What happened in the EPT Online Mini?

November 20, 2020inPoker

The EPT Online was undoubtedly one of the most exciting events on the 2020 online poker calendar. The series awarded over $21 million in prizes, culminating in WhatIfGod’s $1 million first place finish in the Main Event.

Alongside the EPT Online ran the EPT Online Mini, offering the same tourneys at a fraction of the buy-in. The Mini series was always going to sit (comfortably) in the shadow of its counterpart, but it still had a lot to offer in terms of poker action, and the prizes were no joke.

The EPT Online Mini guaranteed $3.3 million. The actual total ran to over $5.5 million, with a handful of tourneys offering first place scores in the region of $80 -$90k. Here’s what went down.

EPT Online Mini series highlights

The EPT Online Mini series had 20 events, including at least four highlight tourneys. We got to see an interesting mix at the final tables, with eventual winners a combination of aspiring players and heavy hitting MTT regs.

The $109 Mini High Roller had 6,856 entries, which made for a total prize pool of $685,600, well above the $500k guarantee. “Skrimsli” from Iceland came out on top for $97,397, earning the biggest score of the entire EPT Online Mini. Skrimsli previously won $46k in a $215 Bounty Builder, and also has a few $10k wins under their belt, but this win surpasses them all.

The $215 Mini Super High Roller had a similar prize pool and similar story. “rrts90” from Mexico won the event. Up until now, they’ve played plenty of tourneys at this buy-in, but their previous biggest score was a Bounty Builder win worth $7k. Their efforts over the last couple of years have now paid off, with rrts90 taking $91,350 for first.

In the second $109 Mini High Roller of the series, this one a 6-Max Turbo, the prize pool swelled to $578,500, nearly twice the tourney’s guarantee. “SmallKindB” from Czech Republic took full advantage, picking up first place for $82,231. This is one player who is definitely not new to the game. SmallKindB has over $3.7 million in online winnings, including WCOOP final tables and third place in the Sunday Million. Still, this is their biggest win to date.

The final highlight was the $55 Mini Main Event. The prize pool for this one reached $920,600, but the winner had to get through 18,410 entrants. “edyvpakistan” from Russia, who also had a second place finish in SCOOP this year, did the job, locking up first place for $79,139.

Full EPT Online Mini results

Event Prizepool Winner Country Prize
01: $11 NLHE $237,209 dwyanewade11 Germany $20,788
02: $109 PLO 6-Max, Mini High Roller $137,000 ImUrPapa23 Finland $21,217
03: $55 Mini High Roller $254,750 aless_84 Uruguay $36,249
04: $5.50 NLHE $109,485 Mr. ium Denmark $7,432
05: $11 Mini Win the Button $103,380 Baca4b Poland $13,767
06: $109, Mini High Roller $685,600 Skrimsli Iceland $97,397
07: $22 Turbo $323,760 “–KarlsenA–“ Skien $22,155
08: $22 NLHE $277,200 KaadoriKing Brazil $34,386
09: $55 8-Game Mini High Roller $58,500 swimmer25 Belarus $9,245
10: $215 Mini Super High Roller $634,400 rrts90 Mexico $91,350
11: $11 Mini Deep Stacks $220,127 araponga74 Brazil $22,597
12: $11 6-Max $276,007 Leo Franco97 Brazil $16,953
13: $109 6+ Hold’em 6-Max, Mini High Roller $66,600 Fold Machiii UK $11,423
14: $2.20 Mini Cup $62,316 Kubsoneiro Poland $5,389
15: $109 6-Max Turbo, Mini High Roller $578,500 SmallKindB Czech Republic $82,231
16: $55 Mini Main Event $920,600 edyvpakistan Russia $79,139
17: $22 PLO 6-Max $89,000 Lowdamn Poland $12,688
18: $11 Turbo $201,919 Grey0102 Russia $13,640
19: $11 Mini Last Chance $187,768 LEONIDIO Greece $19,527
20: $5.50 NLHE $110,583 king153246 Russia $6,814


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