Time bank in cash games

When a player has a difficult decision to make in a cash game, they can request additional time to think about their move. As the normal time to act gets close to expiry, a TIME button will appear. Clicking on this button provides additional thinking time.

As a player first sits down at a cash game, they are allocated a time bank of 15 seconds pre-flop and 15 seconds post-flop. Then, for every 10 hands they play at the same table, they receive another 5 seconds in the time bank. The pre-flop and post-flop time banks are independent of each other.

For example, a player uses 7 seconds of their time bank during the first 8 hands of a cash game session, leaving 8 seconds remaining in their pre-flop time bank balance. After the 10th hand, another 5 seconds is added, making their time bank balance 13 seconds.

The time bank will activate automatically, but only when the player has money in the pot and is connected to the server. If the player does not have money invested in the pot, they have to manually click the TIME button to activate their time bank.

The reason the time bank does not activate when a disconnection occurs is because it would be a waste of the time bank if it were to deplete when a player held 72 offsuit in the small blind, for example, and was disconnected.

Instead of a time bank, when a player disconnects, extra time is added. This allows the player to recover from the disconnection. The exact time allotted depends on the situation; more time is given when facing a big decision involving a large pot.


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