WCOOP 2017: Jack “jAkDAriPAA” O’Neill collects #63-H title, $53K ($215 NLHE)

September 22, 2017

A couple of years ago the U.K. player Jack “jAkDAriPAA” O’Neill outlasted a tough final table including Adam “Adamyid” Owen to earn a SCOOP title in a $215 buy-in no-limit hold’em event.

Tonight O’Neill turned the trick again, this time in a WCOOP — the $215 buy-in Event #63-H. And again there were some tough competitors to overcome at the very end, among them Anton “antesvante” Wigg and Ben “BensBenz” Yu.

But O’Neill was the one with all the chips at the finish again, earning a $53,897.70 first prize for the achievement.


There were 1,780 players lined up to take a shot at this one, together building a $356,000 prize pool that beat the $250K guarantee. The top 215 finishers made the cash, and they burst the bubble late on Wednesday, then got all of the way down to just 97 players with jorginho88 enjoying the overnight chip lead.

Several hours into Thursday’s second and final day of play jorginho88 was on the rail in 42nd ($1,171.63), with Jack “jAkDAriPAA” O’Neill having surged up the leaderboard to assume first position in the counts.

The final table saw O’Neill continue to enjoy the advantage as GamadGADOL (ninth), Sledyyshii (eighth), and AptiVova (seventh) successively fell, and with six players left O’Neill was sitting pretty with more than 46 million — a little more than half the chips in play.


Seat 3: Ben “BensBenz” Yu (Mexico) — 6,939,439
Seat 5: beastishngry (Hungary) — 4,712,458
Seat 6: Jack “jAkDAriPAA” O’Neill (United Kingdom) — 46,292,493
Seat 7: Anton “antesvante” Wigg (Sweden) — 8,177,425
Seat 8: Takapillu7 (Finland) — 6,445,819
Seat 9: artorollin (Austria) — 16,432,366

Things tightened up a bit thereafter, though, with the chase pack eventually narrowing O’Neill’s large advantage with Ben “BensBenz” Yu soon nearing the lead.

That’s when a hand arose that saw artorollin open-push for about 3.35 million from the small blind (not even seven big blinds) and Yu called the shove from the big blind, turning over 9♠8♦ to artorollin’s K♠4♣. The flop came 9♦9♣10♠ to give Yu trips, and a deuce on the turn meant artorollin was drawing dead to finish in sixth.

The final five marched onward. Both Anton “antesvante” Wigg and beastishngry were short, and both survived preflop all-ins with split pots — Wigg against O’Neill, and beastishngry against Yu.

Soon after that came a hand in which O’Neill opened from under the gun to 1.23 million (just over 2x) and only beastishngry called from the big blind. The flop arrived bringing three clubs — 2♣9♣7♣ — and after beastishngry checked O’Neill tested the shorter-stacked player with an all-in shove.

beastishngry thought a while, then finally committed the 6.73 million behind, turning over K♠7♠ for middle pair of sevens. O’Neill had that bettered with A♥9♠ for nines, and after the 2♠ turn and 8♣ river beastishngry was out in fifth — a second fifth-place finish this WCOOP for beastishngry who earned the same achievement in Event #51-L ($1,050 pot-limit Omaha).

Meanwhile Jack “jAkDAriPAA” O’Neill was back in first with four left.

Before long it was Ben “BensBenz” Yu open-raising all in from the button for almost 11.4 million (almost 19 big blinds), then watching O’Neill reraise over the top from the small blind and Wigg fold the BB. Yu had A♥J♠ but had run into O’Neill’s A♠K♠, and after a nine-high board — 8♦6♣2♥5♥9♦ — Yu was done in fourth.

Less than 10 minutes later O’Neill was raising big to 2.45 million from the small blind (more than 3x), then Wigg three-bet to 7.35 million from the big blind. At that O’Neill shoved, and Wigg called all in to commit the 25.9 million he had left behind.

Wigg had 9♦9♣ but O’Neill had woken up with A♣A♠, and five cards later — 6♠5♣4♥K♦A♥ — they were down to two.

That marked a 13th cash this WCOOP for Wigg, and his best finish of the series.


Anton “antesvante” Wigg

After one quick hand the final two players called a halt to the proceedings for some deal talk, at which point Jack “jAkDAriPAA” O’Neill was the big leader with more than 75.5 million to Takapillu7’s not quite 13.5 million.

Numbers were produced (leaving $7,120 aside for the winner), and while O’Neill quickly said “sure, i agree,” Takapillu7 decided “nah… let’s play.”

Takapillu7: glgl
jAkDAriPAA: kk. wp so far. glgl
Takapillu7: u2

There would be but five hands more.

During the first four Takapillu7 scraped up close to 19 million, then with the blinds 350,000/700,000 limped from the button only to see O’Neill raise to 2,444,444. Takapillu7 called, and the flop fell 7♥K♥K♦.

jAkDAriPAA continued for 1.4 million and Takapillu7 called again, then the turn brought the J♥. O’Neill led once more with a bet of 3,460,111, and Takapillu7 stuck around once more.

The 9♥ river completed the board, and this time O’Neill shoved all in. Takapillu7 had just over 11.5 million behind and thought a bit about it before calling and showing Q♥9♣ for a flush. But jAkDAriPAA had a better flush with A♥10♥ and it was all over — jAkDAriPAA had won.

Congratulations to Jack “jAkDAriPAA” O’Neill for outlasting everyone in Event #63-H to add a WCOOP title to his previous SCOOP win.

WCOOP-63-H: $215 NLHE
Entries: 1,780
Prize pool: $356,000
Places paid: 215

1. Jack “jAkDAriPAA” O’Neill (United Kingdom) $53,897.70
2. Takapillu7 (Finland) $38,636.68
3. Anton “antesvante” Wigg (Sweden) $27,697.08
4. Ben “BensBenz” Yu (Mexico) $19,854.93
5. beastishngry (Hungary) $14,233.20
6. artorollin (Austria) $10,203.20
7. AptiVova (Belarus) $7,314.26
8. Sledyyshii (Russia) $5,243.31
9. GamadGADOL (Malta) $3,758.71

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