PKR Funds Retrieval: Frequently Asked Questions


Will PKR re-open? Who is the Administrator and how can I contact them?

My PKR Account

I deposited just before PKR shut down, but this deposit does not show in my balance. What can I do? I withdrew just before PKR shut down, but this withdrawal was never received. What can I do? I had a PKR affiliate account and my balance was held within my PKR poker account. Where are those funds? I want to dispute my PKR balance as I believe the amount to be incorrect. How can I do this? Where are my tournament tickets, loyalty points, play chips, uncleared bonus or refer-a-friend credit?

My PokerStars Account

I don't remember my PokerStars details, but I'm pretty sure I have an old account. What do I do? I don't remember my PokerStars details, can I create a new account? Can I create a new account to receive these funds? I never played on PokerStars, can I create a new account? My Stars Account is permanently self-excluded. What can I do to access my PKR funds? My Stars Account is temporarily self-excluded. What can I do to use my PKR funds to play on PokerStars? My PKR account was self-excluded. Will my self-exclusion automatically carry across to my Stars Account? I have multiple PokerStars accounts. Which one should I use? My Stars Account has been barred or closed by PokerStars. How can I get my PKR funds?

Receiving Funds

My PKR account currency was different to that of my Stars Account. How is the balance transferred? I reside in a jurisdiction where real-money activity on PokerStars is prohibited. How can I access my PKR funds?

PKR Balance Retrieval Process

How does the process work? I went through the process but no funds were credited? I received an error that the link in my email has already been used.


Can I withdraw my PKR funds from my Stars Account? What payment methods are available for me to withdraw? How do I request a withdrawal? Is there a minimum amount I can withdraw? What can I do if my PKR balance is below the minimum amount that can be withdrawn on PokerStars?


Are there any special promotions for PKR Players?

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Responsible Gaming

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Special Offers

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How to Play Poker

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Playing for Real Money

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