Regulatory deposit limits (Germany)

The German gambling supervisory authority has set up a maximum monthly deposit restriction. This means that you will not be able to deposit more than 1,000 EUR per month.

The limit will apply to all our players based in Germany and it cannot be removed or increased. It also applies to all deposit methods combined and for all our products - PokerStars, PokerStars Vegas, and Sky Bet.

Is this limit the same as my self-imposed limit?

No, there is a difference between the regulatory limit and the self-imposed limit. Some countries have regulations that include deposit limit requirements. This means you'll only be able to deposit less than the limits established by regulations and the personal limit you set.

How does the limit work?

Let's say you have a monthly deposit limit of €30.00 on 20th January. You had made a previous deposit on the 19th of €10.00 at 21:00. This means you will only be able to deposit €20.00 until 19th February at 21:00. But once the 30 days from the deposit made on the 19th January have elapsed, you will be able to deposit the remaining €10.00, from 19th February at 21:01.

To see the details and transactions made during the last 30 days, go to the Cashier and click on 'History'.


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