Final Table Publicity, Marketing & Promotion

All Terms & Conditions below apply specifically to the Main Event of the 2014 World Championship of Online Poker (referred to below as “the Event”), to be held commencing 28 September 2014.

  1. If you reach the Final Table of the Event, you consent to PokerStars use of your real name, location (city/country), likeness, and other publicly available information about you. The aforementioned items may be used in any media for marketing and publicity campaigns relating to WCOOP.

  2. If you reach the Final Table of the Event, you will be required to take part in interviews with PokerStars staff and third party associates as needed. PokerStars will be entirely responsible for the costs of any such interviews, and will consult with you to make convenient and suitable arrangements to the best of our ability.

  3. If you are the Champion of the Event, you consent to PokerStars using material surrounding your participation in the Event in perpetuity.

  4. If you reach the Final Table, but do not win the Event, PokerStars will be able to create promotional material involving you for a time period expiring 15 months from the end of the Event. After the conclusion of the 15-month period, PokerStars will not publish or distribute any new material without your written permission, but will not be required to destroy or remove any existing material which has already been published or distributed.

  5. Any material(s) produced by PokerStars in connection with this Event will be owned by PokerStars.

  6. In exchange for your participation and consent to our use of promotional and publicity materials involving the Event, PokerStars will provide the following compensation:

    1. Champion: entry ticket to the 2015 World Championship of Online Poker Main Event (minimum value: $5,200)
    2. Finishers 2nd through 9th: ticket to enter a 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker Event valued at $1,050.

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