Van Brabander sisterhood in play in Deauville

February 06, 2013

The splendid town of Deauville might not have been quite warm and sunny during the EPT event, but that didn’t take away the excitement of the players in the casino.

This was my second EPT to which I accompanied my sister, Charlotte Van Brabander, and I must say that, once again, it was a lovely experience. I truly believe that anyone having the chance to attend an EPT event should embrace it.

The previous event I attended was the EPT in Barcelona, which was completely different than this one, as it was lovely weather over there. Also, the setting was completely different. I love the casino building and the lovely architecture for all the buildings in Deauville.

Coming back to the topic of poker, my sister played the French Poker Series (FPS) Main Event and got to Day 2 with a quite large stack. She somehow didn’t last long on the second day, probably because she also lost her focus, discovering that she had lost her iPod earlier that day while she was playing. She was quite disappointed, especially because she started the day with two-times average. Of course, she had her little sister to comfort her when she needed it.

After a one-day break of shopping and chilling at the lovely pool of Hotel Barriere, we both entered the Ladies Event on Sunday. I had only played one live event before, so I wasn’t really thinking I would get in the money. As always, I was stressed out like a little baby before I started playing, and as usual, it went away after playing two hands.

Charlotte & Camille 1.jpeg

In the beginning of the tournament, I believe neither my sister nor I were doing great, but we managed to double our stacks a few times halfway the tournament. I had to be so patient because seven-deuce is a hand I saw passing by a lot, so the luck of cards wasn’t on my side for about two hours. I’m happy I could make a comeback waiting for the right cards to shove my chips all-in. I doubled twice so that I was above average again. My sister also doubled a few times and picked up a few big pots that made her four-times average.

As we were both doing better and ladies were getting eliminated, tables were rearranged, and my sister and I ended up next to each other. Not ideal, of course. I was happy that we didn’t have to play big pots against each other.

When the bubble girl went out, we were so glad that we were both in the money with quite big stacks. Sadly, I had a cooler when I called an all-in with ace-queen against ace-king, where I lost almost my whole stack. I had to shove all-in again, so I was glad with an ace-nine suited in the next hand. I shoved all-in, and I got a call of seven-eight (I believe they were offsuit). On the flop, there was an ace and a seven, but sadly she also hit an eight on the river. So I ended up 11th place, not bad for my second time.

My sister was still running and made the final table. I really was quite annoyed by the fact that there were two guys at the final table, so I’m happy the first prize didn’t go to a male player. My sister made it to the fifth place; she had to shove all-in with king-ten when she had less than 10 big blinds, but she had the bad luck to be called with pocket aces. Overall, I think we both played well and were quite happy with the places we got.

Next year, maybe I can have a heads-up with my sister?

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