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Join today for an exclusive chance to Spin & Bet. The quickest way to multiply your odds up to 10 times on all football matches and markets.


Spin & Bet


Now available on all Pre-Match football markets


Use Spin & Bet to multiply your potential winnings by up to 10x

Spin & Bet is the game-changing feature exclusive to BetStars where you can enhance your potential winnings by up to 10x. BetStars have just enhanced this feature to cover all Pre-Match football markets on all games. 

Spin & Bet takes the success of PokerStars extremely popular Spin & Go tournaments and applies it to sports betting, giving casual and seasoned bettors the chance to enhance their winnings.

How does Spin & Bet work?

To get started, simply head over to the BetStars homepage where you will find Spin & Bet in the right hand column next to your betslip and follow these simple steps:

  • Find a selection of Spin & Bet markets in the drop down Spin & Bet section on the homepage.
  • Find additional markets for each football game by finding the match that interests you and choosing the Spin & Bet market category.
  • Choose the Spin & Bet Market you want to place a bet on and add it to your betting slip by clicking it.
  • Enter your stake and click ‘Spin & place bet’.
  • Immediately multiply your potential net winnings by up to 10x on your selection.

What else do I need to know?

  • Spin & Bet will be available on every football match on all Pre-Match markets
  • To fund the enhanced odds jackpot, we deduct 10% from every Spin & Bet stake amount. 
  • The maximum stake for Spin & Bet is $/£/€100
  • There is no odds cap on any bets placed using Spin & Bet.
  • Cash out is not available once you place a bet using Spin & Bet.

Spin & Bet Example

For Fractional odds, the multiplier applies to the first part of the fraction, so x10 multiplier on a 2/1 bet becomes 20/1.

For Decimal odds, the multiplier applies to the winnings part of the odds (i.e. excluding the stake), so x10 on 3.0 becomes (3.0-1.0) x10 = 21.0.

The maximum stake for Spin & Bet is $/£/€100.

What is the likelihood of me increasing my odds with Spin & Bet?

Odds Increase

Percentage of Bets

x 1


x 1.2


x 1.3


x 1.4


x 1.5


x 2


x 5


x 10


If you have any questions about Spin & Bet please contact