European Poker Tour - FAQ

Q.What is the European Poker Tour?


The PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) is a series of major poker tournaments conducted and televised throughout Europe. EPT events take place in some of the most beautiful casinos in some of Europe's most historic cities.

Q.What poker game will be played in the EPT events?


All EPT main events are No Limit Texas Hold'em.

Q.What is the buy-in for EPT events?


The buy-in for most EPT events is €5,000 (or its equivalent in local currency). The EPT Grand Final has a buy-in of €10,000. All EPT main events are freezeouts. For more details please check

Q.Is there an agreement I need to sign to appear in an EPT event?


Yes. A condition of entry into any tournament on the EPT will be the completion and signing of a waiver form. To receive a copy of the waiver form prior to the event, please e-mail

Q.Can I play even if I don't sign the agreement?


No; the waiver is a requirement for participation in any EPT event.

Q.How old do I have to be to participate?


The minimum age to play in an EPT event is established by the host casino. In most casinos, the minimum age is 18.

Q.How much does it cost to enter?


We encourage you to win your entry by playing in one of the PokerStars satellites. There will be cash satellites as well as satellites where you may use your FPPs to buy-in. Click on your PokerStars tournament lobby, then click on "Events" and "EPT" for satellites to the events. If you fail to qualify and would still like to play in an EPT event, you may buy directly into a tournament through the host casino. See each specific event page for details.

Q.Can I buy into an EPT tournament using T-Money?


Yes, provided you have a or account. Players may buy in to EPT events using T-Money providing they have PlatinumStar or Supernova VIP status. Requests for T-Money direct buy-ins must be submitted to and requests need to be received before the final online qualifying tournament on PokerStars (typically two Saturdays before the event) and whilst PokerStars still has seats to sell. To avoid disappointment, please notify PokerStars as soon as possible if you want to buy-in directly. Players may buy seat-only packages at the going exchange rate on the day of registration, or they may also buy EPT accommodation packages - depending on availability. 

All T-Money buy-ins to EPT events will be PokerStars sponsored players for that EPT event, and they are required to wear PokerStars logo gear for the duration of the tournament. All players who buy-in with T-Money will be supplied with a PokerStars player bag.

Q.Can I buy into a satellite on PokerStars using T-Money?



Q.Can I sell my seat if I win?


No. You must play the first seat you win. If you are fortunate enough to win additional seats, your PokerStars account will be credited with T-Money for the package price, and the spending allowance will be credited in cash.

Q.I won! What do I do now?


You will receive an email from PokerStars describing the basics of the package and telling you what to do next. You will also receive a "follow up" email just prior to the event.

Q.My package included spending money. What's that for?


The spending money (which has been credited to your PokerStars account) is for airfare and other travel expenses.

Q.Will I have access to my PokerStars account to get cash while I'm attending an EPT event?


No. Please bring all the cash you need for incidentals and side play.

Q.Is my food included in the price of the trip?


Breakfast is included as part of the hotel package but you will be responsible for further food costs.

Q.Who is running the EPT events?


See About the EPT for details.

Q.Do I need a passport to attend an EPT event?


Yes. All players traveling abroad will need a passport - and you will need to present your passport at the casino for entry/registration.

Q.Do I need a Visa to attend an EPT event?


European Citizens do not need a visa to attend EPT events. For other countries, please ask your travel agent.

Q.How will I get paid if I win the tournament?


This will depend on the host casino's own procedures and could be cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Q.I have won a PokerStars EPT prize package - can I bring a guest?


Yes, if your package includes Hotel. Your hotel room will be booked in your name by PokerStars for the specified dates.  If you have qualified through a Seat Qualifier you have been given extra money so you can book your own Hotel. Please check our website for details on how to book Hotels. Players who have bought seats direct will need to make their own accommodation arrangements as will players who have won seat-only packages.

Q.I have won a PokerStars EPT prize package - do I have a hotel reservation?


Yes, if your package includes Hotel. Your hotel room will be booked in your name by PokerStars for the specified dates. If you have qualified through a Seat-only Qualifier you need to make your own hotel reservations. Please check our website for details on how to book hotels. Players who have bought seats direct will need to make their own accommodation arrangements if it is a seat-only package.

Q.What clothes should I bring?


Some of the EPT host casinos have a "smart casual" dress code (eg no sneakers, no vests, no shorts, no ripped jeans). Please see specific event pages for full details.

Q.What is the currency in Europe?


The Euro (€) is the main currency for all EPT destinations - apart from London, UK (£ sterling).

For up-to-the-minute exchange rates, please click here.

Q.What payment methods can I use for buy-ins?


Please see each event page for full details.

Q.Will I need special identification to enter casinos in Europe?


Yes. You will need to present your passport.

Q.What logos am I allowed to wear?


If you have qualified for the Event on the Site via a cash Satellite and reach the final table of the Event, you are required by PokerStars to wear PokerStars logo clothing at the final table. You hereby agree to do so.

All players who qualify through non-cash Satellites on the Site (including Frequent Player Point satellite tournaments, Tournament Leader Board) or that have bought in with T-Money or FPPs or via the PokerStars client:

  • into a Main Event - are required to wear PokerStars branded clothing exclusively throughout the Main Event; or
  • into a Side Event - will be required to wear the PokerStars logo or branded clothing exclusively throughout the Side Event if Global Poker Tours informs such player that it wishes the player to do so and provides the player with the logo or branded clothing as the case may be.

Q.Will I appear on television?


Most EPT events are televised, including a featured 'show' table, for broadcast satellite and terrestrial TV channels throughout the world. Click here for full details. All EPT contestants are obliged to sign a TV waiver form before play commences. Any player who does not sign the TV waiver will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.

Q.What is the PSLive card?


PSLive is the EPT's brand new registration system. Everyone who plays an EPT tournament, whether it's the Main Event or a side event, must sign-up for a PSLive card. Sign-up is simple and takes just a few minutes. All that's required is a copy of your photo ID, a quick webcam photo, and details including your full name, date of birth and email address.

You only need to sign-up once and it will make all subsequent tournament registrations much quicker! The benefits of your PSLive card include:

  • No ID required when  for EPT events
  • All your buy-ins recorded with details available upon request
  • All your results stored in real time
  • Table and seat number allocated immediately

Q.Do I need to bring my card to all future EPTs?


Yes, you do.

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