High-rank prizes for high-ranking hands. Win your share of $500K in cash prizes.

Want the chance to score a share of $500K in cash? Take on the Cash Game Giveaway from September 14-October 4.

Get points for every high-ranking hand you’re dealt when you play Ring Games or Zoom. Score whenever your hand adds up to 20 or more. Tally-up points throughout the week and win a prize if you meet your target. Remember there’s two targets each week.

Here's how it works:

  1. Opt-in via your Challenges Window. You’ll need to do this each week throughout the challenge.
  2. Discover your two points targets. We’ll send you this information in a Chest.
  3. Score 20 points or more when you’re dealt high-ranking hands (see the scoring system below). All hands you play in the stake displayed in your Challenge window count towards the weekly targets.
  4. Track your progress as you play in your Challenges Window.
  5. Meet your targets and win a cash prize.

Extra cash just for playing your favourite poker games? With two chances to win a week. Don’t miss it.

Scoring System

It's simple. Once you’ve opted in, score 20 points or more when you're dealt certain hands. For example: if you’re dealt four hands consisting of 77, A9, 42 and AA, you'd get 42 points.

See our scoring system below:

PointsHole Cards
22 AA                    
21 AK AQ AJ A10              
20 A9 KK KQ KJ K10 QQ QJ Q10 JJ J10 1010

Remember: all the hands you play in the stake displayed in your Challenge window count towards the weekly targets.

Terms & Conditions

This challenge runs from September 14 until October 4, 2020. Please check your Challenges Window to see the Challenges that are available to you.

  • Each weekly set of two Challenges will start at 00:00 ET Monday and will expire at 23:59 ET Sunday. However, the first week Challenges will start at 10:00 ET on September 14 and will expire at 23:59 ET on September 20.
  • Players will earn a cash reward when they complete first Challenge, and another cash reward when they complete the second.
  • Any progress made in a given week will not be saved or transferred to the following week.
  • Players must opt-in by hitting the ‘Start’ button in their Challenges Window to have their progress measured. Any hands played prior to opting-in will not count towards the Challenge. Players need to opt-in each week during the challenge.
  • Players can check their score after opting-in at any time in their Challenges Window.
  • This challenge can only be completed by playing Real Money NL Hold'em Ring Games or Zoom hands.
  • The minimum eligible stake will be displayed in the Challenges Window and will be determined based on previous historical gameplay and preferences.
  • Other game variants, hands played at Play Money tables, in heads-up games, or hands played in any other tournament format are not eligible. To earn points in a specific hand, a minimum of three players need to have been dealt into that hand. Limit tables are excluded from the challenge.
  • In the case of any suspicious or fraudulent game play/behaviour, we reserve the right to exclude players from this offer.

Click here for general Terms & Conditions. 

If you have any questions about the Cash Game Giveaway, please contact Support.

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