Watch Rafa take on Ronaldo in The Duel!

Latest News: Rafa wins!

The Duel is over. On November 18, Rafa Nadal defeated Brazilian legend Ronaldo in a heads-up battle at London’s Hippodrome Casino. The win earned $50,000 for the Rafa Nadal Foundation and you can watch highlights from the night by heading to PokerStars TV. Vamos Rafa

When it comes to a contest, Rafa Nadal is used to taking on one opponent at a time. But when he faces Ronaldo on November 18 in a heads-up duel, he won’t have his years of tennis experience to draw upon - he’ll be facing him at the poker table using all the skills he’s learned since starting on his poker journey.

You can join Rafa as he trains for his match, follow his progress with video clips, ask him questions, watch live and even take him on yourself at poker!

Rafa vs The World

In preparation for his match with Ronaldo, Rafa will be taking on a team of players from around the world at the 5/10 Play Money heads-up Zoom tables, and you can be on that team!

Join the ‘Rafa vs The World’ Zoom table on September 22 at 19:00 CET, and on October 14 at 20:00 CET, and you could find yourself heads-up with one of the world’s greatest competitors. Rafa will play for an hour on each occasion, and for every hand won by the winning team PokerStars will donate $50 to the charity Care International.

During these sessions you’ll be able to put your questions to Rafa by tweeting your message using #askrafa.

Rafa vs Ronaldo - The Duel

The Duel itself takes place at 18:00 CET on November 18, with Rafa and Ronaldo playing heads-up for one hour, after which the winner will receive $50,000 to be donated to the charity of their choice.

Latest videos

See how Rafa fared in his challenge.

Contact if you have any questions about The Duel.

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