Team PokerStars Pro Online FAQ

Want to know more about Team PokerStars Pro Online, who they are, and how you can interact with them? Check out our Team PokerStars Pro Online FAQ below, or contact if you need further information.

Q.What is Team PokerStars Pro Online?


Team PokerStars Pro Online is a group of brand ambassadors, selected entirely from Supernova and Supernova Elite VIPs. They have all demonstrated the ability to earn a living playing at PokerStars, and are passionate about the game and the online poker community.

Team members come from around the world, and collectively play from small stakes to the very highest, across most game types and variants.

Q.How can I interact with Team PokerStars Pro Online?


There are many ways to interact with members of the Team. Here are a few examples:

  • Find them in action on the PokerStars client by clicking ‘Ctrl-P’
  • Read PokerStars Blog entries for an insight into players’ lives
  • Follow the entire Team on Twitter
  • Watch all the Team Pro Online short films on PokerStars TV
  • Visit the Team’s Facebook page
  • Some Team members offer free instruction and poker advice at PokerSchoolOnline, IntelliPoker, and other sites
  • Visit their bio pages for more links to blogs and social media profiles

Q.Why does PokerStars have Team Pro Online?


Most of the world’s famous poker players achieved their fame via television appearances. Team PokerStars Pro Online chooses its members solely from online poker professionals.

The Team is a way for PokerStars to acknowledge the loyalty and accomplishments of our regular online players. It also provides role models for aspiring players, demonstrating what’s possible in online poker with sufficient talent and hard work.

Additionally, the Team provides PokerStars with valuable input to help improve our software, game offerings, and customer service.

Q.What is the selection process for Team PokerStars Pro Online?


Typically, we have an open application process once a year for our Supernova and Supernova Elite VIPs. We commit to signing at least one new member directly from these applicants. We do sometimes sign Team members at other times of the year, but in those cases we directly approach VIPs in whom we have interest.

Q.What qualities do you look for in choosing new members?


In addition to being Supernova or Supernova Elite VIPs, and having proven success at the tables, we are looking for people who are passionate about poker. Players who are driven to improve their games, committed to the spirit of fair play, and invested in their local online poker communities.

Other factors which are not required but are definitely considered include:

  • being active on social media
  • having an active blog or vlog
  • being involved in poker education
  • contributing regularly to regional or global poker forums

We also look for people with interesting backgrounds and poker histories. Sometimes we will actively seek people from specific countries, or who play a certain game type/stake, as we attempt to maintain a well-rounded team. And of course we desire candidates who believe in PokerStars and are comfortable becoming brand ambassadors.

Q.What are the responsibilities and benefits of being on the Team?


Some of the responsibilities all Team members have include:

  • continuing to play regularly on the site
  • contributing entries to the PokerStars Blog
  • hosting final tables of our biggest tournaments
  • participating in site promotions
  • being available for media interviews
  • providing Poker Room Management with regular feedback on their experiences playing on the site
  • being a strong brand ambassador in terms of public behaviour/statements and poker etiquette/ethics

Further responsibilities vary between Team members, depending on the strengths of the individual and how we think their efforts are best utilized. As for benefits, contracts are negotiated on an individual basis and terms are kept confidential. But in addition to the intrinsic benefits of being an ambassador of the world’s largest poker room, Team members are compensated financially.

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