Congratulations to the winners of our biggest Mega Bonus Rewards

This offer has now finished. Congratulations to all who took part, and to our big-money winners - read on for more details.

Player CountryMega Bonus Reward
sarcasmpoker Belarus $100,000 cash
AllHandsGL Moldova $10,000 cash
andryha61reg Russia $10,000 cash
bardy2601 United Kingdom $10,000 cash
BESS-VOVA Russia $10,000 cash
bodges United Kingdom $10,000 cash
BOSSLOURDS!! Belgium $10,000 cash
budinys31 United Kingdom $10,000 cash
ChickenmanDE Germany $10,000 cash
encelad Ukraine $10,000 cash
flushking599 Germany $10,000 cash
HenHam84 Finland $10,000 cash
HHerrr18 Russia $10,000 cash
Jame_Hao China $10,000 cash
jcsouza2014 Brazil $10,000 cash
jersyjoe Canada $10,000 cash
Liejuryömijä Finland $10,000 cash
M1gargaml Sweden $10,000 cash
maldorf111 Belgium $10,000 cash
MaxiAT Argentina $10,000 cash
Mintoo689 India $10,000 cash
nurmut28 Germany $10,000 cash
oriya9 Israel $10,000 cash
Rallitsch Germany $10,000 cash
Sandman_nl Netherlands $10,000 cash
Tavi888 Romania $10,000 cash
Try1972 Sweden $10,000 cash
tsutteri Finland $10,000 cash
virtushh Germany $10,000 cash
yokerone1 Poland $10,000 cash

How would you like to receive a free Mega Bonus Reward when you make a deposit to your PokerStars account, every week for three weeks from January 4-24? Extra cash or a $1 Million Spin & Go ticket will be yours with no questions asked, no restrictions and no earning requirements. What’s more, you can get a new Mega Bonus Reward every week for three weeks!

Mega Bonus Rewards are allocated randomly and range from a guaranteed minimum of one $1 Million Spin & Go ticket worth $0.50, to a maximum of $100,000 in cash.

New to PokerStars? You can also take advantage of our First Deposit Offer, giving you 40 free chances to win up to $1 Million dollars in special Spin & Go tournaments. Simply use code ‘FREEPLAY’ with a first deposit of $20 or more. Click here to find out how.

How to claim your free Mega Bonus Rewards

Simply make a deposit of $30 (€28 / £20 / CAD $40) or more using bonus code ‘MEGA2016’ and you’ll receive a Mega Bonus Reward in your account within minutes. You’ll be notified of your reward via a pop-up in the PokerStars client and via email (if you’re opted in to PokerStars Communications), and if it’s a cash prize you’ll be able to use it however you wish, straight away. You will also receive a Ticket Receipt of the credit.

You can use this bonus code once a week for three weeks (dates below), and you’ll receive a Mega Bonus Reward every time.

Week One 10:00 ET, January 4 to 23:59 ET, January 10, 2016
Week Two 00:00 ET, January 11, to 23:59 ET, January 17, 2016
Week Three 00:00 ET, January 18, to 23:59 ET, January 24, 2016
Deposit Now Deposit Now

Mega Bonus Reward Probability

Mega Bonus Rewards are random and paid out with the following frequency:

Reward (USD)Probability
$100,000 cash 10 in 1,000,000 0.001%
$10,000 cash 90 in 1,000,000 0.009%
$1,000 cash 900 in 1,000,000 0.09%
$100 cash 1,000 in 1,000,000 0.1%
$50 cash 10,000 in 1,000,000 1%
$20 cash 38,000 in 1,000,000 3.8%
$10 cash 150,000 in 1,000,000 15%
10 x $1 Million Spin & Go tickets (worth $5 in total) 250,000 in 1,000,000 25%
1 x $1 Million Spin & Go ticket (worth $0.50) 550,000 in 1,000,000 55%
Special Offer Details & Rules

Contact if you have any questions about the Mega Bonus or making a deposit.

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First Deposit Bonus

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