Win 100,000,000 Play Money chips when you smash our Piñata Party

Party hard from May 3-5 and win big with our all new Cinco de Mayo puzzle – Piñata Party. Smash the Piñata by collecting puzzle pieces and you’ll get an instant reward, plus get 100% extra on Play Money chip purchases in the Cinco de Mayo Sale!

How to collect Piñata Party puzzle pieces

Opt-in then play Hold’em Play Money cash games, including Zoom (heads-up games excluded). Play 50 hands to collect a piece of the puzzle. Collect all 20 pieces of the puzzle to smash your piñata, and you’ll get 100,000,000 Play Money chips instantly!

You’ll need to complete 1,000 hands in three days to get your reward. And remember – you must collect all twenty pieces of the puzzle to claim a prize. There is nothing here for almost making it!

The Piñata Party Puzzle is by invite only – if you see it in your Challenges Window you are eligible. You can also visit your Challenges Window to check on your progress.

100% Cinco de Mayo Sale

Need some more chips to complete your puzzle? Get 100% extra on all Play Money purchases from May 3-5 in the Cinco de Mayo Sale!

Click here to purchase Play Money chips.

Special Offer Details & Rules

  • This promotion runs from 10:00 ET on May 3 to 23:59 ET on May 5.
  • Any hands played prior to opting-in will not count towards the puzzle progress.
  • Only when you have completed the full puzzle will you receive your free Play Money chip reward. There is no reward for collecting an individual puzzle piece.
  • Chip rewards will be credited instantly to your Stars Account.
  • Puzzle pieces can only be collected by playing Play Money Hold’em cash games, including Zoom cash games.

Click here for general PokerStars promotional Terms & Conditions.

Contact Support if you have any questions about the Piñata Party promotion.

Interneta kase

Chip Stack

Izmantojiet interneta kasi, lai papildinātu savu PokerStars kontu no savas Android vai iOS ierīces. Pokera spēlēšana mobilajā aplikācijā būs vēl vienkāršāka!

Pirmās iemaksas bonuss

First Deposit Bonus

Visi spēlētāji, kas veic savu pirmo iemaksu, var saņemt PokerStars 100% iemaksas bonusu līdz $600.

Sunday Million

Sunday Million

Sunday Million ir vislielākais iknedēļas pokera turnīrs tiešsaistē, turklāt tā garantētais balvu fonds ir $1 000 000!