least once. Dario Carrion – the chip leader entering today with 967,000 – took that flip on in the last level yesterday. He won, has three times the average and most probably high hopes of making the final table.

That final table, with or without Carrion, will consist of eight players – the number the tournament will play down to today. Those who make it should get a nice early night but those who bust can celebrate/commiserate at the player party, taking place at 10pm at Guey restaurant just five minutes walk from the casino.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for UKIPT5_Marbella_Day2_Sam_Grafton.jpg

Sam Grafton one of the big names left in
Sam Grafton is the headline name chasing Carrion. He’ll be hoping to get at least as deep as he did lady year when he went from chip leader to out on the final table bubble. Other players still in the hunt include: Richard Pearson, Tomeu Gomila, Ruben Nils Pleijster, Neil Mackay and Mats Sjoblom.

Cards will be in the air at Midday CET but for now, check out the Day 3 seat draw:

Table Seat Name Country Status Chips
1 1 Dimitry Vrnovitskiy Russia 149,000
1 2 Jesus Javier Bustos Spain 223,000
1 3 Jaime Floid Molina Bellver Spain PokerStars Player 80,000
1 4 Daniel Sochanek Sweden PokerStars Player 414,000
1 5 Alejandro Martínez Carrasco Spain 260,000
1 6 Dario Carrion Morenilla Spain PokerStars Qualifier 967,000
1 7 Pascual Sanchez Lopez Spain PokerStars Qualifier 309,000
1 8 Ruben Nils Pleijster Netherlands 434,000
2 1 Neil Mackay UK 211,000
2 3 Daniel Sisa Cura Spain 350,000
2 4 Ramon Antonio Miranda Puente Spain PokerStars Player 124,000
2 5 Victor Gimenez De-Houting Spain PokerStars Qualifier 572,000
2 6 Carlos Alberto Trujillo Spain 76,000
2 7 Inocente Gomez Bordonado Spain 263,000
2 8 Steinar Edduson Iceland 663,000
3 1 Jeffrey Brouwer Netherland 737,000
3 3 Alejandro Galiana Ramos Spain 250,000
3 4 Ekaterina Bibikova Russian Federation 140,000
3 5 Noel Cortina Spain PokerStars Qualifier 131,000
3 6 Vizsnyiczai Zsolt Hungary PokerStars Qualifier 312,000
3 7 David Vedral Austria PokerStars Qualifier 303,000
3 8 Isidoro Barreña Spain 733,000
4 2 Javier Mateos Spain 453,000
4 3 Roi Pereira Conde Spain PokerStars Qualifier 423,000
4 4 Borja Gross Fernandez Spain PokerStars Qualifier 570,000
4 5 Mateusz Moolhuizen Netherlands PokerStars Qualifier 329,000
4 6 Fabien Parisel France PokerStars Player 334,000
4 7 Scott Franklin UK 256,000
4 8 Aki Taisto Olavi Pyysing Finland 120,000
5 1 Julio Marino Carvalho Ribeiro Portugal PokerStars Qualifier 247,000
5 2 Pablo Galache Spain 783,000
5 3 Gabriel Barba Godino Spain 200,000
5 4 Fausutus Karl Korn UK 244,000
5 5 Dawid Andrej Grabinski Sweden 307,000
5 6 Richard James Pearson UK 142,000
5 7 Estefano Pastore Benisty Spain 368,000
5 8 Jose Antonio Benedi Lahuerta Spain PokerStars Qualifier 318,000
6 1 Jonathan Neale Cantle UK 419,000
6 2 Aleksandar Abtovic Germany 600,000
6 3 Niko Kettunen Finland 670,000
6 4 Tomeu Gomila Spain 179,000
6 5 Anh Tuan Hoang UK 369,000
6 6 Mateo Sempere Torres Spain 378,000
6 7 Andreas Schillinger Germany 516,000
6 8 Bernardo Miguel Baptista das Neves Portugal 119,000
7 1 Dominic Carle Evans UK PokerStars Qualifier 289,000
7 2 Jose Angel Latorre Marina Spain PokerStars Player 324,000
7 3 Philipp Schimmerl Austria PokerStars Qualifier 249,000
7 4 Mats Sjoblom Sweden PokerStars Qualifier 275,000
7 5 John Alexander Symes UK 122,000
7 6 Daniel William Price UK 575,000
7 7 Felipe Gonsalves Costa Brazil PokerStars Qualifier 107,000
7 8 Rodrigo Rosales Manso Spain PokerStars Qualifier 188,000
8 1 David Tovar Lasierra Spain PokerStars Qualifier 240,000
8 2 Gardar Geir Hauksson Iceland PokerStars Qualifier 470,000
8 3 Stieven Razab-Sekh Netherlands 166,000
8 4 Rafael Rembert Malta 188,000
8 5 Andrei Vlassenko Russia 260,000
8 6 Juan Bautista Mecho Spain 217,000
8 7 Juan Carlos Ramos Martin Spain PokerStars Qualifier 130,000
8 8 Sam Grafton UK PokerStars Qualifier 463,000

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Marbella: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May


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