Red Aces Zoom & BOOM

From December 15-21 we’re giving away a $50 cash prize every day to real money Zoom players who win a hand with two red aces - ace of hearts, ace of diamonds - and share their hand on BOOM! Hand Replayer. Claim a free cash prize every day during the Zoom & BOOM week!

Also, check out your personal Challenge Window to find exciting Zoom & BOOM December Festival Challenges from December 15-21. Start your Challenges now for a chance to win even more prizes just by playing Zoom games as you wait for red aces.

How to win a prize

Prizes can be won by any players enjoying real money Zoom Hold’em on 6-max or 9-max ring game tables, and at any stakes. If you are dealt two red aces, and win with that hand post-flop (after the first three community cards have been dealt), you can win a prize. But you must use BOOM! Hand Replayer to share your hand with the world.

You’ll be credited with a cash prize of 50 big blinds at the stake level you were playing at, up to a maximum of $50, within 48 hours.

Example: You are playing at a 6-handed Zoom Hold’em ring game table with blinds of $0.50/$1. You get dealt Ah-Ad and win the hand post-flop, before sharing it with BOOM! Hand Replayer. Your prize would then be $1 (big blind) x 50 = $50.

Promotional Details

  1. Only hands played on Zoom ring games are eligible.
  2. Only winning hands that are shared on the BOOM! Hand Replayer between 10:00 ET on December 15, 2014 and 23:59 ET on December 21, 2014 will qualify for a prize.
  3. A minimum of three players need to be dealt into the hand for it to be eligible. Hands dealt on heads-up tables do not count towards this promotion.
  4. Players’ hole cards must include the ace of hearts and ace of diamonds in any order (Ah-Ad or Ad-Ah) to qualify for a prize.
  5. The hand must be won post-flop - either at showdown, or when everyone else has folded - to qualify for a prize.
  6. A player must upload the winning hand using BOOM! Hand Replayer immediately after they won to qualify for a prize. Please note that BOOM! Hand Replayer is not available on mobile and tablet devices.
  7. The cash prize won is 50 big blinds at the stake level you were playing at, up to a maximum of $50.
  8. Players are only eligible to claim a prize once per day during the promotion period. If you win a hand with red aces more than once in the same day, you will be credited with one prize only - the highest prize amount won.
  9. All cash prizes will be automatically credited to winning players’ accounts within 48 hours.
  10. See the Terms & Conditions page for general promotional rules.

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Contact if you have any questions about Zoom & BOOM or the December Festival.

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