WCOOP 2017: Mike “WalmartCNXN” Farrow mows down final table in Event #68 ($215 NLHE, 8-Max)

September 23, 2017

It is the start of the final weekend for the 2017 World Championship of Online Poker as players start worrying about making this a profitable series, looking for ways to get into the $10 million Main Event starting Sunday, or claim the Player of the Series title currently led by ImluckNuts.

While the series leader did not drop by the two-day Event #68 $215 NLHE 8-Max tournament, 1,476 other hopefuls did. After two days, this tournament would end with a final table better left for the Turbo Championship of Online Poker as Mike “WalmartCNXN” Farrow claimed his first -COOP title in convincing manner and $45,031.47.

Read below for details on Farrow’s blitz through the final table.

Day two would start with 79 players making its way down to the final two tables after three hours. Plenty of -COOP champs gunning for multiple titles as the final 16 were seated.

WCOOP Event68-2017DAYONE.jpg

This year Brazil’s RickLogrado took away $289K in the Spring Championship of Online Poker’s Event #15-M (also an 8-Max tournament) and ram_siva1 has claimed several -COOP final tables. TLO-Mek almost notched a Sunday Million win in 2015 after chopping three-ways for $127K. However, none of the three were unable to stay alive to contend for their first WCOOP victory as five players would exit before the half-hour mark.

While most players struggled with the blinds Daniel “deoxyribo” Strelitz had fun eating them up holding nearly triple the amount of chips to the 11 runners remaining outside of WalmartCNXN. Strelitz has a runner-up finish here in 2015 (Event #46) and recently won the World Poker Tour’s L.A. Poker Classic for a shade over a million dollars. He would personally escort Joao Manuel “joaommr” Ribeiro from the table in 11th place ($2,754.95) on the first hand back from the fourth hourly break to bring up hand-for-hand play.

No dramatic, drawn-out, short-stack doubling-up final table bubble here as the next hand rdcrsn would try to break through Strelitz’s wall of chips. Russell “rdcrsn” Carson recently won the Sunday Cooldown, but could not slide his suited connect 9♥8♥ past Strelitz’s tens 10♠10♣ after a fun turn sweat Q♠ 9♣ J♥ 2♥ 7♣ to start up the final table below:

WCOOP Event68FinalTable-2017.jpg

Seat 1: IAmSoSo (3063926 in chips)
Seat 2: Aziz.Mancha (4167957 in chips)
Seat 3: pseftis (4666980 in chips)
Seat 4: dartazzzz (5430561 in chips)
Seat 5: David “DonkCommited” Miscikowski (3992680 in chips)
Seat 6: chickensssss (4721592 in chips)
Seat 7: Daniel “deoxyribo” Strelitz (24130915 in chips)
Seat 8: Mike “WalmartCNXN” Farrow (17664126 in chips)
Seat 9: allinrusty (5961263 in chips)

deoxyribo: “8 minutes ago there was 11 left”

The break-neck downhill speed of the end-game of Event #68 is surprising considering the slow structure of a WCOOP tournament. But, the table’s legs were buckling under the weight of both Strelitz’s and Farrow’s chip-stacks. After four quick eliminations in the first ten minutes of the final table they would hold 66% of the chips in play.

First, Aziz.Mancha would three-bet shove from middle position as David “DonkCommited” Miscikowski, well, committed to pocket queens Q♣Q♠ calling all-in. Aziz.Mancha turned up K♠A♠ for the slight flip and notched an ace on the turn 4♥ 10♥ 6♣ A♣ 5♥ to send Miscikowski away in ninth-place ($3,464.93).

Next, the rather aggressive chickensssss decided to shove after dartazzzz completed the small blind. The two-time -COOP winner’s (WCOOP 2015 – Event #22 and TCOOP 2016 – Event #38) hostility got a wake-up call from dartazzzz’s kings K♦K♠. A♠7♥ would not river an ace 9♣ J♠ 3♠ Q♠ 3♣ ending chickensssss’ tournament in eighth-place ($4,357.89).

On the sixth hand of the final table Sweden’s IAmSoSo, also a two-time -COOP champion (WCOOP 2015 – Event #57) and SCOOP 2017 – Event #49-M) would over a raise from WalmartCNXN. No need to consider stack sizes when you are holding aces A♣A♦ as WalmartCNXN called, easily defeating IAmSoSo’s sevens 7♣ 7♥ with a turned set 5♦ J♠ 4♥ A♥ 10♣. Three gone in six hands as IAmSoSo picked up $6,083.68 in seventh-place.

Ten minutes in and WalmartCNXN started acting like its world biggest retailer’s namesake. Simply bludgeoning the competition by sheer size. Aziz.Mancha holding one-third of WalmarkCNXN’s stack would shove jacks J♥J♣ racing off against WalmartCNXN’s big slick A♣K♦. Not a rivered ace, but a king 5♦ 8♣ 10♣ 5♥ K♠ would send Aziz.Mancha to the showers in sixth-place ($8,492.93).

After this even Strelitz’s chips started sliding to Farrow who was kind enough to drop by the site and guest blog his PokerStars VIP Club experience a few years ago. While not as enjoyable as a U2 concert in Germany, Farrow was collecting everyone’s funds while trying to close this final table out in the first hour.

Mid-way through the level Farrow would call a min-raise from allinrusty as the two would trade bets on the jack turn 8♥ 3♣ 3♠ J♣ to reveal allinrusty’s top pair Q♦J♥. Unfortunately, for allinrusty there was nothing weak about Farrow’s pocket kings K♥K♠. A 7♠ river ended allinrusty’s tournament in fifth-place ($11,856.23).

15 minutes later Strelitz would attempt to gather some of his lost chips from Farrow after four-betting all-in pre-flop with pocket nines 9♣9♥. Farrow being one-step swifter was waiting to call with jacks J♥J♦. The 7♣ 10♥ A♣ K♣ 3♥ board changed nothing as Daniel “deoxyribo” Strelitz exited the table in fourth-place ($16,551.50).


Daniel “deoxyribo” Strelitz – fourth place $16,551.50

Keeping with the task of finishing this final table within an hour, Farrow took a step back as pseftis woke up in a big way winning the next nine hands in a row after Strelitz’s elimination. In the midst of this carnage, a depleted dartazzzz tried to sneak back into contention holding five big blinds. Holding A♠5♦ the short-stack shoved over a raise by pseftis. Easily covering, pseftis made the call with A♦8♦ and actually needed the river to avoid a chopped pot 7♦ J♠ 7♠ J♦ 8♣ handing dartazzzz $23,106.16 in third-place.

pseftis (22823268 in chips)
WalmartCNXN (50976732 in chips)

Farrow would have his hands full with a resurgent pseftis as the two took a quick pause to negotiate a deal. As Simon Cowell says on both “America’s and Britain’s Got Talent”… it’s a no. Farrow did not manage to close out the WCOOP title within the first hour but would bring a sizable lead into the fifth hour of play.

After a few hands and typing for almost a solid hour due to the fast action, I thought the two remaining players would throw a few jabs while getting the legs stretched and a much-needed drink.

Instead came back to the “This table has been closed” message. Cheers?

So, what happened? Farrow would roll-up a 64.5 million to 9.28 million chip-lead with blinds at 200K/400K ante 50K as the two went at each other pre-flop until all of pseftis’ chips sat in the middle. Pocket tens 10♦10♣ for pseftis were no match for Farrow’s jacks J♥J♦ as the last jack 5♣ A♣ 5♥ A♠ J♣ was an exclamation point for Mike “WalmartCNXN” Farrow WCOOP 2017 Event #68 win, earning $45,031.47!

WCOOP-68-H: $215 NLHE [8-Max]
Entries: 1,476
Prize pool: $295,200
Place paid: 191
1. Mike “WalmartCNXN” Farrow (Canada) $45,031.47
2. pseftis (Canada) $32,256.56
3. dartazzzz (Lithuania) $23,106.16
4. Daniel “deoxyribo” Strelitz (Canada) $16,551.50
5. allinrusty (Canada) $11,856.23
6. Aziz.Mancha (Brazil) $8,492.93
7. IAmSoSo (Sweden) $6,083.68
8. chickensssss (Canada) $4,357.89
9. David “DonkCommited” Miscikowski (Costa Rica) $3,464.93

The 2017 WCOOP series is in the last weekend, time to start now for a run at the 2018 series. Click here to open a PokerStars account.


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