Football Fever: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Football Fever?

Football Fever is a PokerStars promotion running from June 11 until July 6. During Football Fever you can follow football matches and support your favourite football nation while playing poker. The promotion consists of:

  • Football Fever Avatars
  • Football Fever Daily Challenges
  • $27 Football Fever $1M GTD Phase Tournament
  • Football Fever Mission Week

1. Football Fever Avatars: FAQ

Why should I get a Football Fever avatar? How can I activate my Football Avatar? Can I activate my Football Fever avatar on a mobile app? Why can't I see the Football Avatar of my country? Why can't I find the Football Fever avatar of the country I want to select, even though this country is participating in the biggest football event of the year? Can I choose any country avatar or does it have to be an avatar of the country where my PokerStars account is registered? I want to remove/change my Football Fever avatar. How can I do it? Can I keep my Football Fever avatar after the promotion is finished?

2. Football Fever Daily Challenges: FAQ

What are the Football Fever Daily Challenges? When do the Football Fever Daily Challenges take place? How can I take part in Football Fever Daily Challenges? Where are Football Fever Daily Challenges available from? Can I see the current status of my Challenge? When will I receive my ticket for the All-in Shootout tournament? I have registered to an All-in Shootout tournament. What’s next? Can I play in more than one All-in Shootout tournament for the same football match? The All-in Shootout tournament I was registered in never took place. Why is that? Where can I see which Daily Challenges and football matches are available? How many Daily Challenges are there? How do I take part in the Bonus Challenge? I believe I finished my Daily Challenge, but it is still listed as “In Progress”

3. $27 Football Fever $1M GTD Phase Tournament: FAQ

Where can I find Phase 1 tournaments? Can I use my Step 2 ticket to enter into a Phase 1 tournament? I survived a Phase 1 tournament, but I cannot play the Phase 2 tournament that is taking place on July 6 at 12:25 ET. Can I unregister and get a compensation? I earned a substantial amount of chips in Phase 1. Will those chips be carried over into the Phase 2 tournament? I played a Phase 1 tournament and was eliminated. Can I play in another Phase 1 tournament? I played a Phase 1 tournament and survived. Can I play in another Phase 1 tournament? I want to play a Phase 1 tournament but I am getting a message that I cannot. Why? I survived Phase 1 tournament. What happens now?

4. Football Fever Mission Week: FAQ

How can I participate in Football Fever Mission Week? How can I find my personal Football Fever window? I chose my Football Fever Mission but I want to change it. How can I do it? I think I have finished my Mission but I cannot find it under the 'Live' tab in the Football Fever window? I have finished my Mission but I have not received the ticket yet. When will I get it? I have received my All-In Shootout ticket now. What happens now? I want to register for an All-In Shootout at a particular time, but that tourney is already closed for registration. What can I do? Can I transfer my All-In Shootout ticket to another player or exchange it for cash or another ticket? How do I play in an All-In Shootout tournament?

Contact if you have any questions about how to take part in the Football Fever

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