Create private cash games and tournaments

Home Games enable you to create and manage your own private poker games. With Home Games, you can create a wide variety of tournaments and cash games at different stakes, in both play money and real money formats.

To create a new cash game, from the Club lobby screen, select:

  1. Manage Games
  2. Manage Tables
  3. Create a Table...

You can customize your Club Table and change the game, limit, players per table and currency.

To set up a private tournament, select:

  1. Manage Games
  2. Manage Tournaments
  3. Create a Tournament...

As soon as the Create a Poker Club Tournament window pops-up, you will be given a wide number of customizable options, allowing you to tailor the event to your liking. You can name your tournaments and create other notes which will appear in the tournament lobby upon creation.


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