Create or join a Home Games Club (desktop software)

To create your own online Poker Club, select More from the main lobby screen and

  1. Home Games
  2. Create a Poker Club

Then, choose a name for your Club along with an Invitation Code for your members. Read and agree with the Home Games Terms & Conditions, then select Create Club.

Remember not to use your password or any private information in your Invitation Code as it is shared with everyone you invite.

After creating your Club, you will receive a Club ID and a private customizable Home Games Poker Club lobby will be displayed. You can then begin inviting friends by sending them your Home Games Club ID and Invitation Code.

Go to Manage Games in your Club lobby to start creating cash games and tournaments for you and your friends. You will be limited depending on the software version you're using:

  • Full-featured version:
    • Maximum number of Clubs you can create: 2
    • Maximum number of Clubs you can join: 10

  • .NET version:
    • Maximum number of Clubs you can create: 1
    • Maximum number of Clubs you can join: 3

Note that this feature is not available on the mobile app at the moment.

Joining a friend’s private Poker Club is just as easy:

  1. Click on More → Home Games in the main lobby.
  2. Select Join a Poker Club.
  3. Enter the Club ID and Invitation Code along with your name or comment (your name or comments will only be seen by the Club Manager to approve your application. Remember to include your name so the Club Manager can recognize you).
  4. Agree to the Home Games Terms & Conditions.
  5. Select Join Club.

After submitting your application, the Club Manager will be notified, and once accepted the Club name will appear in your list of Clubs in the Home Games lobby.

To watch an instructional video (in English only), just hit the play button!


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