World Cup of Poker 2015

The World Cup of Poker (WCP) is back! This year’s competition will be bigger than ever with more than a billion play chips added to the prize pool. But which nation has what it takes to knock Spain off the top spot and claim the title of World Champion?

How to play the World Cup of Poker

There will be eight groups, each comprising of 12 nations. Players are eligible to play in any stage of the competition provided their country are still in the WCP, and they have sufficient Play Money chips to buy-in.

All matches will be Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em multi table tournaments. The winning country will be the nationality of the winning player. 

The tournament will begin with two group matches, with the winner of each match progressing to the knockout stages - Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals.

Nov 21: 1K Group Match 1 (Eight groups of 12 teams, winner goes through to Round of 16)

Nov 22: 1K Group Match 2 (Eight groups of 11 remaining teams, winner goes through to Round of 16)

Nov 29: 10K Round of 16

Dec 6: 25K Quarter Finals

Dec 13: 50K Semi Final

Dec 20: 100K Final & 3rd place play-off

Tournament Schedule

First Group Matches (1K entry): November 21

Second Group Matches (1K entry): November 22

Round of 16 (10K entry, 20M chips added) - November 29

  1. Group A 1st Vs Group B 2nd - 04:00 ET
  2. Group C 1st Vs Group D 2nd - 12:00 ET
  3. Group E 1st Vs Group F 2nd - 12:00 ET
  4. Group G 1st Vs Group H 2nd - 18:00 ET
  5. Group B 1st Vs Group A 2nd - 04:00 ET
  6. Group D 1st Vs Group C 2nd - 12:00 ET
  7. Group F 1st Vs Group E 2nd - 12:00 ET
  8. Group H 1st Vs Group G 2nd - 18:00 ET

Quarter Finals (25K entry, 50M chips added) - December 6

  1. Winner of Match 1 Vs Winner of Match 2 - 10:00 ET
  2. Winner of Match 3 Vs Winner of Match 4 - 12:00 ET
  3. Winner of Match 5 Vs Winner of Match 6 - 14:00 ET
  4. Winner of Match 7 Vs Winner of Match 8 - 16:00 ET

Semi Finals (50K entry, 100M chips added) - December 13

  1. Winner of Match 9 Vs Winner of Match 10 - 12:00 ET
  2. Winner of Match 11 Vs Winner of Match 12  - 14:00 ET

3rd Place playoff (100K entry, 200M chips added) - December 20

Loser of Match 13 Vs Loser of Match 14 - 12:00 ET

World Cup of Poker Final - (100K entry, 500M chips added) - December 20

Winner of Match 13 Vs Winner of Match 14 - 14:00 ET

World Cup of Poker Groups:

Australia A
China A
Indonesia A
Japan A
Korea, Republic of A
Malaysia A
New Zealand A
Philippines A
Singapore A
Taiwan A
Thailand A
Vietnam A
Azerbaijan B
Bangladesh B
India B
Iran B
Kazakhstan B
Kyrgyzstan B
Mongolia B
Pakistan B
Russian Federation B
Turkmenistan B
United Arab Emirates B
Uzbekistan B
Austria C
Bosnia and Herzegowina C
Egypt C
France C
Ireland C
Luxembourg C
Macedonia C
Malta C
Morocco C
Slovakia C
Tunisia C
Ukraine C
Belarus D
Cyprus D
Finland D
Italy D
Lithuania D
Netherlands D
Serbia D
Slovenia D
South Africa D
Switzerland D
Turkey D
United Kingdom D
Albania E
Bulgaria E
Czech Republic E
Denmark E
Germany E
Israel E
Moldova E
Norway E
Poland E
Romania E
Spain E
Sweden E
Algeria F
Armenia F
Belgium F
Croatia F
Estonia F
Georgia F
Greece F
Hungary F
Latvia F
Lebanon F
Montenegro F
Portugal F
Argentina G
Bolivia G
Canada G
Chile G
Dominican Republic G
Guatemala G
Honduras G
Jamaica G
Mexico G
Paraguay G
Trinidad & Tobago G
Uruguay G
Bahamas H
Brazil H
Colombia H
Costa Rica H
Ecuador H
El Salvador H
Guyana H
Nicaragua H
Panama H
Peru H
United States H
Venezuela H

Please Note: ‘United Kingdom’ includes the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands; ‘France’ includes Reunion and Martinique; ‘China’ includes Hong Kong; ‘United States’ includes Puerto Rico and Guam.

Roll of Honor

World Cup of Poker X: Spain
World Cup of Poker IX: Team Russia
World Cup of Poker VIII: Team Peru
World Cup of Poker VII: Team Italy
World Cup of Poker VI: Team Chinese Taipei
World Cup of Poker V: Team Germany
World Cup of Poker IV: Team USA
World Cup of Poker III: Team Poland
World Cup of Poker II: Team Costa Rica
World Cup of Poker I: Team Costa Rica

Contact if you have any questions about the World Cup of Poker.

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