WCOOP 2017: Erikajax1 scores big with Sunday Warm-Up SE (Event #78-H $530 NL)

September 26, 2017

It’s never officially a party until Matt ‘All_in_at420’ Stout shows up. Fitting that All_in_at420 would make a token appearance at a final table of the penultimate day of the 2017 WCOOP. All_in_at420 went deep in Event #78-H $520 NL, which also doubled as the Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition. The highest All_in_at420 would get would be fourth place. With three to go, Go0se.core! amassed a monstrous stack, but somehow, Erikajax1 figured out a way to fend off the big stack bully and get into a position to face Go0se.core! heads-up for the title. A potential deal was briefly discussed before it was shot down in favor of battling it out the old-fashioned way… until one player has all the chips. When the virtual dust settled, Erikajax1was the only player left standing as Go0se.core!fell short of the mark and busted in second place. Erikajax1 went on to win a first WCOOP and banked over $219K in the process.


2017 WCOOP Event #78-H $520 NL attracted 3,024 runners  for one last shot at a WCOOP title. They created a prize pool worth $1,512,000, which more than smashed the initial $1M guarantee. The top 359 places got a cut of the prize money.

Day 1 of the Sunday Warm-Up SE ended with 246 players surviving the cut and returning for a second-day of action. Brazil’s rodrigorpv bagged up the most chips with 2.4M, followed by Virgilik’s 2.2M.

Early Day 2, Matt ‘All_in_at420’ Stout jabbed and dabbed his way into the Top 20. With 36 to go on the final four tables, All_in_at420 blazed his way to the top of the leaderboard with 19M. With 27 left on the final three tables, Jesusisback0 surged to the top with 14.2M and All_in_at420 was second with 13M. With 18 to go on the final two tables, Erikajax1 amassed a 25M stack and All_in_at420 slipped to 10th overall.

With a dozen to go, it was Go0se.core!’s turn to lead the peloton with 30M. All_in_at420 was fifth overall, before doubling up donki4. All_in_at420 was one of the shorties on the final table bubble. With ten to go, action went hand-for-hand. Short-stacked Tamthemanwho open-shoved with 7♦7♥ and got called by mr.salgado30’s 9♦9♣. mr.salgado30 flopped a set of nines, but Tamthemanwho flopped a gutshot draw. mr.salgado30 won the pot with a full house, and Tamthemanwho bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


WCCOP Event #78-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Jesusisback0 (12,743,858)
Seat 2: sanpri (7,458,154)
Seat 3: mr.salgado30 (27,315,221)
Seat 4: BackToRoni (6,363,753)
Seat 5: donki4 (11,860,460)
Seat 6: Go0se.core! (43,863,691)
Seat 7: Erikajax1 (22,232,091)
Seat 8: All_in_at420 (5,599,521)
Seat 9: skattefar (13,763,251)

The final table commenced during Level 42 with blinds at 150K/300K and a 37.5K ante. Go0se.core! led with 43.8M, while All_in_at420 made the final nine as the short stack with 5.6M.

Several notables at the final table… American online exile Matt ‘All_in_at420’ Stout was seeking a first major win. Jesusisback0 won a SCOOP in 2014. sanpri won a TCOOP in 2013. Brazil’s mr.salgado30 won the Sunday Warm-Up back in 2011. Finland’s donki4 once did a money-chop for a SCOOP, but finished in second place.

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TIDE TURNS: sanpri eliminated in 9th place

Sometimes you suckout on Kings with Big Slick… then other times, the Kings re-suck a four-flush on your for some river justice. donki4 opened to 630,000, sanpri moved all-in for 6,633,154 with A♦K♥ and donki4 insta-snap-quicki-called with K♦K♣. sanpri took the lead on the turn was a pair of Aces, but that Ace of clubs also gave donki4 a flush draw. The board finished up J♣3♥3♣A♣5♣ and donki4 rivered a flush to win the pot. Mexico’s sanpri became the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $13,692.97.

THINGS PEOPLE DO: BackToRoni eliminated in 8th place

Bustout on the very next hand. Short-stack BackToRoni mad a final stand and shoved for 2,565,762 with 6♥6♣, but skattefar called with 7♣7♦. The board ran out A♠Q♣Q♥9♣K♥. Pocket sevens held up for kattefar. BackToRoni busted in eighth place, which paid out $19,364.78.

WAKING UP DEAD: donki4 eliminated in 7th place

On the flop of K♠9♦8♣, donki4 check-raised to 2.2M, and skattefar called. The turn was the 8♦. donki4 bet 2,312,455 and skattefar called. The 4♦ fell on the river. donki4 shoved all-in for 9,190,082 and skattefar called.

donki4: J♥7♣
skattefar: K♥9♣

donki4 had a busted straight draw and skattefar won the pot with two pair — Kings and nines. Finland’s donki4 was picked off in seventh place, which paid out $27,385.94.

With six to go, Go0se.core! led with 56M while Jesusisback0 was the shorty with 4.5M.

NO MEN IN NO MAN’S LAND: Jesusisback0 eliminated in 6th place

Stop! Cooler time. Queens vs. Kings. The Kings held. Jesusisback0 four-bet shoved for 8,211,532 with Q♥Q♦. All_in_at420 called with K♦K♠. The board finished up 10♦10♠6♠J♠9♣. All_in_at420’s pocket cowboys held up and he won the pot. Jesusisback0 was dunzo in sixth place, which paid out $38,729.57.

With five remaining, Go0se.core! extended the chip lead to 51M.

RUNNING OUT OF TIME: skattefar eliminated in 5th place

Five-handed didn’t last long before one of the smaller stacks hit the bricks. skattefar bombed it all-in for 11,505,513 with A♥J♠ and mr.salgado30 re-shoved for 25,062,042 with K♣K♦. The board ran out Q♣Q♦3♠2♠6♥. Kings held up and mr.salgado30 won the pot with two pair. Denmark’s skattefar busted in fifth place, which paid out $54,772.04.

With four left, Go0se.core! led with 81.6M and All_in_at420 was the shorty with 15.1M.

BLAZE ON: All_in_at420 eliminated in 4th place

Big Slick vs. Mrs. Slick. The results were fatal. All_in_at420 opened to 1,610,000, mr.salgado30 moved all-in for 23,005,055 with A♥Q♠, and All_in_at420 called all-in for 13,378,574 with A♦K♦. The board ran out Q♣5♥2♠6♦6♥. mr.salgado30 came from behind to take the lead on the flop and win the pot with two pair — Queens and sixes. Big Slick never improved for All_in_at420, who got smoked in fourth place. He earned a heady $77,459.45.

With three to go, Go0se.core! led with 96M, or nearly double than both remaining players combined.

PETRICHOR: mr.salgado30 eliminated in 3rd place

mr.salgado30 made a valiant final stand after shoving for 9,666,303 with 9♦9♣. Erikajax1 tried to pick off the shorty with A♣4♦. Erikajax1 flopped an Ace and the board ran out A♥8♥5♠K♥2♠. Brazil’s mr.salgado30 was knocked out in third place, which paid out $109,544.24.

HEADS-UP: Go0se.core! (Austria) vs. Erikajax1 (Malta)
Seat 6: Go0se.core! (72,292,926)
Seat 7: Erikajax1 (78,907,074)

WIth two to go, Erikajax1 held a slight lead.


When action was paused to discuss a deal, Erikajax led 86.4M to 64.8M. Any deal had to leave $30,240 on the table for first place. The numbers were floated with $174,310.91 for Erikajac and $169,458.48 for Go0se.core! They decided to pass on the deal and battle it out. Without a deal in place, action resumed.

I ALWAYS WANTED IT THIS WAY: Go0se.core! eliminated in 2nd place; Erikajax1 wins Event #78-H!

Early on, Erikajax1 won a 51.4M pot with 7♣7♦ after truning a ten-high straight. Erikajax1 opened up a 112M to 39M lead.

Going into the final hand, Go0se.core! trailed 107M to 44M. Go0se.core! limped, Erikajax1 raised to 4.5M, and Go0se.core! called. The flop was J♦6♥3♦. Erikajax1 fired out 3,224,211, Go0se.core! called. The turn was the Q♦. Erikajax1 fired out 10,465,614 and Go0se.core! called. The J♣ fell on the river. Erikajax1 moved all-in for 88,673,303 and Go0se.core! called all-in for 25,897,047.

Erikajax1: 7♦10♦
Go0se.core!: Q♠6♠

Go0se.core! turned two pair, but Erikajax1 turned a flush and would win the pot with a Queen-high flush. Go0se.core! busted in second place, which paid out $154,918.91.

Congrats to Erikajax1 for winning the Sunday Warm-Up SE and Event #78-H. First place paid out $219,090.38.


WCOOP-78-H: $520 NLHE [Sunday Warm-Up SE]
Entries: 3,024
Prize pool: $1,512,000
Places paid: 359

1. Erikajax1 (Malta) $219,090.38
2. Go0se.core! (Austria) $154,918.91
3. mr.salgado30 (Brazil) $109,544.24
4. Matt ‘All_in_at420’ Stout (Costa Rica) $77,459.45
5. skattefar (Denmark) $54,772.04
6. Jesusisback0 (Poland) $38,729.57
7. donki4 (Finland) $27,385.94
8. BackToRoni (Malta) $19,364.78
9. sanpri (Mexico) $13,692.97

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