Silver Division

At the end of every month, prizes will be awarded for players finishing in the top 50 in the Silver Division, based on the following payout structure. Each Golden Division ticket is worth $1.10.

PositionSilver Division prize
1 14 Golden Division tickets
2 12 Golden Division tickets
3 10 Golden Division tickets
4 9 Golden Division tickets
5 8 Golden Division tickets
6 7 Golden Division tickets
7 6 Golden Division tickets
8 5 Golden Division tickets
9 -10 4 Golden Division tickets
11 - 20 3 Golden Division tickets
21 - 30 2 Golden Division tickets
31 - 50 1 Golden Division ticket


As you can see in the table above, you can win tickets for the Golden Division in the Silver Division. The Golden Division tournaments have a $1.10 buy-in and they award real money prizes! Of course, you can also register directly for the tournaments.

But that’s not all. Finish in the top 15 of the Silver division to be invited to an exclusive Monthly Playoff tournament. This special free-to-enter tournament takes place second Sunday of each month with $500 prizepool to share!

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