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Create a Home Games tournament

To create a tournament, please select

  1. Manage Games
  2. Manage Tournaments
  3. Create a Tournament

Once the 'Create a Poker Club Tournament' pops-up, you will be given a wide number of customizable options, giving you the possibility to tailor the event to your liking:

  • Name box: here you can name your tournament.
  • Note box: here create any appropriate notes which will appear in the tournament lobby upon creation.
  • Start Date and Start Time boxes: Choose the tournament start date and time.
  • Game box: here you can choose the tournament type.
  • Players per Table box: here you can choose between 2, 6, 9. Please note this selection doesn’t limit the player’s registration numbers. This option indicates how players will be distributed to each table:
    • 2 players = Head-Ups
    • 6 players = 6max
    • 9 players = Full Ring
  • Currency: here you can choose real money currencies (USD, Euros, etc.) or Play Money.
  • Buy-in: here you can choose the tournament buy-in.
  • Format: Regular, Shootout and Knockout.
  • Game Speed: Normal or Fast.
  • Breaks: you can choose to have breaks or not.
  • Payout: you can choose between Top 10%, Top 15%, Top 20% or Winner takes all.
  • Blind Interval: 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes.
  • Starting Chips: you can choose from 1500 to 5000


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