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All of the games PokerStars offers can be tried for free! Simply follow the steps outlined below to get in on the action.

STEP 1 - Select Play Money

Simply log in to PokerStars and select ‘Play Money’ on the Home tab if using the mobile app, or select ‘Play Money’ in the upper right corner of the filter controls area (below the Cashier button) if using the desktop client.

With Play Money enabled, all the games and tournaments presented will use Play Money chips so you can practice for free.

On mobile, the Home tab will present a selection of our most popular games which you can scroll through until you find a game you are interested in. Or simply head to the Lobby for the full menu.

On desktop, the fastest way to get into a game is to use our Quick Seat lobby.  This will present all the Play Money games and tournaments available. 

STEP 2 - Select the Style of Poker You Would Like to Play

Mobile’s Lobby has multiple tabs for you to choose from, including Ring Games, Zoom, Sit & Go, Spin & Go and Tourney. Choose which style of poker you want to play.

On desktop’s Quick Seat lobby, choose from one of the main tabs at the top, such as Cash Games, which you can join or leave at any time; or Tournaments, which start when there are enough players and run until one person wins all the chips.

Note that there is an interactive Feature Guide on desktop in the guide bar at the bottom-right of the lobby to help you quickly discover all the features and functions available in each lobby. Check the guide to turn it on, then hover your mouse over any control label to read about that feature.

To learn about the different poker games on offer, visit the Poker Games webpage.

STEP 3 - Choose Your Game

Whichever tab you choose on mobile, you will be presented with a number of filters such as Game Type, Limit and Buy-in. This allows you to filter your search and ensure you play exactly the game you want.

In desktop’s Quick Seat Lobby, for Cash Games, simply click ‘Play Now’ to be seated at one of our most popular tables, or you can choose to filter the type of game, buy-in, stakes or table size using the drop-down menus. You can also enable the Zoom feature for our fast-fold play style. Once you’ve found the type of game you want to play, click ‘Play Now’ to find you a seat.

For Tournaments, choose whether you want a Sit & Go Tournament (which starts as soon as the minimum number of players are seated), a Spin & Go Tournament (a fast, three-handed tournament where the prize pool could be anything from double to 10,000 times your buy-in), or whether you want to join a Scheduled Tournament that starts at a specific time. 

For the Sit & Go tab, simply click ‘Register’ to join our most popular game – or adjust the game, buy-in, speed or size parameters to select a different Sit & Go tournament, then click ‘Register’.

For Spin & Go Tournaments, click on the ‘ticket’ representing the buy-in level of your choice, then select the number of games you would like to play simultaneously. You can play anything from one to five tables at a time.

For Scheduled tournaments, scroll through the list of our most popular tournaments that are starting soon. When you find one that interests you, simply click ‘Register’ for that ticket to join the game.  Some scheduled tournaments shown may have already started, but are in a “Late Registration” period which means you can still join them. You can use the controls at the top of the list of tickets to filter the list for a more specific set of scheduled tournaments.

STEP 4 - Sitting Down at a Table

Typically, when your table opens, you will be seated with other players. If you choose a cash game or tournament already in progress, you may have to wait for the next deal to begin playing. For Sit & Go tournaments, you may have to wait a minute or two for the minimum number of players to join before the first hand is dealt.

Once play starts, when it’s your turn to act you’ll see a green bar under your seat location (indicating how much time you have left to act), and you’ll see a set of play control buttons in the lower right of the game window allowing you to fold, check, bet, raise or call.

At Play Money cash game tables, when your chip stack gets low, you can top up your balance every few hours. Just look for the ‘Refill Play Money Chips’ option.

STEP 5 - Buying Chips

Instead of waiting for your next reload, take a shortcut to the high-stakes games!

Buy Play Money Chips

Play Money Rake & Tournament Fees

Our goal at PokerStars is to create the most realistic online experience as possible, and this commitment extends to our Play Money offerings. In our Ring Games, a small portion (no more than 5%) of the pot is taken from every hand that goes past the first betting round. In our tournaments, the fee consists of a percentage of the buy-in and is paid upon registration.

If you have any questions or would like help finding any of our real money games please contact Stars Support.

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