WCOOP 2017: reyals_rs refuses deal, then reigns in #73-H, wins $39K ($215 NLHE)

September 24, 2017

Final-table deals are interesting sometimes, less so others. Occasionally the way a deal discussion goes — and the outcome of that discussion — helps shape the story of a tournament. Something like that happened at the end of Event #73-H today ($215 NLHE), the final table of which kicked off an exciting Sunday on PokerStars.

With three left the Brazilian player reyals_rs was the short stack when deal talk arose. The big stacks liked “chip chop” numbers (as usual), but reyals_rs asked for “ICM” figures to be produced, too. They were, and after thinking it over reyals_rs decided against any deal at all.

The discussion was brief and entirely amiable. And about an hour later reyals_rs had all the chips and the Event #73-H title, earning a nice $39,319.99 first prize for the achievement.


There were 1,259 total entries for this two-day event (970 uniques, 289 re-entries). That meant a prize pool of $251,800 (a touch better than the $250K guarantee), with the top 161 finishers splitting the money.

They played down to just 35 players on Day 1, then within a couple of hours on Day 2 they were down to 18, at which point MyMilkCans=D and giorgia111nn were battling for the chip lead.

uberslug next went out in 18th ($1,471.72), followed by Stoyan “StoyanB” Boyadzhiev (17th), Erdi1905 (16th), josip1313 (15th), and glissario (14th), each of whom earned $1,872.96.

yeye0808 (13th), Luke “Bananazoo” Chiciak (12th), and ShipitFTW911 (11th) next went out. Then a little later clinc3 managed to double through gaszler17 with pocket jacks versus pocket queens when a jack came among the community cards. gaszler17 doubled up once, but was ousted on the next hand (losing to clinc3 again) to take 10th and like the previous three eliminated players earn $2,383.61.

With Naryshkin having chipped way up over 19 million — more than twice the nearest challengers — the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Naryshkin (Russia) — 19,238,704
Seat 2: vic1316 (United Kingdom) — 1,528,384
Seat 3: clinc3 (Russia) — 9,752,880
Seat 4: giorgia111nn (Russia) — 5,310,161
Seat 5: Dan “danjonesdj” Jones (United Kingdom) — 5,369,337
Seat 6: reyals_rs (Brazil) — 9,097,451
Seat 7: flashdisastr (Luxembourg) — 1,275,063
Seat 8: MyMilkCans=D (Estonia) — 8,454,228
Seat 9: cliff47 (Sweden) — 2,923,792

Almost 10 minutes into the final table, vic1316 open-jammed a stack of almost 660,000 (less than three big blinds) from early position with A♦2♦, got called by cliff47 in the big blind with K♣5♠, and when the board brought a king vic1316 was done in ninth.

Another 10 minutes went by, then after a giorgia111nn middle-position open Dan “danjonesdj” Jones — a friend of PokerStars Blog — reraise-shoved for 2.42 million (almost 10 BBs) and giorgia111nn called.

We met Jones last year playing events on the European Poker Tour, tagging along with him during one of his tournament runs for a fun audio tour — check out “The New Guy: A recreational poker player’s high stakes journey.”

Jones’s 10♠10♦ looked good when pushing that short stack, but giorgia111nn’s A♥A♠ made those tens look a lot less promising, and five cards later no help came for Jones who finished eighth.


Dan “danjonesdj” Jones

Five hands after that giorgia111nn was active again, min-raising to 500,000 from the button. flashdisastr called, then checked after the 2♥3♦K♦ flop. giorgia111nn bet 500,000 again, and when flashdisastr check-raised all in to almost 1.17 million, giorgia111nn called right away.

flashdisastr — who has won both a WCOOP and a SCOOP before (read a profile of the player from Luxembourg here) — had A♣2♦ for a pair of deuces while giorgia111nn showed 9♣9♦, and after the 7♦ turn and 5♠ river flashdisastr exited in seventh.

Naryshkin was still crusing along with a big chip lead a few minutes later when giorgia111nn raised again from the button, MyMilkCans=D shoved from the big blind for over 7.1 million (28-plus BBs), and giorgia111nn snap-called. MyMilkCans=D had A♥J♥, but giorgia111nn was lying in wait with A♦A♣. The flop came 5♥2♣A♠, and so the 7♦ turn meant MyMilkCans=D was drawing dead to finish sixth.

That made three straight knockouts for giorgia111nn, and a fourth would come shortly after when giorgia111nn took out cliff47 in fifth.

In that hand giorgia111nn raised 2x to 600,000 from the button, cliff47 shoved for just over 3 million from the big blind, and giorgia111nn called. cliff47 had 9♦9♠ while giorgia111nn showed A♥7♦. Alas for cliff47, the board came J♦10♠10♦Q♠Q♦, the two higher pair on board counterfeiting his nines.

Just four were left, with giorgia111nn having moved into first position with almost 25.3 million, a bit ahead of Naryshkin’s 22.7 million.

Then on the very next hand Naryshkin open-jammed from the small blind and clinc3 — winner of a $530 NLHE event in last year’s WCOOP — called all in with the just under 2 million left after having posted the 300,000 big blind.

Naryshkin had 7♣7♠ and clinc3 10♦9♠, and a runout of 5♦8♦2♦K♣5♠ meant clinc3’s run was over with a fourth-place finish while Naryshkin and giorgia111nn were virtually tied for the lead.

They reached the next break, having played four full hours on Day 2, at which point the remaining three decided to look at deal numbers. The chips at the time:

giorgia111nn — 25,782,497
Naryshkin — 24,779,513
reyals_rs — 12,387,990

As noted above, “chip chop”-based numbers were produced (leaving $5,036 aside for the winner), and while the two leaders liked those reyals_rs wanted to see “ICM”-based figures, too.

Once those were produced, reyals_rs typed “let’s play,” and so with no deal the game continued.

About a half-hour’s worth of three-handed play saw reyals_rs chip up and Naryshkin slip back a little. Then a hand arose that saw Naryshkin min-raise to 700,000 from the button, reyals_rs three-bet to 2,345,679 from the big blind, and Naryshkin call.

The flop came 7♦K♦A♠, and reyals_rs led for 1,400,570. Naryshkin raised to 3.5 million even, and reyals_rs called. Both then checked the J♥ turn.

The river was the Q♦ and after reyals_rs checked, Naryshkin went all in for 10,892,286 and reyals_rs called. Naryshkin had Q♥J♣ for queens and jacks, but reyals_rs had a set of aces with A♥A♦ and Naryshkin was done in third.

That pot put reyals_rs in the lead to begin heads-up play with 36,127,553 versus giorgia111nn’s 26,822,447.

After seven small-pot hands, reyals_rs won a big pot of more than 46 million after calling a big river bet with a rivered top pair of queens, and suddenly had a better than 12-to-1 chip lead.

giorgia111nn managed to double up once and get back over 8 million (20 BBs), but soon reyals_rs was raising, giorgia111nn was shoving, and the chips were at risk again.

giorgia111nn: K♣10♥
reyals_rs: A♠Q♥

giorgia111nn needed help, but the nine-high board — 4♥8♦9♣7♣8♣ — didn’t provide it. After almost five hours of Day 2 poker, all the chips were in reyals_rs’s stack and the tournament was decided.

Congratulations to reyals_rs who after turning down the three-handed deal as the short stack came back to win the Event #73-H title and biggest chunk of the prize pool.

WCOOP-73-H: $215 NLHE
Entries: 1,259 (970 entries, 289 re-entries)
Prize pool: $251,800
Places paid: 161

1. reyals_rs (Brazil) $39,319.99
2. giorgia111nn (Russia) $28,544.65
3. Naryshkin (Russia) $20,722.51
4. clinc3 (Russia) $15,043.89
5. cliff47 (Sweden) $10,921.37
6. MyMilkCans=D (Estonia) $7,928.55
7. flashdisastr (Luxembourg) $5,755.87
8. Dan “danjonesdj” Jones (United Kingdom) $4,178.57
9. vic1316 (United Kingdom) $3,033.51

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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