Promotional Details: Sunday Storm Mission Week

  • The Sunday Storm Mission Week starts on April 3, from which time you can opt-in for one Mission. Sunday Storm Mission Week will run until 23:59 ET on April 11, at which time your Mission bonus will expire. 
  • You can choose which of the three Missions to opt-in to for the week. Once you have chosen one Mission you are ineligible for any other Missions. You cannot change your Mission once opted in. 
  • You opt-in for your Mission by entering a relevant Star Code. No deposit is required. Note: The Star Code will be processed as soon as possible; please be patient. As soon as the Star Code is processed your Mission bonus will become active, and you will be notified via a pop-up confirmation in the client, and with an email confirmation (if subscribing to PokerStars emails). No VPPs earned prior to that will count towards your Mission bonus.
  • As soon as your Mission bonus is active you can track the progress in the ‘Cashier’ under ‘My Bonus Status’ in the PokerStars lobby. You can opt-in and complete your Mission when playing on mobile or tablet, but you cannot track the progress of your Mission there.
  • To complete Mission ‘Storm 1’ you need to earn a minimum of 10 VPPs in any games from the time you have opted in for your Mission until the time the Sunday Storm Mission Week finishes. To complete Mission ‘Storm 2’ you need to earn a minimum of 30 VPPs in any games from the time you have opted in for your Mission until the time the Sunday Storm Mission Week finishes. To complete Mission ‘Storm 3’ you need to earn a minimum of 80 VPPs in any games from the time you have opted in for your Mission until the time the Sunday Storm Mission week finishes.
  • You earn VPPs by playing in any real money games at PokerStars. Find more details here.
  • As soon as you reach the VPP target set for your Mission you will instantly be credited with a ticket to the relevant Mission All-in Shootout tournament.
  • Mission All-in Shootout tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Unused tickets will be forfeited. 
  • There will be no late registration available for Mission All-in Shootout tournaments.
  • All-in Shootout tickets awarded can only be used to play the Mission All-in Shootout on Sunday, April 13 at 12:05 ET.
  • You need to manually register for the relevant All-in Shootout tournament using your ticket won. You do not need to be present during the All-in Shootout, as all players will automatically be moved all-in from the first hand onwards. All ticket prizes will be paid out automatically to the winning players account as soon as the All-in Shootout is completed, except for the Storm ticket prize for the first place winner in each of the All-in Shootouts. The first place winners will receive their cash prize as soon as the All-in Shootout is completed and the Storm ticket prize within one hour of completion of the tournament.
  • All Sunday Storm tickets won in the All-in Shootouts can only be used to enter the Sunday Storm 3rd Anniversary tournament played on April 13 at 13:30 ET, and cannot be exchanged for cash or for entry into another tournament. Do not forget to manually register in time as any unused tickets will be forfeited!
  • Mission bonuses require you to earn a specified number of VPPs by 23:59 ET on April 11. If you already have an existing pending bonus on your account when you opt-in for a mission bonus, any VPPs you earn will be credited towards one bonus at the time. You cannot earn VPPs towards two bonuses at the same time. When a player has multiple pending bonuses, the system credits VPPs (VIP Player Points) earned towards them in the following order:

    1) Credit towards the bonus with the most VPPs earned towards completion 
    2) Credit towards the bonus that is closest to expiring 
    3) Credit towards the oldest uncleared bonus 

    Unfortunately, we cannot switch the order of bonus earnings. Once you have opted in using your Star Code AND earned the VPPs required for the chosen Mission bonus, contact Support for assistance with your ticket credit for the All-in Shootout.

Contact if you have any questions about Sunday Storm Mission Week.

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